Hopi Prophecy, Part 1/2

Hopi Prophecy, Part 1/2

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Thanks to Dennis Tuma of Sedona for this one. I post it with a wee bit of trepidation because it talks about a time of purification and I wouldn’t want to excite fears in anyone that there will somehow be a catastrophe for the world. There won’t be. But we are in fact going through that time of purification at the present time.

The cleansing of the air of radioactivity has already taken place. The galactics have cleansed it of nuclear radiation and depleted uranium. I asked Archangel Michael recently if the planet would have died had the galactics not removed the depleted uranium from the air and he replied that it would have because Gaia would have given up in the face of it.

I believe I’m correct in saying that this should not be taken as the actual Hopi Prophecy but as one person’s interpretation of it. The author of this piece appears unaware of everything connected with the Ascension scenario so you’ll have to factor that in to the later prophecies.

I’ll post the prophecy in two instalments but you’re welcome to read ahead to the second part.

The Hopi Prophecy

Deanne Kallman (Anupama)


The Hopi Native Americans of the American Southwest have an ancient prophecy that has long foreseen the destruction of our present world through a purification by fire. You will know the times for this purification are at hand when a series of prophecies known as the “final warnings” are fulfilled.The first set of warnings were meant to alert the Hopi elders of a future time when the purification of the world was at hand; after which,they were expected to break their silence and warn the world of a second set of predictions hastening the onset of the purification of the world by fire.

Here is the first set of warnings:

THE WARNING: An iron horse will come to the land of the red man.

THE FULFILLMENT: This is the train. It appeared in the 19th century

THE WARNING: The white man will raise metal wires into the skies.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are telegraph lines of the 19th and later the power lines of the 20th century.

THE WARNING: Cobwebs will crisscross the skies.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are the contrails of planes and jets. [Steve: Probably chemtrails as well.]

THE WARNING: The powers of the red, the swastika, and the sun will threaten turtle island.

THE FULFILLMENT: North America seen from space looks like the outline ofa turtle. (Do not ask me how pre-Columbian seers knew that.) In World War II and in the Cold War that followed, these three “powers” did threaten North America. The swastika of the Nazis and later the “red”forces of the Communists of Russia and China beset Turtle Island. The powers of the sun did directly scorch the earth of native lands when the white man tested his atomic bombs in Nevada and New Mexico near the Hopi sacred lands in Arizona.

THE WARNING: The white man will create a Gourd of Ashes that will lay waste to the land and keep it infertile for generations.

THE FULFILLMENT: These are atomic bombs. Radiation is the sterilizing plague.

THE WARNING: The fulfillment of this first set of signs will warrant the Hopi Elders end their long silence and spread their prophetic message that the great purification is at hand. They will share their message and their wisdom to the people of the world so that everyone could prepare or soften its blow upon the earth.

THE FULFILLMENT: Indeed over 50 years ago, the Hopi Elders agreed that the first wave of signs had all been fulfilled. They therefore began warning the world about the prophecies of a coming purification. Some of the elders, such as Thomas Banyaca, have explained the prophecies on national television and spoke before the entire delegation of the United Nations.Now comes the second set of final warnings:

THE WARNING: A tribe of red hat and red cloaked people would come ingreat numbers from the East, traveling through the air. They would colonize the Western American lands and then scatter and disappear.

THEFULFILLMENT: The Tibetans came calling on the Hopi Elders when the first three precursory signs in their own 1,200 year old prophecy concerning the transplantation of their religion to America were fulfilled.This prophecy coming from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, says, “When the iron bird flies (airplanes) and the horse runs on wheels (cars), the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.

“Since the 1970s, the Dalai Lama and a number of marooned robed priests fulfilled Hopi prophecy by regularly paying a visit to the Hopi elders and moving on. Many Hopi’s also believe a later visitation in the 1980sof red cloaked and capped followers of Bhagwan Rajneesh coming in their thousands to Eastern Oregon completes the prophecy. Even a handful of Rajneeshees, aware of the prophecy, paid a visit to the Hopi elder-in-chief, Grandfather David Monongye, in 1985, before they and their fellow red clothed travelers soon vanished from sight. I report on this meeting in detail in my book Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming.

THE WARNING: The white man will steal rocks from the moon. This is a danger sign, that we are in the final days before the purification.

THE FULFILLMENT: The Apollo moon landings unearthed (or should I say”un-mooned?”) hundreds of pounds of moon rocks, taking them back to Earth. Indeed I saw one sitting under glass in the United Nations, just outside the main theater where the Hopi Elders shared their prophecies to the full United Nations delegation just a few years before.

THE WARNING: The white man will build a permanent house in the sky.This is the final warning before the purification.

THE FULFILLMENT: MIR may have blazed its way down to the sea in fragments, but the far more permanent International Space Station traverses our skies today. It will be fully operational in a few more years. One could argue that it is already operational and therefore the times of the purification have come. (Excerpts from a talk at the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council,Fairbanks, Alaska)There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock. There was the cycle of the plant. And now we are in the cycle of the animal coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being. When we get into the cycle of the human being, the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us.

At the beginning of this cycle of time, long ago, the Great Spirit made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this earth together, and said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions, and overtime I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings, and you will call these the Original Teachings; when you come back together with each other, you will share these so that you can live and have peace on earth, and a great civilization will come about. During the cycle of time, I’m going to give each of you two stone tablets. When I give you those stone tablets, don’t cast them upon the ground. If any of the sisters and brothers cast their tablets on theg round, not only will human beings have a hard time, but almost the earth itself will die.”

And so He gave each of us a responsibility, and we call that the Guardianship. To the Indian people, the red people, He gave the Guardianship of the Earth. We were to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the earth, the plants that grow from the earth, the foods that you can eat, and the herbs that heal so that, when we came back together with the other sisters and brothers, we could share this knowledge with them. Something good was to happen on the earth. To the South He gave the yellow race of people the Guardianship of the Wind. They were to learn about the sky and breathing and how to take that within ourselves for spiritual advancement. They were to share that with us at this time.

To the West He gave the black race of people the Guardianship of the Water. They were to learn the teachings of the water, which is the chief of the elements, being the most humble and the most powerful. The elders have told me that the black people would bring the teachings of the water.

To the North He gave the white race of people the Guardianship of the Fire. If you look at the center of many of the things they do, you will find the fire. They say a light bulb is the white man’s fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This is why it was the white sisters and brothers who began to move upon the face of the earth and reunite us as a human family.

And so a long time passed, and the Great Spirit gave each of the four races two stone tablets. Ours are kept at the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at Four Corners Area on Third Mesa. I talked to people from the black race, and their stone tablets are at the foot of Mount Kenya. They are kept by the Kukuyu Tribe.

I was at an Indian spiritual gathering about 15 years ago. A medicine man from South Dakota put a beaded medicine wheel in the middle of the gathering. It had the four colors from the four directions; he asked the people, “Where is this from?” They said, “Probably Montana, or South Dakota, maybe Saskatchewan.” He said, “This is from Kenya.” It was beaded just like ours, with the same colors.

(Continued in Part 2.)