Reikidoc: Mediumship At The Cemetary

Reikidoc: Mediumship At The Cemetary

postdateiconThursday, 15 August 2013 19:36 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today I paid a visit to a beautiful cemetery in the town of Rochcorbon. It is nestled on a hill at the edge of the forest.
As I came to a crypt, I looked inside. Sometimes there are stained glass windows or other works of art.
Instead, I felt the urge of Spirit. I gave the violet flame, the platinum ray. Later, by another grave, I felt the ‘nudge’ to open a white vortex to help spirits cross to the Light.
This was a peaceful cemetery, by all means…it was just kindness, and helping Spirit when I was asked.

As I formed the vortex, about six spirits of Light came out from the nearby forest to assist. They were forest Spirits. Already I had learned the trees too bridge the Land with the Light. Now I could see these beautiful angelic-looking beings who quickly came in, and joined Spirit as usual in maintaining the Vortex for the Light.
I could sense souls slowly, gradually going up to the Light, queuing up graciously one after the next.
Then a man came to me. He was in country-style clothes. He got down on one knee to get a good look at me, and tilted his head. Quizzically, he asked, ‘why do you do this for us?’.
I was struck by the question. ‘Why do I do this?’ I thought. I thought again, and thought fast. I checked with my heart center to make certain my answer reflected my Truth.
Because it is a way I can help.’ I answered gently.
‘Is there anything you do because you wish for something in return?’ he asked, double-checking my sincerity.
No. I just do because I can.’
And he went up.
There was a physician who was a brilliant researcher who lived in an old mill just across the road. He died at age forty-two about thirty years ago. My friend knew him. And we had just taken a tour of the house where he once lived.
I think it was him.
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