Why Do I Go Back and Forth on My Path?

Q&A – Why Do I Go Back and Forth on My Path?

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Wednesday, 22 August, 2012  (posted 29 August, 2012)

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Dear Jennifer: I have been working on my spiritual path for many years in a  conscious and deliberate way. It hasn’t always been easy but I feel that  I have made a lot of progress and am feeling so much more centered,  peaceful and aligned with what I want for my life. Lately I’ve noticed  that as I become more confident and comfortable with my spiritual path,  some kind of drama erupts in my life and I feel that I am pulled back  into a way of being I don’t want to be in, or with people I want to  release. What is happening?

Jennifer’s Answer: First, congratulate yourself on  being able to notice this from a detached perspective and seeing what is  happening around you, instead of feeling that you are caught up in  something that you do not have any control over. You are confused  because you see the different pieces, you just aren’t sure of why they  are there or how they fit together. The most important aspect of this,  though, is that you are beginning to be aware of the different  vibrations of energy around you and you are pausing to consider your  response instead of reacting through the emotions.

Energy exists at many different levels of vibration within and around  us. We can be at any level of energetic vibration we want to be at.  When that choice is conscious, we are aware of how we are ‘picking’ our  vibration. When we are not conscious, our vibration level is at our  lowest level, which is usually some aspect of fear. This is a choice  that happens in each moment and with each situation, rather than making  one choice and we’re done. It’s a continuous cycle of movement that  either takes us up into higher levels of vibration or down into lower  ones. And we know where we are by what is happening around us, drama and  chaos or peace and joy.

Another aspect of this is how the people around you are impacted by  your changes. They feel the shift in your energy and know that if you  move too far beyond them, they will no longer be able to connect with  you. So they create drama and fear to pull you back into their level  because the only other option for them is to raise their vibration to  match yours. If this is something they are afraid of, they will do  whatever they can to lower your vibration to a level that matches yours.  The drama is now uncomfortable for you, where it may have once been  something you could tolerate, because you are not at the energy of the  drama. So you can’t connect to it and it just feels bad.

Don’t be afraid to ask whether the energy of each experience  resonates what you want in your life. Is there a match with your  intention for peace, joy, and love? If not, you do not have to connect  with it. It is your awareness of this choice that allows you to maintain  the level of vibration you want to be at. These choices will always be  represented to you, and you have a choice as to what you will accept and  integrate into your energy field. Your most powerful tool is your  ability to say ‘no thanks, this does not serve my intention’ and let it  go by. And by staying focused on and within the energy of your intention  you maintain your energy levels and develop the confidence to know the  drama and chaos are there but you do not have to connect with them.

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