Yeshua Discusses False Grids, August 6, 2013, Part 1/2

Transcript: Yeshua Discusses False Grids, August 6, 2013,  Part 1/2

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jesus-and-mary-magdalenejesus-and-mary-magdaleneHeavenly Blessings: Yeshua, August 6, 2013, Part 1/2

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today, our topic is the false grids that may have built up in our lives, keeping us tethered to the 3D illusion. Doubt and fear in particular will be discussed, as those seem to be the heavy hitters keeping us from stepping more fully into our divine shoes. To help us understand how best to release any negative belief structures we may carry in our bones, our beloved brother Yeshua will be joining us.

I’m very happy to welcome you back you to the show, Linda. Good morning!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, and it’s great to be back again! This has been a learning process for me and as I was saying to you just before we went on the air I’m learning that I’m supposed to have more than two speeds in my life, which are stop and go. And usually I go with full steam ahead. So, I’m learning to pace myself. And I think that’s a lesson that probably a lot of us struggle with. So I’m back and I’m present, and I’m really excited to talk about this issue of false grids.

The false grids are a big piece of the work that we do with the new you; but the false grids have also been something that the council has been talking about for years. And when we talk about false grids, people use a variety of terms and I’m sure you have some too Suzi. But we think about false grids, issues, obstacles, debris, false paradigms, illusions, vasanas. All of these refer to what we’re dealing with in terms of letting go of this illusion.

The illusion is huge. And it’s not just what we’re talking about today. Of course we’re going to use the examples that Yeshua has been talking to me about with our own false grids. But even the word, if you think of a grid, it’s got more structure than an illusion or an issue. And these are grids that humanity and particularly what we call the old Third Dimension, these are belief systems that got built up and have been the grid of time which we’ve been operating in for thousands of years, probably much longer. I think back to Atlantis and it was present then as well.

And these issues, these false grids, tend to come in groupings. And what we are doing as light workers is that we’re breaking through these illusions and we’re saying within ourselves “I’m letting go, I’m surrendering, I’m clearing, I’m eliminating, and I’m not going to play that game anymore,” and at the same time when we’re doing that we’re also doing it for the collective and we’re refusing – yes that’s a strong word – we’re refusing to play the game with those who are still enmeshed, engaged in the old Third, who really want to hold onto those false grids and to stabilize them so we don’t have to complete the shift; and that’s what we’re saying now. We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to play that game anymore.

SM: And paying attention to the sleepers is really not in our best interest. The work we do helps everybody, even those that are choosing to stay behind and not move forward. I don’t think it really would affect us. I think that we affect them, but I don’t think they affect us. Isn’t that true?

LD: I think that we can only be affected by those energies if we choose to be affected by those energies. And so it’s not a matter of them having the power anymore. As I was saying to you, these grids tend to come in groups and while the hot ones right now seem to be fear and doubt, there are whole groups of them. So, for example, there’s what I call the “L” group which is lack, limitation, loss, loneliness, lack of self-worth, self-love, self-doubt. All of those have to do with lack. There’s the D group: death, destruction, disease, despair, disbelief, doubt, disgust, depression. Notice how they all mostly start with “duh….”

So we’re saying to not only ourselves as we’re emerging, as we’re fully anchored in the Fifth, where that grid doesn’t exist elsewhere. It doesn’t even exist in what we call the clean Third. So what we’re doing is just sending back the energy of elimination into the old Third and at the same time cleaning it up within ourselves and it’s not a one-shot deal. All of these things. Because it is something that is in our subconscious and our unconscious and our collective memories and our collective belief systems; it has a lot of layers. So we have to be gentle with ourselves as well.

SM: And in order to move forward we need to make room for the new energies and our integrated expanded selves, so we really have to be rid of all the residual energies that might still be with us from our experiences, and they can be from this lifetime and past lifetimes. Let me ask you something. Do you feel at this point that we are mostly working on the absolutely deepest issues, and very potentially from other incarnations rather than this lifetime now?

LD: I think we are at bedrock. We are really at bedrock. But one of the things that I’m observing, like you were saying earlier, is that right now everything we’re doing at this time is really a walk of trust. And in that trust, what we’re doing is really working on that bedrock.

But whether it’s a deep, almost ancestral collective memory or grid, or it’s our own individual stuff. What happens is, situations arise that trigger it. So, it’s like sometimes when you’re on a lake – I’m thinking of the lake that I grew up on in northern Quebec, north of Montreal in the Laurentians – a storm comes up and the water looks really really choppy, but, if you dive in, you know this isn’t happening on the bottom. It’s not like the ocean where it’s all churned up because there’s a tsunami or a hurricane; it’s just surface stuff.

But it IS all on the surface. So there are situations that are either in a public or an individual way that are coming up and really triggering these grids and it’s the hardest work. What I’ve found as we have been working on the new you is that there have been two huge challenges. The first big challenge has been accepting ourselves as inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, trans-dimensional beings and the second one – which is really digging into the trenches – is this clearing of false grids. It’s hard work. So we don’t want to pretend “oh yeah I did my clearing.” I have one friend who is always saying “when are we going to be finished with the clearing” and I think this is it. I think this is the end of the clearing.

SM: I feel like it comes in stages. It’s not only layers, but first we have to realize that a behavior that we have is not supporting our life and our heart and then we have to see or track back to where it came from. What was the event or series of events that made us start to believe that and direct our behavior. And admitting that what we went through and how awful it was is harder than we think.

We tend to minimize our experiences, especially when we hear of someone else’s that we might think is worse than ours. Then we say “oh it wasn’t so bad” and it remains there over time to become so familiar to us that it actually feels normal. We start to identify with those hurt parts of ourselves and then it becomes scary to let them go. But that’s the lie, the false grid part of it.

LD: That’s the false grid and that’s how it’s become so firmly entrenched. You know if we look at the false grid of control or greed, which is part of control, I think as angels (1) who came to earth to play, to assume this physical form, we did not carry greed or the desire to control either each other or the situations on the planet. But that aberration has become so entrenched; and it’s subtle, it’s insidious, because we changed it into a desirable aspect.

For example, we’re supposed to be ambitious. We’re supposed to want to get ahead. It’s also what we teach our kids. And it’s like the world is a tough place and you’ve gotta “grow a set”; you have to have an element of ruthlessness – and none of this is true. Not one speck of it. But it’s become so entrenched in our cultures that we accept it as true, that it’s a good thing to be greedy. We say “no, don’t be greedy” and that means don’t take three pieces of cake, but there’s something much more deep and fundamental that we really need to get rid of.

SM: I agree. And I know people are going to be mad at me for this. But this whole idea of competitive sports where we physically hurt one another to get the game done, it just makes me crazy. And boxing? Oh, my gosh. I don’t get that. But I know there are a lot of people who are very caught up in that. There’s a lot of violence that happens at games like that, because fans get really, really invested in their team and being against the other side.

We promote that kind of thing and it’s just not who we really are at the core. So I agree with you. And I’m not sure if all of humanity fits into that and we just have to remember it, but I’m with you.

LD: When you’re talking about that level of competition, that’s really part of the secret. Because that’s about control. It’s about trying to control each other – your team, the outcome. It doesn’t have anything to do with what we would think of as healthy competition. It can be fun – I mean board games, hopscotch, skipping, running, all those things can be very healthy. But when you’re sense of self and your place and your value within the community depends on “winning,” then it becomes an obsession and it becomes something that’s not genuine and it’s not authentic and it’s not part of love.

I’m going to use the example of hockey because I grew up watching hockey every Saturday night with my family; hockey has evolved into a very violent sport. It didn’t used to be. I was never lucky enough to have kids, but if I did have kids, I would not want them playing these kinds of sports, because it’s bringing out a belief system that says it’s okay to injure and to be injured. And it’s not.

SM: I think the key is in trusting the process and knowing without a doubt that we’ll emerge victorious on the other side and no matter what, we’re loved and seen and appreciated and probably just for being here right now.

LD: So with that, shall we move into a meditation?

SM: Yes, that would be wonderful.

LD: And then we can come back to our soapbox.

( Meditation begins at 18:20, and ends at 25:08 )

Yeshua: Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, and I am Yeshi. Brother and friend. Welcome. Welcome to each of you my beloved family – those of you whom I have traveled with long ago in Galilee, (2) those of you that I have traveled with in the far reaches of the universe, all of you that I travel with at this moment in this journey of awakening, becoming, and wonder.

One of the primary tools of letting go of the false grids is the practice of compassion. And as you know, compassion places you in the position of the observer. In the position of the watcher rather than the full participant. Because you can look and you can know deeply and fully what it is that you are letting go of. And what humanity has suffered through and what they have clung to as if it were the jewels of heaven.

And you can observe and simply say “now it is time, let it go; surrender, allow, accept, this is no longer required.” And in this way you gently, simply, allow the removal of what no longer serves you. Yes, there is the exercise that we have given with Archangel Michael; we will use that for another time. Because that is the quick and powerful part.

But what I wish to evoke within you this day and to speak to you about is doubt and fear. Because this is primary in what humanity is going through at the moment.

These grids, these elements of doubt and fear, they’re nothing new. And they are nothing new in your life. But I bring them to the forefront for discussion yet again because it is vitally important, critically important at this juncture, at this turning and to pinpoint that they be eliminated completely, once and for all.

And for this, during our time together this day, I have also requested that Sanat Kumara be with us and to also invoke the universal law of elimination. Rarely is this law used and it is not ever used in a foolhardy way.

But fear and doubt are the cancer of the human race. And they bar you from seeing the magnificence of your being. Fear, and yes I know what fear is. Was I fearful of those who opposed me? The answer is no. It was not the Roman soldiers or centurions, not the Pharasees, it was not even those within my community who would naysay me that I was fearful of.

But there were times, my friends, when I knew fear. When I was afraid that I would not complete my mission, yes, even as the son of God. That I would not complete my mission in the fullness of my capacity. A very human fear.

Not of what people would think of me, not what they would say, but fear for my family, for my wife, for my children. My beloved son died when he was very young. And as we sat by his bedside, I was fearful that he would pass.

I was fearful that I would not know how to go on in mission and purpose without that bright smile, that light of my life, of my heart. I knew of the greater plan that he return to the Mother/Father. But I was fearful and I admit to you it was not fear for him but fear for me. Fear for my beloved Mary.

Now what did that fear accomplish? Nothing. When you are in fear, and it is not the auto-response of fight or flight, it simply freezes your energy field. Long ago we have said to you the acronym for fear ”false expectations about reality” and there are so many false expectations about reality, particularly in the old Third, and it is not even real.

Fear has nothing to do with what is truth. And when you are in fear, what happens is your entire energy field freezes. So it is as if you have been flash-frozen and are ready for the supermarket, ready for somebody else’s consumption. And you are absolutely not helpful or useful in your own life or your own process, your own journey and you are not useful to anyone else either.

In fact, fear is a contagion. And so when you fall into fear, not only are you frozen, it spreads to those you love and because you are frozen there is nothing you can do about it. It is a very, very dangerous element to carry.

And you say “but Lord, I am fearful” and I suggest to you that one of the greatest obstacles to humanity assuming and fully anchoring in the Fifth is this issue of fear and doubt.

And that is why I am speaking so strongly and some might even say stridently, this day. What is it you are afraid of? What is it that you are afraid to let go of? What is the fear that haunts you? Well, you know the answer. And it is the fear of the unknown. It is the “what if.” It is the “but.” It is staying in what you believe is the present, when in fact your current reality and the current reality of Gaia is over.

Now, I give you an example. You have all known or had situations where you have observed someone living in an illusion. There is a very derogatory expression of someone living in a fool’s paradise. What does that mean?

It means that they have simply chosen to live in a reality where they do not wish to look at what is going on around them. And everybody on the planet at one point or another, whether it is in this life or a thousand lifetimes, has done this. I have done it. And there are times when this form of illusion is useful. It allows you to carry on in very difficult situations.

But it cannot be a permanent state of affairs. Sooner or later you are required to look at what truly lies in front of you. And very often because you have been ignoring what is the truth, it is even more painful to embrace. But this is not about criticism; this is simply about us, you and I, brother and sister, brother and brother, speaking about fear. So do not fall into that frozen state.

Now, before I go any further, I also wish to speak to you about doubt. Because doubt is even more destructive than fear.

Fear freezes you. As I say, it is like being flash-frozen. But doubt, doubt, my beloved friends, gnaws at you. It is cruel and it does not really have a heart. It is based in disbelief, and lack of faith and hope in your sweet self. Now you have come in many societies to think that doubt is a sterling quality. That it helps you with discernment. And what I suggest to you this day is it does not.

Discernment is the ability with your heart consciousness in tandem with your mental and emotional bodies, your radar, to discern what is truth. That is love, which is the correct pathway; and how to proceed in ways that are kind and gentle and loving.

Doubt is dismissive. It does not build, it simply cancels and dismisses and it is very dangerous. The most dangerous element of doubt is doubting your sweet self. Doubting your power, doubting your ability to discern, doubting the wonder of love, or whether you are loved. Doubt gnaws at you like a rat with a rope. And it will never serve you.

And it is more dangerous than fear. Because it eats away at your very soul.

These are strong words that I share with you this day. But these are words; and the love that I have for you and that I honor you that you are strong enough and you have been diligent enough and you have practiced prudence enough to hear.

So let us let go, let us for once and for all, and for all of humanity, eliminate these elements of doubt and fear. Let them no longer have a place in the existence of humanity.

And with this, do you know what can be accomplished? War would come to an end. Doubt and fear are the foundation of war and conflict because people doubt. They say if they do not behave aggressively or in certain ways that they will win a place in heaven or in the favor of the Mother/Father One. You are already in the most favored position of the heart. It is not about winning it. And it is not about being fearful that you are not cherished, so let us be done with this.

Long ago, there is the story of the parting of the Red Sea. This day, I am asking you right now to take my hand and to walk with me through the parting of the magenta sea. Let us hold back the detritus of the Third and see that it has no power to drown you or sweep you away, to affect yourself or those you love and cherish.

Take my hand and let us walk together through this parting of the waves and let us lead the way that many will follow and know that they have safe passage.

Now, there are some of you, my beloved ones, who are pillars. No, these terms have not been lost or abolished. They are ancient. Now the pillars have the back of the line, as it were. Until all is complete, making sure all have been gathered. If that is your position, I ask you to take it at the end of the parting of the magenta sea and know you are safe. We will never let harm befall you.

Because you are the stalwart ones who are willing to wait. Both are necessary, the pathfinders, the repatterners, the gatekeepers, and the pillars. And we are on this journey together right now. Not next week, next month, or tomorrow. But right now. Come with me. And let us walk through to the Fifth, to this place where there is no fear, no doubt, no false grids. I ask you, walk with me.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) Steve: According to Archangel Michael, most people who agreed to come into the Third Dimension were originally angels who are carrying out the experiment of seeing what Third-Dimensional life is like. We are now on the return journey, having finished our stint in the Third.

(2) Steve: You’d be surprised to know how many of us (well, not me. I was off somewhere else) walked with Jesus in that lifetime and who they include. Some day the tale will be told.