Starseed Astrology: Tonight’s New Moon in Leo Aug 6th 2013

Starseed Astrology: Tonight’s New Moon in Leo Aug 6th 2013

postdateiconTuesday, 06 August 2013 18:23 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

Tonight’s New Moon in Leo opens a cosmic portal where archetypal forces that belong to Leo may enter the Earth anew. The ether will soon be scintillating with fire as events fulfill our heart’s desire. As our luminaries join know that joy is just around the corner!
Expect the following types of themes to unfold over the next six moons: surges in happiness, enhancements to creative power, the rekindling, entrance, or deepening of love and romance, beautification in all forms, allowances of pleasure, fulfillment of desire, heart chakra activations, celebratory engagements, radical and joyous transformations, the emergence of new celebrity, the capturing of hearts, spiritual coronations, bold displays of leadership, and success in the pursuit of happiness.
It is the case that the lunar cycle speaks to the needs of our hearts. It is beautiful that God fills our lives precisely with what we need, when we need it. The Leo energy that now enters will prove my former statement true. Observe in the days ahead how we are all refreshed in our hearts with the things that we’ve been desiring the most. Life will soon become much more joyful and vibrant courtesy of this Leo Moon’s wave.

Of all the tribes in the Zodiac our Leos will now be embarking into powerful new personal growth cycles. Our Aries and Sagittarius will also be blossoming extraordinarily because of the great harmony that will be enjoyed through the fire element. If you are of a fire tribe then bring your best boldly and shine brightly into the world! The stage is set for fire to inspire!
As this lunar cycle propagates it is wise for us to explore, develop, and deliver the unique beauty that we each carry inside of us. Seek new outlets or take new directions in self-expression that bring an air of royalty into your lives. Show the world what makes you unique and share the gifts that you carry within.
Being that the first virtue of Leo is love expect that this all-powerful virtue invigorates our lives in the weeks and months ahead. Synchronicities will begin to unfold a golden path of life ascension. Follow the things that sing to your heart and fill your life with passion. Let your heart be your compass as we navigate through this lion’s pass.
The Lion of Lucerne found me through synchronicity very recently. Its history inspired me to include it with this message. It stands in majestic beauty to commemorate the lives of the brave and loyal men who laid down their lives to save the one’s they loved. Where there is love, there is loyalty, and this truth is enshrined in this great sculpture. As this portal opens ask yourself, “what I am loyal to?” The answer may change your life…
The rose and the cross have so much to speak, wisdom is given to those who will seek. Hearts will erupt with great golden light, to shatter the fetters that bind us to night. Devils will howl to Leo’s delight, cringing as God shows His love and His might. The summer has more surprises in store, with Fate coming swiftly amidst Leo’s roar…
Astrologer Salvador Russo
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