To Love is to Awaken, and to Awaken is to Love

Jesus via John Smallman: To Love is to Awaken, and to Awaken is to Love

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Jesus postingJesus postingJesus: To Love is to Awaken, and to Awaken is to Love. Channelled by John Smallman Aug 4, 2013.

John’s reading of today’s post can be found here:

Each human’s intense and constant desire for God – the Source of infinite Love and Wisdom Who will accept everyone without exception – is the result of your deep inner knowing and your faint and wispy remembrance of your true nature at one with Him. You were created in Love and you can never completely erase the memory of that Divine Truth.

So, despite choosing to build an illusory environment in which you could play, very realistically, at being separated from God and from the Love that is His and your nature, you could not and cannot remove the intense desire to be One with Him because it is your eternal and unchangeable nature.

The illusion is a place of judgment, pain, and suffering, as you are very well aware, and it is not somewhere that you can find God! All your religions were founded in utter desperation because, being separated from God, Love, the Source of all Being – as it seems that you are – is absolutely terrifying, even though it has not occurred and is impossible.

God is infinite Love, Joy, and Wisdom, All That Exists. There is nothing else! But what is, is infinite and eternal. All life, all consciousness, all that God created is eternal, immortal, forever safe and at peace in His loving embrace. There is nowhere else that anyone could be.

The illusion is an imaginary place outside Reality. . . only there is no outside. It is in fact a very small and insignificant space within your collective mind that you have chosen to close off from God and His infinite Love for you all. You have effectively said to God “This is my private space, so keep out.” God gave you free will, and Love never binds, manipulates, or controls, so you have this imaginary private and enclosed environment which God honors.

It is like a very young child closing its eyes, putting its hands in front of its face, and then believing that it cannot be seen and that no one else but it exists. Fear arrives very quickly, and so it removes its hands, opens its eyes and bursts into delighted and relieved laughter to find that nothing has changed! All is as it was! Humanity is just about ready to “remove its hands from in front of its face and open its eyes”!

When you do so, your joy and delight will be infinitely greater than that of the child. To come Home to God is your reason for awakening, for removing your hands from your eyes, and the joy that you will then experience is beyond description. You have yearned for this for eons, and yet you have avoided taking the necessary steps to achieve it until now.

Only now is the realization that Love is your nature breaking into your awareness. The illusion would persuade you that Love comes from another, or from God, but, as is now finally breaking into your awareness, God is Love and you are all aspects of God Consciousness created from Love, and therefore, of yourselves, you are Love incarnate.

Your bodies, and their apparent unending needs have hidden the truth from you, but now you are no longer able to keep that truth at bay. You have chosen to awaken, and that choice has intensified the power of the Divine energy field in which you are securely and eternally enveloped, so that you can no longer deny or ignore it. You see loving behavior and loving actions occurring all around you as never before, as your choice is lived, shared, and demonstrated with increasing fervor. You are rediscovering your power to be yourselves, instead of slavishly following the crowd as it attempts to please the egoic dictator of ever-changing moods and emotions.

To Love is to awaken, and to awaken is to Love. It is that simple, and that is what is happening on Earth at this moment. You are about to start rubbing your eyes and splashing water on your faces as the new day dawns – the eternal Day that the illusion hid from you and which is not new but is brilliant and unchanging, just as it was created.

You are Love, you have always been Love, you always will be Love, and that truth is finally breaking into your collective awareness, leading to enormous changes all across the planet.

Your loving brother, Jesus.