The Case of the New Governments – Part 5/5

Changes in the Divine Plan: The Case of the New Governments – Part 5/5

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Zero-Point EnergyZero-Point Energy(Concluded from Part 4.)

Impact of Rising Energies

Back in 2009 Matthew Ward told us what we could expect as the energies continued to rise.

“As planetary vibrations continue to rise, those ruthless manipulators will leave; their physical bodies cannot survive without the light that they refuse to accept, and the souls will go to worlds that correspond to their lifetime energy registration.” (1)

However I believe that the Company of Heaven has not known exactly exactly everything about what to expect because previously an Ascension with the physical body, including the gradual raising of the energies on the planet, has never been tried before.

The rising discontent of the masses as expressed in protests and campaigns is accentuated by these expanding energies, Matthew says.

“All actions and reactions are being accentuated in accordance with the energy acceleration, which you perceive as time passing faster and faster, and the wrangling and bickering over issues will evolve into unity of larger purpose as Earth continues approaching her Golden Age.” (2)

The energies are working with containment to alter the outlook of many in a position of power, Archangel Michael notes.

“But if the collective is saying, ‘Share. Let me participate. Let me be free. I demand my freedom,’ at the same time as those who are in power, who have wielded power – and we are not just talking about those in containment; that is a whole other, separate discussion; and yes, they are still in containment; and no, it is not a whimsy or a fantasy; that would be ridiculous – those in power are also having a change of heart.

“How is this occurring? Because the energy upon your planet, not only within you, but upon the planet, Gaia herself, is shifting, so that there is a different longing, a different desire, so that their focus is no longer on holding onto what they’ve got, so there is an easing and saying, ‘Yes, I think it is a good idea that there is broader participation.’” (3)

The ascended masters through Wes Annac also recognized the impact of this unfolding awakening:

“Your Divinity as a human being is beginning to be understood by a plethora of individuals who are in important positions on your world, who can use their positions for the betterment of mankind rather than for the progressing of darkly-inclined agendas.

“We speak of souls within your governments; your military and financial institutions; your education systems; and even souls within your entertainment industry who have become celebrities because of the roles they’ve played in films and television shows.

“Souls all over your world who are in important positions of influence are beginning to find subtle yet potent awakenings taking place in themselves, and they’re being activated for their greater mission at this time, just as you dear souls are.” (4)

We can expect to see more souls jumping ship, they say.

“Souls who have previously worked for the cabals will continue to jump ship and join-over to the side of the Light, and the containment of the cabal heads that we and your Galactic brethren have been working with much of ourselves on, will bear fruit in the form of leaders and people in positions of power seeming to take a left-turn with the ideals they express and the policies they attempt to put-into play.” (5)

Commander Ashtar tells us that we must anchor these energies and cause them to spread and thrive.

“We see the solutions for the world’s conflicts – not only in Turkey and Syria, which are currently keeping your media busy the most – but also the conflicts between the genders, between different population groups and religions. We see how these conflicts melt and what newly arises in their stead. And this is unique to your world – an unprecedented peace is awaiting you.

“You are asking, ‘When?’ Well this depends very much on you. Send out your Light and Love and help transform all the negative energies in your world. We are quite active in bringing in the energies of your Central Sun, but the real transmutation, the anchoring and the thriving of these incoming energies is your job.

“And – if we may be permitted to say so – actually your principal duty, irrespective of which other tasks you have additionally taken on.” (6)

Nonetheless Violence and Abuse Continue

Some instances of violence and abuse continue, the most glaring being the Syrian civil war. The Arcturian Group discuss what is happening there:

“You may say: ‘What about murders, and war?’ These experiences are usually karmic and are part of a soul lesson necessary in order to shift an individual beyond a particular state of consciousness–often one the person has held for many lifetimes.

“There are many still holding ancient warrior energy that needs to be re-experienced in order to be released and activated in a higher-dimensional sense.” (7)

Ashtar speaking through Philipp Schlienger called these instances of violence “the last gasp of the dark energies” in June 2013.

“At the moment many things are happening in your world that cause many of you to doubt in the Divine Plan. Many of you are asking, ‘How can it be that we are talking about Love and Peace, promising you the most wonderful things, while seemingly chaos, violence and oppression rule all around the world?’

“Please understand that this is the last gasp of the dark energies – anything that is not of the Light will now be washed away or transformed. The dark opposes this transformation – fights and stands up to the very last. But its fate is sealed.” (8)

What we’ve looked at here is one possible scenario depicting a change in the Divine Plan. Our purpose has been to offer some speculative insights into what circumstances can cause a change in the plan and how those changes could play out. In this case, the plan began as a scenario of mass arrests and wholesale government change and has now morphed into a scenario of containment and government reform.

There will be changes in government. I’m not trying to say there won’t be. Rumors of a new Republic for America are suggesting that it may be announced either with or soon after the announcement of the global currency reset. But there won’t be a wholesale turning of all officers of government out of office and mass arrests. Instead there will be the retention of those officers who support the goal of government reform and an unseating only of those who continue to resist the changes or try to subvert them.


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