Heavenletter #4643 An Exquisite Expression of God, August 11, 2013

Heavenletter #4643 An Exquisite Expression of God, August 11, 2013

postdateiconSunday, 11 August 2013 11:41 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

All that has to be said has been said. And it will be said again. And finally it will be heard. And then We will rise into Quietness. Some might say sink into Quietness. We could say lie down beside the still waters. We will rest from imagined up and down and accept Oneness, accept Infinity, accept Eternity, accept one another, and become, as in seeing and believing, the Wholeness of your birth right. Whole Wholeness. Not some, but All, All There is. You appear to be in the world.   A whole tree of Self-Realization that welcomes you has been past due. No, I take that back. Your Self-Realization is due any moment now. It is guaranteed that you will know and experience all that I have told you and have never stopped saying. I have turned up My volume and sing from the rooftops all that you are and all that I am, and, so, here We are.   You are your own-Wish Fulfiller, beloveds. You are on top of the world. You are, if I may use the expression, your own soul mate. If you do not agree that you are My soul mate, then, I sing out that I am yours. In this case, nothing has changed, OR, I can say that the change is that the world no longer has you dance to its tune as played on the harmonica or banjo or violin or harp or didgeridoo or in your head that I bless to be in peace with Me forevermore.

Freedom is at hand. You are freeing yourself. You are free to be your own person from now on. You are free to be your own person in your own eyes now. Now, you can see yourself  as I see you. How I see you is how I made you. It is not just an expression that I use when I say I made you in My image. Of course, your body is not the image I speak of. When I say I made you in My image, I mean I made you in My image. I made you what I AM, Infinite and Eternal. That is very hard for you to swallow, for you have accepted the world’s perception of your image as gospel. Sinews and bones and flesh are not in My image, for I carry none. So, your body is not in My image. What is then?   I am made of heart and mind and soul, and so must you be. When We want a shortcut, We can say that your soul is made in the image of Mine, or your heart is made in the image of Mine, or your mind is made in the image of Mine. Or, We can say that you possess Great Power. Great Wisdom, Great Peace, Great Dominion, Great Love. No, rather that you ARE Great power and so on. You do not possess them. You ARE all of them, if you only knew. Soon you will know for yourself. Soon you will indemnify freedom. Soon you will save the stars and know you equal their light.   You are a mirror image of Me. If you could see the energy of heart, mind, and soul that are yours, you would be appalled at how you have been underestimated and have underestimated yourself. I mean to say that your heart, mind, and soul are already One with Me now as We speak.   No one can give you a true estimation of yourself until you realize yourself. You are far greater than gold. You are far greater than any word can express, yet you are an exquisite expression of Mine.

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