Everyone Should Find their Passion; – Part 1/2

Blossom Goodchild:  Everyone Should Find their Passion; or, Peel Me Another Grape, Dear

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The first thing on my mind....The first thing on my mind....Blossom Goodchild, actress and channel extraordinaire, talked with me on An Hour with Angel about everything from near-death experiences to chatting with the galactics. Blossom needs no introduction to readers here.

An Hour with an Angel with Blossom Goodchild, July 29, 2013

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel.

As Linda is still recovering from her surgery, we welcome this evening guest host Blossom Goodchild. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com, and author of Building Nova Earth — Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West sitting in for Graham Dewyea this evening.

I invite you to bring in the energies of Gaia and of our indigenous brothers and sisters, as well as the energies of our ancient indigenous and star ancestors, as we welcome White Cloud who will be sharing his insights to all that is unfolding at this time.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And just before I welcome Blossom, we’re very lucky to have Blossom on the program. Blossom was with us at the Sedona Conference, and we all had just such a roaring good time together that I’m looking forward to our conversation today.

And I think during probably about the last 20 minutes we’ll hear from White Cloud, and we’re hoping that White Cloud will tell us about how excited he and all his colleagues are that we’re getting closer and closer to the finish line, and anything he wants to reveal about what’s happening on the other side in preparation.

So, with that, I welcome you, Blossom.

Blossom Goodchild: Thank you very much. Hello, Steve. Nice to be here.

SB: Thanks. And we’ll be talking about this later in the show, but you went down to the Grand Canyon, and White Cloud was overcome… Actually, why don’t we talk about that now? You went down to the Grand Canyon, looked out over this magnificent landscape, and I think you told me that White Cloud was very emotional!

BG: Yeah! That’s right. I went down with Stephen Cook and Antony, and I think they were the perfect people to be there, because we stopped off at different places and looked out at this amazing view, and this one particular point I just suddenly felt so clearly that White Cloud wanted to come through.

So I didn’t say anything to Stephen and Antony, and there was a few other people looking at the view, et cetera, and so I just very subtly allowed White Cloud to come in, and I knew that he wanted to open my eyes and have a look, which I let him do.

And at the same time, I’m thinking, oh, please, don’t anybody say anything to me, because it’s going to be White Cloud, not me, answering.

And he opened his eyes, and it really was, for him, just spectacular to be able to sense and feel the land like that once again. And funnily enough — well, not funnily enough at all — but Stephen and Anthony just knew that he was there.

And they sort of just put their hand on my back so that other people wouldn’t come near. And Stephen just turned round to me and said, “So, what do you think, White Cloud?” And he just nodded.

And he was in, I suppose, I’d say about seven minutes. And then once I let him go, I just immediately burst into tears, because he was so emotional about it, and that had obviously come through to me. But it was just a beautiful thing, because I hadn’t expected that to happen at all.

SB: Do we know what locale White Cloud was from during his last incarnation? I think he was last incarnated about 500 years ago. Is that correct?

BG: Well, his last reincarnation was in the 1500s. And really not sure whereabouts. And to be honest, Steve, I feel a bit uncomfortable with all that, because he says, as well, that it’s not about when he was here so much, it’s about his message and what he’s got to say.

And so I don’t know for sure. And people say, “Well, just ask him!” but it just really isn’t that easy, for me. I don’t get this, this clarity of where he is from and what tribe he was in.

And I don’t know why that is, but I simply don’t. So maybe it’s just because it’s not important. But I do know, when I’ve brought him through at other times, years ago now, when we had a little session, a few sessions, outside, he loves to be in a physical body and to feel the wind in his hair and things like that which he’s unable to experience anymore.

So, that, for him, he really, really enjoys. But I haven’t done that for a long time.

SB: Uh-hunh. I remember when we were talking about this earlier I mentioned to you that when Helena Blavatsky came through in a session with Robert Liechtman, which is contained in a book, (1) the thing that she wanted most was a cigarette! [laughter]

She wanted the medium to smoke a cigarette! [laugh]

BG: Maybe White Cloud wants a peace pipe now and then! [laugh]

SB: It’s funny to try to imagine why a higher dimensional being would want to again experience this pea soup that we live in, this heavy environment.

BG: Yeah. Yeah.

SB: But, yeah, I get that they do. Why don’t we find out a little bit about yourself, going back in time? Would that be good? Could we do that?

BG: All right. Yeah!

SB: Okay. So, can you tell us a little bit about how it came to be that you developed the ability to channel? When did it show up in your life? Were there any events that preceded it? Did you know it was happening?

BG: Well, I was brought up a very strong… well, I wasn’t a strong Catholic, but my father was. And so I was brought up, we had to go to church every Sunday, et cetera, et cetera, and it was only when I was about 18 or 19 that I got interested in the spiritualist movement purely because I started having these fits when I was 19.

And I used to fall on the floor, and I used to call them ‘conk outs’ really, and I just couldn’t relate to anybody until I came back round again.

And this went on, and they took different forms for, oh, about 17 or 18 years. During that time, I met somebody that was very into the spiritual movement, and who sort of offered me healing, et cetera. So I became very interested in that side of things, and used to read books and that was my food for my soul. And then I never, ever thought that I would channel. I was quite into Silver Birch as well. I found his channelings absolutely amazing.

SB: Me, too.

BG: But never, never thought that I’d be doing the same sort of thing. And now and then, over the years, I used to do a bit of healing, and I mean ‘a bit,’ like two or three a year, or something. And when I did, I became aware of a Native American behind me. And at one time I said, “What is your name?” And I heard … I didn’t hear, I telepathically got ‘White Cloud,’ which I’d never heard of. And I thought, oh, okay.

And then years down the track, I was having a spate of these fits, if I can just explain, I’d had all sorts of brain scans, I’d been tested for epilepsy, everything.

I’d been to the top people to try and find out what was the matter with me. And nobody could find out.

And it was obviously very disturbing for my lifestyle, because when I was having these fits, I’d have a spate of them for about seven or eight weeks, and I might have three or four a day. And so it felt to me like I wasn’t on the planet.

And my eyes, people used to say that my eyes were like looking at a dead person, there was nobody inside during those six or seven weeks. And then literally in the blink of an eye [chuckle] I’d be back in, and my eyes would be alive again. And I’d got for another whatever, two, three months with no attacks at all.

And at the time, a clairvoyant friend was staying with us, and she said to me — I was having a spate of these again, and very depressed about it — and she said,

“Blossom, I’ve got your Native American with me, and he’s saying would you get a pen and paper, because he’s showing that he’s very frustrated, because he wants to talk to you. And if you get a pen and paper, he’ll contact you.”

And because I was sort of very interested in all this kind of thing, I worked in a little New Age shop down the road, I did this. I got a pen and paper, and I said, well, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be saying, and immediately this connection with White Cloud was made in this way.

And he said that we had agreed to do this many, many moons ago, and if I was still up for it, he would come through and speak through me, because we had a lot of work to do.

And I said, yes, okay, I would. And from that day of writing in the book, after 17 years of being so, quite seriously ill, I never had an attack again. It literally went away.

And White Cloud has explained since then — which I don’t think many doctors would be up for — but explained during that time that there was a lot of rewiring, and all these changes going on within my body, so that I was able to channel in a direct voice way, in which I do.

So that’s how that all came about. And I’d certainly’d never seen it coming, or thought about that I’d be doing it in any way at all.

And the first meeting he had, we had 12 people there. And I just took some deep breaths, and I thought, well, here we go! [laugh] and I asked for a blessing of protection, and after, a little while, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I opened my mouth.

And in those days when White Cloud came through — that was about 14 years ago — he spoke very, very slowly, in a very, very deep, broken accent, whereas now, 14 years later, my voice is a lot more on the same tone as how I speak normally, because we blended with each other so much.

SB: Umm. you came in through the door of British spiritualism, and so did I, back in 1977. And Silver Birch — oh, I just love Silver Birch and White Eagle. Silver Birch, if I understand the matter correctly, is the name of the Indian on the other side of the curtain who’s channeling much higher dimensional beings. And they are not Indian, the ones behind him.

BG: Right.

SB: Now, do you know anything about White Cloud? Is White Cloud a group name?

BG: As far as I know, Steve, because they have asked at different meetings we’ve had, White Cloud says that his last reincarnation was in the 1500s, but he comes through, he says, in the guise of a Native American Indian, because so many people, as they’re waking up to spirituality, et cetera, so many people are attracted to the Native American culture, et cetera.

And so that they warm towards it. But he says that one day he will reveal who he truly is. And I don’t know who that is. And, to be honest, when I say ‘I don’t care,’

I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but it just, it doesn’t matter. And the fact is that many people feel that he is a much higher being than who he is at this stage making himself out to be.

And he does say that when he comes down and speaks through me, that he comes down from many, many levels in order to be able to work with me in this day, because we can’t get through to each other from his true home, wherever that may be, because his vibration is far too high to be able to blend with mine.

SB: In fact, a lot of beings who exist on the higher levels have absolutely no interest in coming down here. It’s so excruciating an experience. But with many of them, my understanding is that they don’t… for instance, with Matthew’s sources, Matthew Ward, and with Silver Birch’s sources, they kind of pass it down through step-down transformers, so to speak.

BG: Umm. I know with White Cloud, there’s been many times when we’ve had a break from each other, because he puts it in, simple terms for me, that he needs to go home for a little while to recharge his batteries, in the same way that us here on Earth, where we meditate, et cetera, we go home within our soul, that we’re doing that to recharge our batteries, and that now and then he needs to go back up to the vibration that he actually truly is, because, as you say, coming down these different levels can be… isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience.

SB: No, not at all!

BG: But, because of the density that they’re coming into as they come further down, so to speak.

SB: You mentioned that you had what you call conk-outs or fits. Now, when I talked to you about this before, you speculated that that was preparation.

BG: Umm.

SB: Can you talk a little bit about how that. Do you know anything about how it was preparation? Was it working with your nerves or…?

BG: Steve, to be honest, they just said it was rewiring. And I didn’t feel it was an out-of-body experience. But because I used to say that I was away with the fairies when it was going on, I felt very off-planet, White Cloud has said, “You don’t know how true that was!”

So, although I didn’t look down upon my body, I felt very much as if I was still in there. I was in a beautiful space. I could hear people panicking all around me saying, “Blossom, can you move your fingers? Can you do this? Can you speak?” And… even to the point, Steve, that a couple of times an ambulance had to be called because I was out somewhere and people didn’t know I’d be all right in 20 minutes! [laugh]

And they literally… my skin would go gray, and I could hear ambulance people, saying, “Blossom! Blossom!” and panicking. They couldn’t find my pulse! And I’m thinking, I’m not dead! I’m all right! [laugh] But I couldn’t explain that to them.

So it was a very strange time, but I really never had a clue until that time when White Cloud said, “We have arranged to do this,” I had no idea at all that this is what I’d be doing — at all! At all! And yet when I did that first meeting, after everybody’d gone, my husband and I sat there and watched telly! [laughter]

It was just like such a natural thing! It wasn’t like, oh, my God, what was going on? It was none of that! It just was obviously meant to be. It just felt so…. of course I was a bit like, well, who’d have thought! But it just felt so natural. I just never saw it coming. Never.

SB: Well, I remember my years in British spiritualism as some of the happiest of my life, because we were just finding out so much that was new.

I once went to, the large meetings they have with the medium at the front where they …

BG: Yeah.

SB: … say, “I have a message for the young man over there”?

BG: Yeah.

SB: And the medium said to me, “Your mother is here,” and I said, “Well, that couldn’t be. She’s dead.” And the whole audience just broke out in laughter! [laughter]

Showed you how much I knew!

BG: A little green?

SB: Little green! Golly! Oh, boy.

BG: That reminds me, a funny thing I was saying about this yesterday, when I was in England. I was in very small group meetings in my house, and it was all very new to me, this.

And there was about six of us there and this lady was invited, and we’re sitting in the room, and when I said, “Okay, we’ll start,” she told me afterwards, she said, “I thought, we can’t start! Because the Indian hasn’t arrived yet.”

And she thought I was going to be translating for this man in the physicality, a Native American man that was going to come, literally… was, like us! He was in human form, and I was just going to be translating for him. She had no idea at all that I was actually bringing him through my body.

SB: Oh, isn’t that something, eh? Boy, we should have another program sometime just on all the things that happened in those years, those beginning years.

But you mentioned that you worked in a New Age, I think you said, book store? And I think you had a career in acting, didn’t you?

BG: Oh, yeah, I still do! My parents were in the theatre, and I was brought up, it’s like, in a trunk type thing. I was on the stage since I was very, very small. And it’s been my passion all my life. That’s my absolute passion, to perform. And I went to drama school and studied musical theatre, and, that’s my chosen profession, so to speak.

And I still do that now when the opportunity arises. And being on stage for me is… I always call my spiritual side my mission and my performing side my passion.

Because when I’m performing, I just feel very at home. It’s something that really…. I think everybody should find their passion, and use it and bring it forth, because it can bring you out of the depths of despair sometimes, when you use that thing that really makes you full of life and allows your soul to be so aware of itself, when you’re doing something that you really love.

And I was very fortunate, for me, to be able to have that, because a lot of people still don’t know what their passion is.

SB: Oh, I resonate with what you’re saying, because my passion is writing. But are you sure you don’t want to channel Shirley Valentine today instead of White Cloud? [laugh]

BG: Oh, it’s funny. Shirley Valentine is a one-woman play. And it’s two hours, ten long. It took me six months to learn, because it’s just, literally page after page after page after page. But it was the most wonderful experience.

But I also think it is the most incredible play, written by a man for a woman. But it’s just the story of losing herself and not knowing who she is. And I just think that the little piece that I did in Sedona about why do we get all this life if it can’t ever be used? I just think there are so many poignant messages within the play.

And I like to do that if I’m performing. I very much like to be in a play or a musical that actually has a message, so that I’m also at the same time as doing my passion that I’m also getting across the messages of love and light at the same time, if you know what I mean.

(Continued in Part 2.)