Yeshua Discusses False Grids, August 6, 2013, Part 2/2

Transcript: Yeshua Discusses False Grids, August 6, 2013,  Part 2/2

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jesus-and-mary-magdalenejesus-and-mary-magdaleneHeavenly Blessings: Yeshua, August 6, 2013, Part 2/2

Suzanne Maresca:

Thank you, Yeshi, for all your wisdom here. I have some questions prepared but something you said has made me think of something that I just want to ask about. I have some wonderful, fantastic visions and I’m just wondering if this is doubt, but I do look for confirmation of what I see from other people that I trust. Is that doubt, or is it a kind of unity?

Y: It is the building of unity consciousness. It is the sharing, the sharing of information, a vision of understanding because what you are doing is, you are not only familiarizing yourself with the new grid of the fifth, sixth, seventh, you are also building a new grid within which humanity is operating and that includes the sharing. So you are not saying “I doubt myself” you are saying “I am experiencing this, can you help me, can you share, can you build”. There is a big difference.

SM: Very good. I like that answer a lot. There is so much clearing that’s taken place already that it can be hard when we experience the renewal of feelings we thought were done and gone; we go on thinking we’re pretty close to being finished with our personal work and then one day an uncomfortable feeling or physical pain comes up and it can be confusing. In cases like that, is it more like we’re dismantling yet another aspect of our own false grids or is it more likely that we’re processing for the collective something that we’ve mastered already.

Y: It is and it can be both. So, for example, if you are experiencing any physical – let us use physical because it is something that many can relate to – if you are experiencing a physical malady, let’s say all of a sudden after you have had no back problems for 20 years your back begins to hurt, you feel a lack of mobility, you feel excruciating pain, etc., this is coming up and it may be that you’ve never experienced back pain in this life, but it is coming up because somewhere in your travels you have had this experience and this issue, and you are clearing it for yourself once and for all and you are clearing it for humanity as well.

So you are participating in the collective clearing and what I suggest to you is not not one person is strong enough to do it for everybody. That is why you are seeing trends in issues – shoulders, backs, lungs, breathing, heart, and headaches. These are the big issues right now; particularly shoulders and arms and particularly cervical feelings in your back and lower lumbar.

SM: that’s so good to hear you say, because my left arm has been hurting me and it never has before and it just keeps getting worse, and the healing work I’ve done on it myself just doesn’t seem to help. And I get exactly what you said about some of this is from past lives and some of it is the collective work.

Y: Let us talk if we may, to use this example. Now I could give you some very startling visuals about what has happened with your arm and shoulder in other lifetimes and situations. But I do not do so because I do not want you to go into those situations and relive them. They are painful, they were painful then, they are painful now, and even in those lifetimes it had to do with suffering for your beliefs, your work, and for the collective.

So, let us proceed, not going into the issue, but saying “let this be healed”. And let it be healed for your sweet self and for many who have experienced much the same as you have in other times and realities.

Now, you have mentioned about building unity consciousness, which of course is one of my favorite topics. It is something I have worked on for thousands and thousands of years. But, when you ask others to help you with your healing, it is the same; it is also the vulnerability in saying “can you help me” because it is not being co-dependent or reliant on others; that has passed. But you are practicing compassion, the same way you would send and use healings freely and generously to others, you learn to accept it for yourself. That is community.

SM: Thank you. I’ve been wondering, in most of the depictions I’ve seen of you – in both images and in movies – you’re quite somber in demeanor and it’s certainly understandable knowing what you did know about what would be taking place. But as a model for humanity and what we can achieve, and this might qualify as an odd question, but did you not also experience great joy on earth?

Y: I am the least somber being you will ever encounter. I laugh, I play. Now I’ve mentioned a tragic – what I thought was a tragic experience with my son – but I am telling you, you would find me on the floor tickling, playing, playing what we had with a rock and pebbles game; no, no, no…. one of my favorite things is – people think I am walking around preaching and I use that word “preaching” and sermonizing – I was walking with my friends, chatting, comparing notes, sharing insights, laughing at the hilarity of the human experience, crying at the sorrow that some people experienced, sharing food, comparing notes, inquiring after families. No, I am not a somber being. Quite the contrary. I love to laugh, to sit, to share, and to be.

SM: I’m so happy to hear you say that. I don’t know if you’ve had more than this one very well-known incarnation on earth and for that one I think you came in with full consciousness. You’ve spoken about this some, but I’m wondering if you had to deal with false grids while in form here.

Y: One of my primary jobs – you know everyone is very familiar with my role as being the teacher of love – but underneath that, one of my primary jobs and one of the primary jobs of the Magdalena in a different way, was the removal of false grids.

You see, you cannot come to a place of loving yourself and loving your neighbor, or even turning the other cheek if you do not have a sense that you are cherished and worthy and deserving. So there were many in my community – and you have to think about this – in many ways my world was very small. Now the impact was large.

But when you think of the billions of people on planet at the moment, our world was very small. The biggest challenge was breaking through the false grids that had emerged and were merging with great strength, which is a tiny issue of when I came. So the issues of lack, of limitation, of doubt, which is a lack of faith and trust, of fault and blame and anger, people were very angry with me. And when there was upheaval in the community they would say “well it is Yeshua’s fault, he is always stirring the pot, why can’t he just stay quiet”

Now, did some of that sometimes bleed through to me? Or bleed through to my family because they got tired of it? Yes. The answer is yes. But we were dealing with the same issue of false grids then as you are now only they have had – in your sense – time to become even more solidified. Now, the good news is that they have become so solidified that they are brittle; they will break very easily.

SM: I have one question about the future of humanity and then we can go to callers if that’s all right. I’m wondering if we’re going to have to concern ourselves about the integrity of bankers; if we really are on the edge of sweeping changes and we’re all going to have what we need, is that also going to come with concerns about integrity of bankers or managing money or anything like that?

Y: The issue of integrity is an important one. Typical behavior, moral behavior which is only another way of saying loving behavior, is always the cornerstone.

Now, the changes sweeping your planet – and we are not saying to you that every nook and cranny, every cobweb, has to be cleansed before the shift takes place – but, overall, the qualities, the blessings and virtues that you and Linda have taken a great deal of time talking about, they need to be anchored. So that the lack of integrity is not an issue; in fact really money, abundance is not the issue.

Because that is a given. And when it is a given, when the greed is not present, when there are not as you have put it in your language “haves and have nots”, when there is simply a beautiful planet of haves, then there is no issue; that desire to take and control and gain more than your brother, it disappears.

So the short answer to your question is no you will not have to worry about integrity, but the reason you will not have to worry about integrity is that this shift and the anchoring of the new has already taken place. So it is not that the money flows and then we say now is your opportunity to learn integrity. It is the other way around.

SM: It feels very much like all those things; the grids that keep those things in place have already fallen away. The only power that they have at this point is what we give them because of our memories and our conditioning. So, if we could just release that, then we’re free.

Y: That is it, exactly. So you are fearful of banks. This is a perfect example. Because you believe that if you do not behave in ways that are in accordance with their somewhat unspoken desires of greed and control, that they will squash you; that they will rob you of your ability to have a flexible, desirable life. And that is simply not so.

SM: I appreciate that so much. So are we ready for some callers?

Y: I most certainly am.

SM: Area code 248, Jillina I believe.

Jillina: Good morning. I’ve been looking at a doubt, a very deep-seated doubt, and seeing a way to use the, let’s say the opportunity to create a life of being in connection with nature. I should say I live in a very metropolitan area, and I’m looking at some planning and holding the space to be back in nature and to invite others to come back into a beautiful nature sanctuary and also to heal.

And yet I’m also looking at the agenda for the 21st century where we want to restore nature and also limit people’s access to their private properties; you know, owning property in nature. So I was looking to escape from the metro area, but now I’m looking at the politics and the laws that we live by and it’s becoming more and more restrictive for the humans to be able to go back to nature and help restore it. Does that make a lot of sense? There’s a lot of consensus in the media that I see about we have to save nature but we also have to remove ourselves from it. Could you speak to this core doubt? I know it’s personal but I also I also see it on a larger scale, building and building.

Y: Your fear and your doubt are perfect and they are not just personal, sweet angel. So let us talk first of, as you put it, nature. Do you truly think, feel, or know that Gaia does not have the capacity to restore herself? Because she does. Now, Gaia, the kingdoms, the elementals, the devas, the dogs, the cats, the birds, the lions, the whales are already anchored in the higher realms and dimensions.

And the restoration is already underway. That has been part of what you have seen as highly irregular weather patterns during the last year or so. But do not doubt nature’s ability to reclaim, reconstruct, and do what she needs to do. She is a very sentient and powerful being.

Now let us speak to the second part of the question. There are three parts. The second part is your doubt that humanity can be wise enough to live in harmony with what they cherish and love; that they cannot live in harmony with nature, in balance. And that is simply not so.

You came to Gaia – many of you, most of you are starseeds, some of you as star beings completely and fully, some of you are earthkeepers. But you all came not only with a collective experience of restoration of love, of the Mother’s plan, but because you love Gaia. That you know her. Deep within your soul you know Gaia and you love her. Her beauty, her mystery, her splendor, her might, her power, her moods, her diversity.

Wisdom and grace are the qualities of knowing how to live with Gaia in that balance. Even what you think of as your cities will be transformed. The cities of light are places of spectacular beauty; they are the future being brought to the now. And that alone is miraculous.

But it will be harmonious and this sense that humanity has had since my time as Yeshua of trying to control the environment, of being master of the environment, will simply dissipate, and is already dissipating. There is a deep knowing within the collective already, whether people admit it or not, that humanity is not in control of this planet. And if anything their belief of being in control has destroyed and dissipated much of what was loved and valued. Will it be restored? Yes. And can humanity live in that balance and harmony? Yes.

Now the third piece is about fear and doubt of living in what you call urban environments. Recognizing that what you think of as urban environments are going to change and change dramatically.

But we also encourage you to look at what you value in an urban environment. And my friend, my urban environment often was, as I have said, meeting by the well and having a chat; now you go and have coffee in little shops, or you share things in community centers. It’s the same principle. It’s the coming together in community to laugh, to share, to build, and to collectively decide.

Politics as you think of it is not the enemy. The enemy is the deceit. It’s the control. It’s the greed, the cruelty. Those are the false grids. Politics simply means a coming together of the people to decide how to proceed. What you have thought about as leadership takes on a very different role, but think about what you love; about urban environments, of being able to be in community rather than fearful of the human beings. And build on that.

SM: Thank you for that. Area code 970, good morning. Are you with us?

Caller 970: Thank you so much for being with us Yeshi. A question please. Yesterday I was hired by a principal of a high school and she said straight out to me “I’d like to offer you a job because you’re a compassionate person” and I nearly fell on the floor. She said “all your references and your two previous bosses spoke very highly about you and about your compassionate ability.” I will be working with a high school student with severe physical and mental needs. And at the end of the interview I told the story about a baby snake who shows up from time to time to show me how it has grown, and the principal said “this is the way that I can see we can further contribute to wellbeing and care of the student because I don’t go outside much and I never would have thought about connecting him to nature.”

So I’m wondering in terms of false grids, I’ve been having quite a struggle here and I’m wondering if I dropped some of those false grids away or some other ones were shining through more brightly because I’ve also had some financial abundance. Could you please share that with us? It’s so good to be in your presence.

Y: You are allowing the truth of who you are and I have asked you all to step forward; you know this. That is the new you, you know. You are allowing yourself to step forward and to be seen. So many of the lightworkers, my brothers and sisters whom I am relying on, have been hidden because of reasons for self-protection, but the doubt is falling away. And you are saying “All right; I am a carrier of love. I am a shower of compassion, I know the innate value of every soul” and there is really no such thing as disability. It is a false grid. It is another “dis”. So yes, you are saying “let us proceed together”. Good job, dear heart.

Caller 970: so it looks like maybe, the entity I am would remain in this community for a while. My desire is great to live in Sedona.

Y: You are being positioned.

SM: Okay. So, we’re on to area code 250. Are you with us?

Caller 250: I feel so privileged to be in contact with you, Yeshua. My heart is pounding because every time I talk with you it is so wonderful. When I was young I was very fearful. I think this is one of the reasons I have MS.

Now that I’m 34 it seems my life is falling into place wonderfully. I feel guided and protected and I’m very grateful. But my question is about the light. Last time I talked to you, you suggested that I fill myself with soft, white light. I like that, but I know you prefer the magenta one. So can you tell me more about this white light please?

Y: Yes, I would be pleased to. And while I am partial to the magenta, understand that every ray and every variation within the ray has qualities that are literally supreme.

But let us talk first about the white light. The white light has the presence of all rays, all colors. That is why when they say so often when they speak of the Mother/Father One they refer to the white light. Now there are times when filling yourself with that bright white light is like putting your finger into an electrical socket.

Now, you sweet angel of love, have issues with your electrical system. That is part of what the MS is about. So, I don’t want you putting your finger into an electrical socket. So, we soften the light to that wonderful milky soft white light. It still contains all of the rays, all of the colors, and is the essence of One and All. And then we feed it through you.

The soft white light is soothing; it is like taking a milk bath rather than being filled with more electricity. Both have their place, as do the magenta, the blue, the emerald, the sapphire, each ray. You can never go wrong.

But the white light gives you everything. And your wisdom, your innate wisdom, your oversoul, your higher self, your physical self, knows exactly how to disseminate and to work with this energy. So that is why I have suggested it.

It is the snow on a cloudy day. See yourself as if you are walking out into snow. And it is a cloudy day, it is overcast. Lie down in the snow and play. Make angels in the snow. That is all you need to do. Play with it. Do not struggle to say “am I doing it right; it isn’t coming in.” Just go and play. And I will be right there in the snow beside you.

SM: All right, so we are onto area code 303. Are you with us?

Caller 303: I feel like I have a political spiritual mission. I just want to know a bit more about leadership. And I’m curious to know what that looks like and how to step out in the world and be me.

Y: Leadership is stewardship. And yes I still go back to the examples that I have used of being the shepherd. Because sometimes you lead from behind, and sometimes you lead from the front. But it is through the quality of your being.

The time is over and it was over in my time when you try and tell someone what to do. You have seen and now I speak to the populace, you have seen this does not work. Leadership is assuming the mantle of responsibility. And you lead by example.

Now, there is a misunderstanding that leadership means sacrifice. It is not sacrifice when you are doing what you have come to do. It is not sacrifice when you do what you wish to do and what you intend to do. And what we suggest to you is that humanity – particularly every single person on the planet at this time – is fulfilling a different leadership role. Now, are some in the limelight in that bright white light? Yes. Are some more subtly leading? Yes.

But what it means is not being aggressive, but being very determined and clear about speaking and living and declaring your truth. And to not be fearful of the public arena. Because the fear will freeze you. Will there be naysayers at this juncture, will there be those who want to shroud you in doubt? Yes. But that is their issue, not yours. Leadership in this time and in this occasion is about stepping forward.

SM: Thank you for your call. We are on to area code 860. Are you with us?

Caller 860: Hello again. I think yesterday I had a very powerful dream and I think I saw many newborn babies. And one boy suddenly grew bigger and I could see probably my little brother. I’m sure it’s someone related to me or maybe galactic beings. I just wanted to know what this little boy means.

Y: It is the birth of the new divine masculine energy upon the planet. And it is your brother. It is your sister. It is your child. It is your grandfather. And it is growing rapidly. Yes, your galactic brothers and sisters have a different way of growing, of gestation, of the entire method of reproduction but that is not what this was about.

This is the birth and the growth of the divine masculine. What do I mean by that? It means the ability to be strong, to take action, to protect, to produce, to create, and to work in partnership with the divine feminine. It is not just the birth of the divine feminine.

Yes, this is the time of the fulfillment of our Mother’s dream promise and plan. But it would be incomplete without the emergence and the re-emergence of the perfection of the masculine. So that is what the dream is of.

SM: Okay. David are you there?

David: Yes, I am here. Today I was actually in very much fear – which is pretty unusual – because I found out that I have a lot of fear about getting a baby from my girlfriend. And I don’t know if that’s my fear; my head is full of thoughts – getting pushed and everything. But maybe you can give me some advice, because probably you know everything.

Y: I thank you as you credit me my brother. Let us talk about the baby. Let us talk about that infant, that innocent.

First and foremost, David – and all of you who listen this day and a month from now – tend to the baby within.

You cannot fully and completely tend to a new baby of your heart until you have taken care of the sweet baby that you are. That you always have been. Not just the child of God, of the One, but the infant, the newborn, the one who arrives eager, who has been in and of love and who has arrived on earth and says “what happened? Where is the love? Why am I stuck in this body, what is going to happen?” Take care of that.

Now, as one who has been a father, I can tell you that you are never completely ready for a baby. And it is foolhardy to think that you are. But is it an adventure? Is it a gift? And is it a soul agreement amongst everybody concerned? Yes.

But, know that the children that are being born now come with full consciousness. So it is important as caregivers, as parents, that you are in your wholeness and in the acceptance, the practice of your divinity, and your divine self, the fullness of who you are. To tend to these new children.

But first, my friend, tend to the baby within. Cherish it. Wrap it within the mother’s cloak of blue, coddle it, reassure it and then let it grow. There is a theme this day and the questions – is there not? About babies and children, whether they are in high school or newborns, it matters not. The children are beckoning, saying please prepare the world. He is coming.