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19 May 2011

Beloved Pryme,

Galactic Table of Wisdom, this is how I called this table that I found my self next too…. And you are right, it seems so long and vast, that other end is not visible by my naked eye, but you can sense the Light beings seating around it…. It almost feels that the are somewhere else, but only for this meeting they project them around this table…. It felt to me that they were somewhere else, some other dimension, but for this to occur, they bended dimensions, or they stretch dimensions so they can be here and there at the same time… hard to explain in words, but i hope you can feel the idea….

Oh my, are we for the greatest surprise of this 2011, meeting these beautiful beings here on earth…. It is all opposite that we ‘learned’ through Hollywood movies, SF and horror ones, the true villains of this Earth 3D existence are not one coming from the stars, but these dark ones, these villains are among us, and they are the ones who govern us, who we receive paycheck from, who enslave us with every action we perform here on Gaia….]

I truly liked to architecturally design and built and create here in 3D…. but I was so amazed when first time I visited StarShips, and I remembered my travel [most mornings I ‘know’ I was not only in my bed, but I cannot recall any extra details but maybe a nice smell, or even a touch of the walls or cloths….]….[I found some time to even wandering what is the name of designer or architect of this magnificent ship?…. Look at me, my earthly ‘qualities’ are coming alive again?…..]

There was time of one fully remembered dream in the same room, where I meet couple of Light Beings and remembered their names, but most magnificent was display of their differences in how they present themselves, and at the same time their unity in how they great me with feeling of love and acceptance….. Even some of them were more than 20 times my size, [and even me, I was something like 11 – 12 feet tall [as I was trying to ‘intimidate’ them… what a silly notion…], and they knew it could be intimidating for common human [this is how I saw myself in their eyes… meaning that I have to work on non-judgment lesson that I am here on earth to remember…], but they were sharing their most comfortable state of being [and they were confirming that they know that I can handle this first impression….] and sending me unlimited love and compassion, and even a humor or joy wave [quite hard to describe]…

These hissing sounds were happening more than once, and mostly always directed toward my beloved Sunny Stella, during our sleep times, where she jumps and screams…. One of the nights, I physically jumped over her body [hearing same sound as well…], while she was still screaming, and I felt her release of fear, as soon she felt my care and love toward her….. Next morning, she was commenting how come I jumped over her? Did I made these cat sounds? Who wants her afraid all the time, even while she is asleep?…

She is still very acceptable toward outside ‘fear’ influences, and she does not look for light and protection within…. So, I believe this cat sound was only for her to get ‘scared’ again, one last time from these dark energies…. as she immediately become invisible during this visit, all the way to return on 3D….

I believe that as soon this outside influence of bringing fears in our energy field stops [when announcements start, and when all main stream media become completely dysfunctional in single instance], she with the rest of not fully aware souls will become much more brave, they will become very open with their beautiful ideas of freedom that they have for some time, but never able, or never dare to put these words or action in public eye, for others to feel the same freedom and same love….I fell this time is coming very, very soon…..

Thank you for all you doing through your songs, your videos, your comments, and I am so honored to share my visions, experiences with other souls from the stars…. Love you for all the details, as this is the only way, to share with others, to be not afraid of other judgments, not to be afraid to love others, they way they are…

We are all going to awake sooner or later, no matter what channel they watch….

Soon it will be only one channel left, channel of Love and Compassion….

We just continue to love them and love us, not matter what sound they make while you dream….

Thank you for your love, dear Brother…..

With Love, PRedrag


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