Taking back our power from the governments ~ Spiritual Contract Removal

Taking back our power from the governments ~ Spiritual Contract Removal

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Pravyer Group reading today — Taking back our power from the governments

As inspired from Andrew Bartzis power declarations we read this in our prayer group today. Feel free to share with anyone.

Group Declarations for Taking Back Our Power

I now state with all power from my heart that I do not consent to any interaction, covert or overt, with any parts of the broken systems on this world until such time as those who control them come to the fundamental understanding and acceptance of equality, justice, and compassion for all sentient-kind.

I do not consent to and revoke all connection to all contracts that exist within my past, present and future in all dimensions and time streams that do not serve the highest purposes of truth, goodness, and love.

In the domain of government activities, I make the following declarations this day:


  • I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts that deal with all government personalities, elected and unelected. I do not consent to any form of corporate government that harvests energy from its people. I revoke all spiritual contracts with every branch of government whose actions are out of alignment with the divine plan. I do not consent to the rule of the privileged few. I do not consent to mass propaganda.
  • I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts secretly interwoven into each and every law—past, present, and future. I revoke all rights, duties, and responsibilities in relation to all government systems that write laws that affect my spiritual contracts without my direct consent. I revoke all spiritual contracts that enable the government or the military-industrial complex to dominate and control any person on any timeline or dimension.
  • I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with the Federal Reserve families. I revoke all spiritual contracts hidden with in our government exchange-for-value systems. I revoke all rights, privileges, and powers–assumed and unassumed, consented and unconsented—with every federal law-enforcement branch that uses Federal Reserve energy to support the system of domination and control.
  • I revoke all rights regarding all technologies that alter dimensions, manipulate time streams, or do harm to any sentient life forms co-existing on earth in all time lines and dimensions.
  • I do not consent to my life force being used for any purpose that does not heal earth mother and promote unity consciousness among all sentient kind living and co-existing on our world.
  • I hereby declare that God is now in dominion over all forms of local, national, and global government, interpersonal relations, and galactic relations for all sentient kind. I call forth the angelic realm to record this reading of my freewill and ask for the divine assistance so that all sentient kind will understand that our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times, and take the responsibility to use that freedom with wisdom.


Note: I encourage everyone to use these spiritual contract removals as a template for creating revocations specifically tailored to your life circumstances. Read them aloud as often as possible and get creative, reading them during a fire ceremony is a great way to. Reading them aloud  creates a powerful standing wave of energy, when two or more come together for a reading the energy is exponentially more powerful. This is how we free Gaia and reclaim our sovereignty after millions of years of domination and control…lets do it!! Much love and gratitude to all! ~A~}