The Lives and Work of Saint Germaine

Holy Brother: The Lives and Work of Saint Germaine

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St. Germaine 88St. Germaine 88Folks, if you’d permit me, I’m going to refer you to the site of the original article for the remainder of this series:

Though it was a popular series, there is really no way for me to judge among the various accounts of past lives.  Some say St. Germaine was Merlin; some say Merlin did not exist; others say that Merlin existed but was not St. Germaine. And I have no independent way of saying who is right and who not.

I remember reading accounts of how many people said they incarnated as one of the three wise men. Every religious school said its main teachers did. I probably should stay away from past lives until such time as we can question the personalities face to face.

And it’s probably wiser to spend Monday’s Hour with an Angel talking with St. Germaine about NESARA than his past lives, since NESARA is so much more pertinent a topic. So do continue to enjoy the story in the series but, yes, know that many of its details are not universally agreed upon.