Awash in Disinformation about NESARA

Awash in Disinformation about NESARA

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NESARA 44NESARA 44I reproduce a column here posted in Dinar Recaps. Perhaps allow me to make a few comments prior to it. 

I find it very difficult to communicate what’s so about NESARA or any of the things we talk about here to people who hear it as fanciful, beyond belief, etc.

There isn’t an aspect of it that can be talked about without leaving paradigms like empirical materialism far behind. If only what can be seen and heard is real, then this blog may as well shut its doors and its editors go home.

And I find it very difficult to accept that people can interpret discussions of 9/11, NESARA, etc., as conspiracy and discussions of new governments as traitorous when the real conspiracies would have ground them down into practical enslavement and poverty.  Ah well, hopefully the rising energies (oh, I can’t discuss that either!) will give me more patience. 

If you want to read “Ron’s” original comments, go to Ron may be a shil. He may not be. But his point of view seems to summarize what we’re up against in so many areas to bring news of what’s coming down the pike to the world.


One of the problems in talking about NESARA is that so many of the details about it are so far outside people’s normal frame of reference that it becomes difficult to talk about it in ways that are accurate because it would trigger people so much.

And then there are the various disinformational accounts which compound the problem.  Quatloos for instance is not a reliable source of information. Sorry to Quatloos but it isn’t.

For example, someone in the discussion calls NESARA’s acronym the “National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.” That automatically tells me that they are reading disinformational sources. Or they speak of Dr. Barnard. None of the information about Dr. Barnard is in any way true. (1)

NESARA stands for the “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” The real NESARA has nothing to do with Dr. Barnard. The whole story of Dr. Barnard is woven by people who oppose NESARA and want you to oppose it too – because their interests depend on it.

NESARA is an act that was passed by the American Congress. But there are circumstances around its passage that would surprise you.

It’s not the totality of the new prosperity program coming down the pike, of which the global currency reset is the starter. I grant that the prosperity program has become known as NESARA in some quarters, but the global abundance program goes well beyond what is contained in the NESARA act.

The act was designed to be signed into law on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00 am in the World Trade Center. You know what happened at 9:00 am and you know that the truckloads of gold that were to form the first part of a gold-backed standard were stolen from the ruins of the WTC.  (2) That is a good indication of the level of opposition there has been towards NESARA.

Now if you still believe that 9/11 was caused by nineteen Arab hijackers with boxcutters, well, that again indicates the degree of difficulty there would be in trying to communicate about NESARA to you. The truth, when it comes out, will be very difficult for many people to accept.

Far from somehow calling for the overthrow of the republic, NESARA mandates steps that will rid the republic of the corrupt politicians who’ve brought legislative affairs in the United States to a standstill, the corrupt financiers who’ve bled the country dry, etc.

If I told you who was responsible for the terrible financial shape the world was in, you probably wouldn’t believe me. If I told you who was behind NESARA, you probably wouldn’t believe me there either.

So it makes it difficult to discuss NESARA in the way it deserves. Our current paradigms are not friendly to a discussion of the truth, unfortunately. (I wish things were otherwise.)

But there is no need to discuss NESARA in the detail it deserves because many, many good and honest people around the world are risking their lives to bring NESARA in.

It will come and it’ll come soon. If you just see the coordination involved in bringing in the reval, (3) and how it is succeeding, well, multiply that by hundreds if you want to get an idea of the cooperation that is being expended on NESARA conceived more broadly.

I say people are risking their lives because people who attempt to bring in innovations that threaten, say, the oil industry, or the interests of certain politicians have regularly been assassinated. Stanley Myers is a good example. He wanted to introduce a “water” car that burned hydrogen gas and was assassinated for his wishes.

Many people have been killed for wanting to bring in “free energy.” We could have had free energy in perhaps the 1930s except that the oil industry would not permit it. It would mean the end of the need to use oil and would cost almost nothing. But free energy will come. Certainly the armed forces have had access to it for decades.

The armed forces have sequestered many technologies that would have benefitted us all. Look at the photos of the underground boring machinery that exists in the world to carve out extensive underground tunnels and ask yourself why those are not available to industry.

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that the United States has a secret space fleet called “Solar Warden”? And that the United States has been flying to Mars since at least the 1970s? No, you would say that NASA can only fly to the moon with difficulty. But NASA is for the public. Solar Warden flies TR3-B Auroras. Never heard of them? Why not ask why you’ve never heard of them?

NESARA is unstoppable.  The fall of the cabal that created a financial order that wanted more and more wealth to leave the majority and go to the minority is happening all around us as we speak.

You may say that you want to stay with investments, but you may not realize that the people who are bringing you what you want from your investments are the same people who are behind NESARA.

And you don’t need to know that. NESARA will come whether or not you believe this or believe that. An army of people are at work on it in its full aspect as the new global prosperity program.

Later on you may say, when NESARA is here and everyone is enjoying prosperity and clean government, “Oh, I knew that all along.”

If you really did know the full meaning of NESARA, you’d be one of its biggest supporters. Visiting unreliable sites like Quatloos will not educate you on NESARA.  I would avoid any site that tells you that the meaning of NESARA is the “National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.” That is a giveaway that the site is disinformational.

No, NESARA will come whether individuals believe it exists or not. It’s already coming. The reval is part of it.  It has been accepted by the vast majority of governments in the world. And it’s part of an even broader plan to bring peace to the world, restore the rule of law in international affairs, etc. But that’s another story.

And when you see it, in all its provisions, your worries about “treason” and “taking us off course” will evaporate. And you’ll be so happy that NESARA exists.

Later I think you’ll find that Okie and Jester know quite a bit about NESARA. (4) And ZAP and Poof. And so many others. They just may not talk about it at length or in terms that are explicit.

NESARA is our future. It’s your future and it’s mine, whether or not you know it or believe what I say here.


Steve Beckow Editor Golden Age of Gaia


(1) Dr. Barnard is real enough but the story of how “he” created NESARA is probably not true in all its details. Please note that Nancy Detweiler presents a different view of Dr. Bernard. See “Nancy B. Detweiler: NESARA Rights the Unthinkable Wrongs Perpetrated On the American People & the World,” at

(2) See for instance “Sanat Kumara on An Hour with an Angel – Part 2/2 – How Does Peace Return to India and Pakistan?,” Sept. 12, 2012, at and “NESARA Was Intended to be Announced on 9/11,” Sept. 14, 2012, at See also Matthew’s Message, June 5, 2004.

(3) We are expecting an announcement daily that a global revaluation has taken place. For instance, the Iraqi dinar which you can now buy for perhaps (around) $100 for 100,000 dinars (plus wire transfer and Fedex) will revalue to a point where 1 dinar may be worth USD $3.42. That would mean an increase of value of … a lot! The reval is in part designed to reward lightworkers. It’s in part designed to resuscitate Iraq (and other countries), which has been miserably treated in our world. And it’s the first in a sequence of events that will bring in NESARA.

(4) After this post was written, Jester said that “I have never posted any Nesara information in any post I have ever made… the accusation that I am supporting Nesara  is entirely wrong… I believe in the REPUBLIC… and that is NOT Nesara… the REPUBLIC is the founding premise and our original form of government which is written in the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance.” ( Of course I don’t share his viewpoint. When NESARA comes about, I think he’ll see it serves his ends entirely.