Heavenletter #4642 Replacing Worry, August 10, 2013

Heavenletter #4642 Replacing Worry, August 10, 2013

postdateiconSaturday, 10 August 2013 14:40 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

I mean it when I say you are not to worry about any of the matters you worry about, none of them. Worry is tantamount to heartache. When did I ever say you are to have heartache or heartbreak?  Worry is a form of hurt that comes to you in little pieces. Little pieces accumulate and amount to a testament to what you do not want.   Worry is like sticking pins into yourself. What a waste of time! Worry is definitely not your purpose for being alive on Earth. What a waste worry is. It is all for naught anyway.   Worry says, “O Woe is me. I am guilty of something. Another shoe will fall.” Worry is a habit of sensing danger. It is a backward invitation.

You’ve got to know the difference between responsible and guilty. Be responsible. Recognize and accept your responsibility. Then put your shoulders back and go forth in life.     Guilt stews itself on the stove of your heart. Accept responsibility, not a sense of guilt. Consider guilt a sin, not that which you feel grievous about. I do not authorize guilt, and you are not to waste your life on guilt. No more, beloveds. Never again.   I have absolved you from guilt. Guilt is a plaything that you tend to take oh so seriously. Once upon a time, someone pointed a finger at you. Now you keep pointing that finger at yourself, as if you deserve some kind of punishment, and so you punish yourself with worry. Enough, I say.   Worry is a form of guilt. Worry is a kind of premeditated guilt. It is a kind of prediction or a replay: “Oh, no, I did something wrong.” You find yourself guilty of something ahead of time and also behind the times.   With worry, you are watching out for something to happen to you or concerning you that you don’t want and that you will have remorse about. As if remorse is a good thing. An acknowledgement of your responsibility is to be a one-time thing. Worry is a poor sop to responsibility. Worry perpetuates worry. Worry is a red flag.   Now say to yourself: “Stop this worry thing. God doesn’t want me to be a worry wart. God tells me, ‘Stop worry now, once and for all.’”   Have no regret, remorse, worry or guilt. A waste of life, dear ones. Go take a walk, sit in the sun, pick a flower. Whatever you do, stop this incessant worry. Worry invites to you what you don’t want.   Sometimes you worry that the good you seek won’t happen. And, then, when what you seek arrives, you start to worry you will lose it. You think, “What if, what if.” Play the game of What if no more.   A ton of weight will fall from your shoulders when you drop off the burden of worry. Worry is a kind of hitchhiker. Worry hitches a ride on your back.   Say right away, “Sorry, worry. No riding on my back anymore.”   Worry doesn’t take a hint. Worry will try to shadow you. Worry will jump in front of you, jump to the left, jump to the right. Worry is like a bad cold that won’t go away. Worry is a cough that you keep hacking. Like a bad cough that hangs on, worry prevents you from  having a good night’s sleep. Cough up worry, and be done with it. Accede no longer to worry. Give worry the boot. Sign off worry.   What will you do to replace worry? How about blessing instead? Bless yourself. Yes, that’s a good idea. I’m glad I thought of it. Bless yourself, bless the world, bless all. Bless, bless, bless. Worry no longer.

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