Entering the Mental Plane – Part 1

Entering the Mental Plane – Part 1

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Mental Plane 22Mental Plane 22The nearest equivalent we have to the Fifth Dimension is the plane of the afterlife that corresponds with it: the Mental Plane. Archangel Michael said to me in a personal reading recently that I was in the Fifth Dimension and I replied:

Steve: How could I be Fifth Dimensional and not have had sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi?

Archangel Michael: You are looking to the Fifth Dimension as simply being one place or another and you do not know that you are not in training and that you are … on the verge of samadhi.

So it is a preparation and those preparation phases … as we have said, there are many levels to each dimension. (1)

So the answer to the puzzle was that I am, or we are, in the first level of the Fifth Dimension. If this is the case, then it suggests that we can also look at the first subplane of the Mental Plane, about which a certain amount is written, to get some clues as to Fifth Dimensionality.

Eventually we’ll hear about the Second Death, (2) which is the elimination of all traces of the astral from us, during which we experience our complete anchoring in the Mental Plane. My guess is that this experience is similar to our Ascension, but it is only a guess. We shall look at that experience later in this series of articles.

I say a certain amount is written because, by the time travellers have passed through the Astral Plane and into the Mental Plane, they feel less of a desire to communicate back to their loved ones on Earth.

Julia Ames explains:

“It is with us as with immigrants to my former country. When they arrive their hearts are in the old world. The new world is new and strange. They long to hear from the old home and the post brings them more joy than the sunrise. But after a very little time the pain is dulled, new interests arise, and, in a few years, sometimes in a few months, they write no more.

“With us here the change is even more rapid. For the new life is more absorbing and the survivors constantly recruit our ranks. When the family circle is complete, when those we loved are with us, why should we trouble to communicate? The whole planet with its 1,500,000,000 inhabitants is full of strangers, our life lies on our own plane. Therefore, do not think that what I said of the eager, passionate longing of those on this side to communicate with you is true of any but those in the midst of whom I was when I wrote [earlier].” (3)

Consequently the literature on the planes above the astral gets smaller and smaller as we progress.

Other names for the Mental Plane are “Heaven,” (4) “the Creative Sphere,” (5) “the plane of thoughts,” (6) the “Devachan,” (7) and “the world of spirit.” (8)

But we do know some things about the first subplane, which would correspond to the first level of the Fifth Dimension that we’re in presently.

The Mental Plane vibrates at a higher frequency than the Astral Plane as A.D. Mattson attests to:

“I have taken a number of trips out into the mental plane and it is most interesting. You get there before you know it whereas in the astral plane you are conscious of your going. / This is due to the difference in the rate of vibration of the two planes.

“For example, if you can send a thought around the world in no time at all, this can be compared to the mental plane. If you send a picture around the world, it takes longer than the thought – and this can be compared to the astral plane. In the astral body, you are slower when you are moving because you are moving through denser atmosphere – denser vibrations but not as dense as the physical world.” (9)

Mike Swain also speaks of “the more rarified mental level.” (10)

Arnel calls the first subplane of the Mental Plane “Sphere Five.” Of it he says:

“It is a critical sphere where attunement has to be made in a man’s various traits and all unharmony done away. … It is a kind of sorting-room, as one should say, wherein are the inhabitants, in the course of their sojourn there, classified into their proper groups, and proceed onwards in that special branch of service for which they most properly are fitted.” (11)

Is this not a good description of what we’re going through now? All unharmony is being done away with and soul groups are forming dedicated to various missions.

(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead – if the next instalment has been composed!)


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