Expect Miracles – Part 2 The Event and the Chaotic Node

Archangel Michael: Expect Miracles – Part 2 The Event and the Chaotic Node

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The first thing on my mind....The first thing on my mind....(Continued from Part 1.)

So, welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael:  And welcome to you. Yes, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome.

SB:  Thank you.

AAM:  And yes, as I have said to the channel, we have upped the ante. Now, why do I say this? I embrace you. I embrace each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters, this night. I embrace you with the fullness of my love and the fullness of mission and purpose that we have committed to the Mother, our Divine Mother, long ago.

We are able to raise the bar, to simply speak to your hearts in this way and form, not that the words are different, but the vibration can reach more deeply within you. And yes, the level of information shifts slightly as well, because you, my beloved friends, have been diligent in your work, diligent in your commitment of your hearts, your souls, your beings, your bodies, to go forward in this Ascension and this unfoldment of your plan and our plan within the greater plan.

I say this, and I remind you of this, because we want you to know that your forward progress, your growth, is not only noted; it is celebrated, and we are proud of you — proud in the sense that you are brothers and sisters, colleagues, and fellow travelers. You are the masters who inhabit the planet of Gaia, who walk this beloved Earth in this period of miraculous change, and in a period of change that has never been experienced, on Gaia or elsewhere.

You are dealing with the fading hologram of the old third while anchoring and embracing the reality of your sweet selves in the fifth. Now, we know this is not always easy, but it is your diligence, your commitment that brings you to this point of change. You do not always see, or, more importantly, acknowledge the change.

And one of the things I would like you to do is to begin to more clearly and vociferously acknowledge the changes that each of you are experiencing, within and without.

Now, my beloved friend, Steve, you are very good at expressing the shifts, the openings, the expansions, the questions, the doubts, on our platform. And we thank you for this, because in this what you are doing is you are sparking the same awakening in others. You are also giving them permission to acknowledge their own process and shift.

But just like you, Graham, you have stepped forward into a new realm of existence, and you have said, not only to me, but to all, not only do I love it, but this feels right. Prior to that stepping forward, you had need for hiatus, and this is also something that many of you sometimes shy away from.

Yes, the channel as well. There are times when you simply need to say, “I am willing. I am anxious. I am excited. But, Michael, can I catch my breath?” Never — and dear hearts, we have been together for a very, very long time — never will I say no, even in the midst of the most outrageous battle. We will create time and space for you to breathe, to gather your energies, to pick up your sword and shield and begin yet again.

Now, I know you have a multitude of questions that you have brought forward this day, and I invite you to begin.

SB:  Thank you, Archangel Michael. And thank you for the kind words you said as well. What I’m going to do is work my way through several topics which I think are of interest to readers and try to get an update in those fields.

So, the first one I wanted to ask you about is that several channelers have discussed what they call an event, or a major shift in consciousness, that they say is happening in September 2013.

Now, you’ve said that Ascension will happen sometime next year. We’ve talked about how everyone wants to ascend together. So, how are we to interpret this “event”? Is it an early Ascension for some people? Is it not an Ascension but just a burst of energy? And will it be like December 21st, 2012, where something did happen, and it happened for Gaia, but we weren’t able to experience it quite as much? What are we to expect?

AAM:  You are to expect miracles. You are to expect expansion.

Now, let me backtrack just a little. We have talked about this issue, about events — and yes, many are referring to it. But I reiterate to you, to all of you, not to discourage, but to encourage:  this is a series of events.

This is not simply a singular, one-time undertaking or happening. It is a series of events. And in some ways that you perhaps do not fully comprehend — and that is all right — these events are already underway.

Now, let us go back even further. Let us go back to pre-December 2012. The build-up to that time in terms of, particularly lightworkers, but might we say the conscious collective as well, was nothing short of phenomenal — the energies that were integrated, received, welcomed, the expansion of understanding and consciousness that was integrated into your being was enormous.

Now, everybody — well, not everybody, but many of you — were focused upon a particular event and day. Now, did energetic shifts of a proportion beyond your imagination take place on that day or during that period of time? Yes.

But we would not wish to dilute what took place as the build-up, as prior to Gaia anchoring into the fifth dimension. Now, she is a massive being, so she is not simply, as we have said, solely in the fifth. There are, hmm, remnants, and the ability to interact with the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. But her heart and her being is are anchored in the fifth.

Now, you say that the human beings have not experienced the full awakening, the [Sahaja] Samadhi. And that is so. But there has been a gradual — well, from your point of view, gradual; not from ours — a gradual awakening and massive expansion within each of your beings.

And the areas of concern, of focus, of how you feel, the shift from your mental and your emotional to your heart consciousness has continued to grow, so that more and more you are anchored, sometimes knowingly and sometimes not, more clearly than ever in the fifth reality.

The hologram of the old third dissipates and disappears. It is evaporating like mist on a sunny day. Now, what is occurring is also that you have still many reaching out into that mist, because it is familiar. It is what is known, even when it has not been particularly of great service or joy. But it is the known, and therefore it is comfortable.

So, now we come into the present time. And yes, humanity, in a very mature, expansive position has said, “We wish to have the opportunity. We wish to ascend as one community in the unity of heart, in the unity of purpose. Because that is why each and every one of us came.” And that plea was heard and received by the Mother, and the plan given flexibility, altered somewhat to accommodate the full request, this prayer.

But in this time, there has also been a great deal of continuation of the Ascension both of the individual, of the collective, of the planet, of all concerned, and a deepening of that anchoring and awareness of love, the deepening of your heart consciousness, of what you care about and what seems relatively unimportant.

It does not mean that the remnants of the old third still do not bite at your heels at times. We know they do. But by and large, overall, the focus, the shift of attention, and of your very being, has changed.

That is continuing.

Now, it was never the plan of the Mother that the opportunity given to humanity would simply continue indefinitely. Now, you know, even though we understand and can inject into your timelines what you think of as time — we operate on a different scale — but in terms of your scale it was never intended that this simply be an indefinite delay.

Not only do you know this because I say it. That is in fact the last way I wish you to judge this. Use your discernment and go to your heart, and there you will know. Of course this cannot be indefinite!

So, while humanity is in this process of expansion into the collective, into the larger form — and we are going to talk about that because there are many examples of ignition that you are seeing upon your planet; but to return to what you are saying — and asking about the event:  the event will come to pass.

But it is not simply what you are looking for in terms of instantaneous combustion. It is an event of Ascension. It is an event of becoming. It is an event of anchoring of the fullness of your being, of your heart consciousness. But it is not in a single moment.

Now, September marks, in very human terms, the culmination of gestation, of your nine months to be rebirthed, to be reborn, to be reborn as the new you, as nova beings upon Nova Earth. So yes, there are ‘events,’ plural, and they include many of the things that we have discussed in terms of your star brothers and sisters and their participation — active participation — on the ground and above, with you, as equals, as family; the restructuring financially, socially (your civilizations have not been very civilized in your sense of the word).

So what you are bringing, through a series of events, is the gift of grace, the gift of love, the adherence of your judicial system, of your systems of fairness, with universal law.

All of this is underway. So take heart. Do not look to a single moment in time, but see the dominos and see the chain, the ripple effect. And where does it start? My sweet brothers and sisters, it starts with you.

And that is why I have said this day we are upping the ante; because the responsibility lies not only with us; it lies with the masters on the ground as well.

This is a sacred partnership that we have formed and entered before time. So let us begin.

SB:  All right. Thank you, Lord. That’s very helpful. Now, I have such a number of questions that I think we’re going to have to limit ourselves to between one and two minutes for our answers, if we’re going to get through them all.

The next one — just a short answer on the significance of the chaotic nodes that the Hathors have mentioned. First of all, do they exist? But second of all, how should we respond to them? How are we to be with these chaotic nodes, please?

AAM:  You are to be in your heart, in balance with your mind, your emotional body, your causal body, and the super-intelligence that each and every one of you has. It is to draw upon your sword and shield and every other tool that you have.

Now, let us also say that what you are experiencing, it feels like chaos — and it is — but chaos is also part and parcel of the sixth dimension, of creative chaos. You are in the midst of creating a new big bang, as it were.

So, stay anchored. Stay calm. Be the observer.  Discern what is real, what is not; where to place your energy to be there as a collective for one another, to be the warrior and the peacemaker.

So, do the chaotic nodes exist? Yes. Are they a gift of creation? Yes.

SB:  All right. That’s very helpful. Thank you very much for that.

(Continued in Part 3.)