Stepping into the Fulness of His Role – Part 2/2

President Obama: Stepping into the Fulness of His Role – Part 2/2

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Obama 88Obama 88(Continued from Part 1.)

Matthew Ward told us months before the President’s 2012 re-election that he would be returned to office and that his re-election was part of the master plan for the New Age.

“President Obama will be reelected, and this is no more a matter of politics now than it ever was. Often we have told you that the Golden Age master planners requested this soul from a highly evolved civilization to come to the planet specifically to fill one of the most strategic positions during this phase of Earths’ ascension out of third density and entry into fourth. And all of you agreed with this when you enthusiastically chose your own roles in this lifetime.”  (1)

Matthew described the events that led up to Obama’s coming to this planet:

“In accordance with Gaia’s request and God’s blessing, far distant civilizations infused the planet with life-saving light and the highest universal council created the master plan for a new era that became known as Earth’s Golden Age. They asked a soul from a highly advanced civilization to take on one of the most difficult tasks—presidency of the United States, a role that would transcend politics worldwide.

“Yes, absolutely Barack Obama is as light-filled as when he agreed to accept the mission to right the wrongs in that country and be in the vanguard of world peace-bringers! Throughout his time in office, he has been diligently working behind the scenes to dismantle the network that enabled the Illuminati to control everything that impacts life in your world.

“Their power to stymie or completely derail his efforts has been formidable and largely successful, but when their influence within and beyond the Congress ends, you shall see the truth of our words about Obama.” (2)

The Divine Mother also explained the reason for the tsunami of criticism against the President: “The greatest smokescreens are created against those who have the greatest potential to hold and to spread and to effect light in the birth of the new.”  (3)

The stiff opposition that the President’s opponents put up greatly impeded his ability to bring in the legislative program he would have wished to, Matthew tells us.

“The tenacity of the dark ones caused about a ten-year delay in your progress as a society. The delay didn’t deter Earth’s ascension one whit—her timing was predestined—but it severely curtailed Obama’s ability to carry out his mission because powerful individuals within the Illuminati still had the power to derail, distort or detour his efforts.”  (4)

The fact that so many of us have imbibed the dark version of events has fed the cabal and enabled it to cling to power.

“A large part of [the dark’s] effectiveness has come from people whose third density perceptions have been sending forth the energy of ‘anti-Obama’ thoughts and feelings. That energy has been refueling the dark ones and enabling them to keep a strong chokehold on the president’s endeavors to move your world toward Gaia’s vision. (5)

The Mother informed us that it didn’t matter if he was President or not; he would still be a force for the Light of global influence.

“It does not matter, you know, whether you re-elect Barack Obama because you believe that he is of the light or whether you turn to some other choice that has been steeped in drama — let me put it that way — because it will not change the light quotient that this one holds upon the planet for the collective.

“So, we …  are telling you that whether this one is in or out of office, his role does not change.” (6)

Many lightworkers believe that the NESARA provision that sitting governments will be obliged to resign means that President Obama will go with his.  But Matthew tells us that that provision of NESARA no longer applies.

“The provision of NESARA that calls for the resignation of the entire US government no longer applies. The act was written more than a dozen years ago when the president was a top-ranking Illuminati—he is among the defectors who became active lightworkers—and almost everyone in Congress was either a member or under the control of Illuminati outside the government. Rejoice with us that this is not the case today!” (7)

Archangel Michael reassured us that the President would not be thrown out of office. On the contrary:

Archangel Michael:  Why would I throw my brother out the door when he has endured as much as any of you? Yes, he is a lightworker, a star being. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Does he know that? Yes. Does he suffer for it at night? Yes. Does this sound familiar to each of you?

Steve Beckow:  Yes.

AAM:  Of course it does. So, no. Barack Obama is stepping into the fullness of his role. He is not on his way out the door, he is on his way in. (8)

He told us in early 2013 that “Barack Obama and those who work and serve with him are guided mightily, might we say divinely guided, as each and every one of you are.”  (9)

He said through Ron Head that “we understand the very difficult position which he has been in, and know that his path will become increasingly clearer as we progress from this point. We urge all to support him in love and light.” (10)

So no one denies that the President has made mistakes, as we all have, but he neither deserves the overwhelming wave of antagonism aimed at him nor was he able to make much headway against it.  Now that the Illuminati’s means of financing their opposition to the President has been largely removed, we may see a decidedly different side of him.


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