Wily Fox of Media Tries to Influence Aussie Voters

Murdoch’s Political Agenda: Wily Fox of Media Tries to Influence Aussie Voters to Get What HE Wants

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Murdoch agendaMurdoch agendaStephen: This story isn’t as much about Australian politics as it is about Rupert Murdoch’s media empire’s ability to attempt to influence politicians behind-the-scenes via lobbying and power games and, at the same time, manipulate the wider public, through his papers.

Yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd set our federal election date for Saturday September 7. Less than a day later, Rupert Murdoch’s major newspapers are blatantly demonstrating how Murdoch is going to use his media outlets to try and influence Australian voters. As this article points out, there’s not the slightest attempt to mask his own corporate agenda. The big issue here is that, due to media consolidations and buy-outs, in some of our capital cities Murdoch’s are the only newspapers people can buy – and he also owns the major nationwide network of regional and suburban papers.  Thankfully, such influence will soon be gone but for the moment let’s hope people are savvy enough make their own choices.

Kick This Mob Out’: Murdoch Flexes his Election Muscle from Day One

By Roy Greenslade, The  Guardian.com, Monday 5 August 2013


Rupert Murdoch may be wounded by controversy in Britain. He may have failed to tip president Obama in the last US presidential election. But a twitch of his media muscle at the opening of Australia’s federal election has already raised the political temperature.