South Africa: Mysterious Message about the Financial Front

South Africa: Mysterious Message about the Financial Front

postdateiconSaturday, 10 August 2013 14:02 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

I don’t know whether this is true. It’s interesting though…


From: 2012thebigpicture


August 9, 2013

This cryptic message just off the press at Facebook. I don’t know who it’s from, but we’re passing it on. Sounds like it’s crunch time and the banksters are going down—sooner, rather than later.

Hi Folks,

Read carefully. Don’t ask any questions. I cannot respond anymore. Am on the move.

I will be at the Cape Town Common Law Hearing. Details will go out by Friday morning.

It’s mainly to get to grips with remedies about to unfold and where you can assist and where you can slot in.

Read the PUBLIC POLICY 1 filed on behalf of All One People. Constitutional Hill will issue Notices once we have re-purposed All Staff to actively Notify All commercial court cases, filings, actions, EVERYTHING, discharged, settled. balanced and the books closed on All defunct corporations.

We will settle All of South Africa’s ‘debt’ WITHIN 72 HOURS!!! And move on. Simple.

DO NOT FEAR regarding my next words.

As a strategist with extensive combat experience, my private bet is that they pull the plug on the banking system on the 2nd September. expect a total blackout of all banking. The federal government has no more funds and they are jumping ship. Their taps are dry. Notice around you how they have slowly been increasing the pressure. They know their game is up.

We have a banking Commission working hard at getting funds released. We are confident that we will make the deadline. People like Joop Dekker, are knowingly purposefully and wilfully not coming to the table. They have the infrastructure to facilitate funds to ALL People within 72 hours from your value held in the One People’s Public Trust. They know that we will re-purpose the banks to common law banks.

Today, on the 31st of July, Joop Dekker officially rejected his Amnesty. He has taken full private liability in this matter of international barratry. He is now a threat to Peace and Freedom of All People of Earth.

He does not realise the tragedy that he is about to unleash on his Family. Will someone please try and contact any members of his Family. They need to urgently receive and inform themselves of what is about to unfold. It is going to shatter that Family.

Are there any Social Workers or Therapists that can be on call please and who can please start a volunteer counselling group for the few Families who will suffer? Send your details to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
please. Also, which Province/s you can reach.

History repeats itself people. Isaiah prophecised that Babylon would be sacked within 2 years and that their arrogance would be their downfall. Here is the ultimate example. I wash my hands.

No reply from erick smith from sars as yet. At least he is taking this seriously. When we filed a charge on oupa magashula, commissioner of sars, he was fired before his 30 days were up… coincidence…

The Line Has Been Drawn. This time We, the One People are DOing it and SACKING it in 1 DAY!.

Go viral folks. BT