Coaching Has Been a Lifesaver

Coaching Has Been a Lifesaver

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Lifesaver 22Lifesaver 22What I’m noticing as I watch myself adjust to so many things is that certain changes bring out different sides of me, some of which I may never have seen before.

I think we were told that the chaotic node and the Lions Gate Portal are bringing out whatever may have escaped the clearing process to be released but how much damage will the releasing process do to existing relationships?

Moreover I continue to think that some vasanas will only emerge after the really big external changes occur.  Exactly at the point when I feel there may be no more left, along comes a completely new and different situation that brings up a whole new raft of them. The process never seems complete.

Supposing NESARA was announced tomorrow and we all suddenly emerged into the experience of comfort and ease. Do we know what to expect from ourselves? I don’t know what to expect from myself. And I actually worry about it at times.

Have I done enough clearing work to manage a major transition?  If I came into financial ease tomorrow, would I be the same old Steve?

Or would I find a subterranean vein of callousness and arrogance that I never even suspected?

Will people lose their focus when abundance arrives? In recent readings with Archangel Michael, he stressed that lightworkers were invited to take some R&R when abundance arrived, but not permanent R&R.

Have people who’ve been wage slaves, worked for long hours at low pay under heartless conditions for most of their lives, leave lightwork altogether in the joy of release from boring, alienating jobs?

We asked Archangel Michael last week on An Hour with an Angel whether hospitals would be manned and garbage picked up after NESARA, but we didn’t ask him how people’s personalities might change with abundance.

Will people’s relationships fall apart when financial need is no longer a reason for staying together? Will repressed resentments flood to the surface? Will people who have until that point represented themselves as admiring others suddenly turn on them? Were the ways we were relating survival-based? Will they alter dramatically when survival is no longer an issue?

Will friendships cool? Will people go completely bonkers? What will the world look like after abundance arrives? Will it be a place of peace or a place of settling scores? While the people who settle scores may emerge feeling vindicated, how will the people against whom scores are settled manage the experience?

I really don’t know and we may not know until abundance happens.

I sometimes think that the extensive drilling we’ve been getting in the divine qualities is exactly for the purpose of giving us something to fall back upon, to refer to, to remember when we make one of the really big transitions that seem to be coming.

I wonder if any of this successful transition we’ve made so far would have been possible without the daily and extensive coaching we’ve been getting from the masters and celestials?  I actually think for me it wouldn’t have been possible. Never mind the masters and celestials as sources of information on what’s been going on. For me their coaching has been a lifesaver.