What Are We Processing? – Part 1/2

Another Chaotic Node: What Are We Processing? – Part 1/2

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Vasana 22

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon recently told us that we’re again in a chaotic node and this one goes deep. Though the actual message on his site says June 27, it doesn’t seem to have been emailed until July 31.

The message itself is sufficiently important that I’d like to repeat the heart of it, if you’d allow me.

“While you have already experienced several Chaotic Nodes since 2011, you are at the beginning of another major crescendo in chaotic events. While this particular Chaotic Node will accelerate climatic and geological changes, as well as social unrest, it is your personal psychological and emotional level that may well be the most affected.

“You can expect to see a pronounced increase in emotional instability and psychological imbalances among your fellow humans (perhaps including yourself). The collective social challenges of this will be profound. …

“The nature of this unique Chaotic Node … drives to the surface of your conscious awareness deep-seated emotional toxicity.

“One of the challenges that spiritually inclined persons are experiencing, and will continue to experience for some time, is the deep recognition that they have unresolved issues and deep-seated hostilities that may not fit very well with their self-image. Indeed this is a time when self-images will be shattered.

“You are seeing this unfold at the international level with governments, and you will see it unfold through all levels of society. But for many it will be the shattering of personal self-image that will be the most difficult to contend with.

“What we wish to convey is that your negativity, your toxicity, your despair and your hopelessness—if they are indeed present—need not be a negation of you. Rather they can be portals into the deep unconscious, to the very bedrock of human subconscious intent.

“In the process of self-liberation, you must deal with this negativity in yourself regardless of the methods you may use to free yourself.” (1)

Let’s take a look at the troublesome side of ourselves to see what might be triggered by the chaotic node we’re presently going through.

For me, there are three layers of troublesome aspects of the personality: vasanas, the constructed self, and the ego.

We’ve talked at great length about vasanas. (2) They are latent behavior patterns born of traumatic incidents in the past whose memory can be triggered in the present by something that reminds us of the earlier, similar incident.

They consist of our memories of our emotional reaction to an event, our conclusions and decisions that arise from the event, the story we weave around it, and successive instances of reacting to later similar incidents.

Vasanas are not related to the present moment. Most people blow up and project blame onto the person standing before them when it isn’t this incident that’s triggering them. It’s the remembrance of the earlier one.

In my experience, they’re best sourced (or completed) by allowing them to be, naming the feeling associated with them, asking the mind to tell us what earlier similar incident they relate to, taking the first image or word that comes to mind, and then experiencing to completion whatever arises out of what we remember of the original incident.

Vasanas leave us with residue or precipitate, which becomes the raw material out of which we construct the second layer.

(Continued in Part 2.)