City of Light Update – August 10 and 13, 2013

Genii Townsend: City of Light Update – August 10 and 13, 2013

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Genii TownsendGenii TownsendStephen: Couple of updates here over two different days from Genii in Sedona…

By Genii Townsend – August 10 and 13, 2013

Fascinating Expectations – August 13, 2013

Genii note:” I am told that the #1 City of Light Sedona had touched down December 24, 2012 and I have no reasons to doubt that, as the vibrations I feel and inner viewings confirm this is correct..”

Inner message 8-13-2013: Forecasting Fascinating Expectations!

“As the City is sighted, people will be expected to do several things.. Cheer, be astonished, pray, give thanks, be frightened, feel thankful, feel loved, and maybe all at the same time. Emotions will run high and in many directions. Stability will be almost non existent for a bit.

Those who know that the City of Light is here and now, will be a bit more stable as joy moves them to possibly uncontrollable tears and inner love as gratitude comes to the surface and that what has been prophesized has been the truth.

Panic of disbelief could also take place with those of darkened minds who believe that they have sinned and possibly have to atone for that and sin no more.

The human minds will play havoc with this idea. Ministers, priests and holy teachers will have people running to them for answers and most will not have it, except that God must have done this. It could be no other way.

Traffic from all directions will head for this City miracle of all miracles for, again it could be no other way. Keeping a gas filled car constantly is advised. Plenty of supplies on hand before this major event is important.

This is not to be done from a fear based mind, but one of support for another, should that be necessary.

Children will be excited and filled with the love and joy that this City brings un-expectantly but the young imaginations will see this as God came to visit and brought this heaven home along. Disneyland has set the course long since in the imagination field of love and fun, so this must be more of the same.

The constant questions might be ” Where did it come from? How? Did it fall out of the sky? Did E.T. or Yoda send it? Because it came with no media fanfare to promote it, except for the Genii’s Something’s Coming City of Light book and many others who wrote about a City coming forth sometime?

After the appearance, the Genii’s City of Light book will explode in sales around the planet for the pre story had been told page by page. This book will go down in history as it now it has validation with answers that cannot be denied.

Thru it all Gods inner love will flow into the knowing that a masters hand has touched them and the 2nd Coming has arrived. For others, it will have other master leaders of various beliefs with many followers who’s imprint recognizes this as their belief is substantial and cannot be denied.

Now…for this pre- moment however rest, and just know all is well and in perfect Devine timing, as God brings forth what has just been said. A dream? Magic? yes.. Gods magic..

It’s a Cosmic thing and a whole new world readies to come into form.

Congratulations as God take you places you never thought possible”

So Light it be !

Love is The Answer – August 10, 2013

Genii: “Guidance please on any topic, including the City of Light, as lately I am receiving mails etc. that people are now being Guided to come to Sedona ”

Inner Guide answer: “The Genii surmises that she is a bit late in getting another City progress report out. We now fill in the blanks for you in what you call an up-date. Imagine love entering this request and know that it is included as well.

The City of Light is looking really good as you in the Sedona energy fields are holding up well with the changing. In the energy of the City, all is being in its finishing process, as the world looks for a reason to clear away all the frequencies of the ignorance called darkness, bringing it into light to be seen and dissipated.

As the pairs of opposites play their games, one sight of the City of Light will send any darkness into the panic of survival, finding that there is no place to hide, as God has brought forth what man could not.

Under the third dimensional design, the Sedona Arizona U.S.A. City of Light is designed to lift, heal, and bring forth a God-love never experienced before in this manor. As the disclosure of this holy love is experienced to such a high degree that no darkness in any form can stay the same, the thinking process will have been attacked and lifted to such a high frequency that anything other than the level of God’s love would just not survive.

So ignorance, play your dark mental games for they are short lived. This is not a threat. It is a promise!

Look instead, to loving every other planet, dedicated to the one creator. Those of us who dwell in the vastness of space … universal in the unseen, are in process of making your planet not only survive, but one you would be proud of. No longer will people be against each other, but united in spirit and the love of the Primal Creator of all.

Those of the Galactic Federation and those of the City Embassy of Peace, that the Genii has visited many times, salute those of you who spend your time and efforts to bring forth the City of Light through individual and group love. Those who have been Light Linked through the 4 Keys to Light sessions, that the Genii shares across the country are to be especially commended

The attention to details is now being activated, to bring each day closer to demonstration and the holiness created within its borders, as it signals those who live in the Sedona areas of its impending demonstration.

Also be aware that love settles into the portals and the rain washes out any residue that settled in the cracks of the healing rocks.

With the support of the surrounding vortexes, which are now in turbo-power to bring forth into view more of the ‘Ark of Light’, (as recently seen in the sky by the Charles of Betterton), the demonstration cannot hold its unseen position much longer.

Victory is on your doorstep with God’s stamp of approval. This too is fact, not fiction. Ahhhh … a hologram to be sure (as is your whole planet). But it serves well in its place of God’s plan and is necessary on your planet (which is also non existent) as it throws the mental into unsettlement of fact or fiction.

Trust God to know what God is doing and remember, it is all of you who are bringing in the City of Healing love … just by your knowing of it. God delights in this gift from heaven, settled now on earth soil to make you all feel better, for pure love can do nothing else, and no healing will be needed as no one is ill.

Those who are sick of being sick, will find new life for God gives them reasons not to be victim, but rather victoriously healthy, loving each day filled with new thoughts and producing God’s love on a continual basis.

The mentality of Lightworkers so-called, is being lifted as they can sense what is taking place in the quiet of a morning that looks normal, but is far from being that. The busyness in the unseen levels proclaim God is near, as we who are not seen support the City appearance and are also excited to see the results first-hand. When the curtain is pulled, the greatest show that this Earth has ever encountered, will stretch for miles in view.

Is the first City to appear as if by magic? Surely you jest … of course! Patience and love are the door-openers ready for your entrance. Fear not little flock! It is God’s good pleasure to give you the first City of Light programed to set the course for 13 more (of the same) Cities around your globe.

Prepare to be healthy for that is what these healing City centers are all about…. Imagine that!”