The Integration of the Parts of Our Being

The Integration of the Parts of Our Being

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archangel-michael-desktop1archangel-michael-desktop1In this passage from a reading given on Oct. 11, 2011, Archangel Michael discusses who it is who acts and how it is we become fragmented and then reintegrated.

Steve Beckow: You said that we humans create our collective illusion, and inhabit it, and we can choose to not be separate, but to live in the heart.  Who is this you that acts? Is it my third-dimensional self? Is it my higher dimensional self? Who is breaking me loose?

Archangel Michael: It is your integrated self.

SB: Can you talk about my integrated self a bit more? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything said about it. Not in those terms.

AAM: Yes, we would be glad to. And this has been part of the separation, and it has been a way for the human beings to get at this problem, this illusion of separation.

So this formulation of the different parts of your being — your physical being, the being that we now know in this incarnation, in your beautiful form; your emotional being, your mental being, your higher self, and then what we would say is your highest self, the part that many would call an oversoul, that would remain in the source energy — there has been this fragmentation of the parts of your being in order to understand that you are more than simply this physical manifestation at certain time and place.

And it is not that that physical manifestation is not marvelous; it is miraculous. But just as there is coming to a point where you do not wish to have the feeling of separation from all, you also do not wish to have that sense of fragmentation of thee, of you. And yes, when I say you I mean the individual.

Because now you are at a place — and when I am saying this I am saying you, beloved Steve — are at a place of integration. And when we say the integrated self, we mean that all the pieces — your soul design, all your aspects, your oversoul, your highest self, your inter-dimensional self; all beings that have exhibited elsewhere, shall we say, your mental, your emotional, your psychic, your etheric and your physical; your ego, your personality; everything you can think of that has been and is a part of thee, is all of you.

They are not separated. They are bigger — you are bigger — than you imagine. But when it comes to this place of integration, it is working harmoniously as one unified being. So it is not that the choice of your higher self would be different than the desires or actions of your human current self or the parts of you that you have called back to yourself, that have been from other realities or dimensions.

So that is what we mean by an integrated self.

SB: May I ask a further question?

  What is the impact of big, unresolved issues, traumatic memories, frightening thoughts? What is the impact of those on my integrated self?


The impact is the bringing those memories, those traumas, and when you say pains, hurts, fears, terrors, you bring them within your expanded being, and you love them, realizing that it has brought you to this place.

The event can be remembered, or not, without the impact of a trauma, without the impact of feeling that you have been damaged, hurt, compromised. It is a piece of information that has been brought within you, and not even what you would think of as healed, but held, the same way you would hold a child, until the feeling or the experience of the charge, of the trauma, is gone. 


It is the same for situations that have been wondrous, that have been loving, that have been warm. And there are times in (and we are talking long evolution and short evolution) those experiences — the experience of deep love, of being part of a loving, nurturing, caring family, of being in a soul relationship, of being in a place where you knew that your work was worthwhile and made a difference — those experiences also are held within.

Very often the reference point back is to the trauma, or to the injury, or to creating an injury, but it is not just that, it is both. And there are situations where the memory of being in that loving, nurturing relationship, that place of union, it creates a knowing that, yes, this is possible, but there have also been situations — and we are not talking specifically about you — but there are situations where it also creates a longing and an anger that that is not present at the moment, a feeling of rejection or abandonment.

So that is why those feelings, also those experiences, that history is also brought in and simply held until it is part of the integrated self. So what it is doing is it is letting go of what you think of as the charge of judgment: this was horrid, this was sublime.

What we are seeing in many corners of the human collective is that there is an anxiousness, an excitement and an openness to going forward. And it is particularly the light-workers, light-holders, who are saying, “Now is my time and I shall ascend.”

But there is also this other side that you are seeing, as well, and that is why we speak of it this day, that are also saying, “But, but, but, but, can I wait a while? Do I have to give up this or that? Can I bring my family?” These are the traumas that are being integrated, both the difficult and the beautiful.

So there is this push and pull that is going on right now in the hearts of many. Now, this does not concern us as in we know it is part of the process of that integration. But it is something for each being simply to look at and be aware of.


(1) What he says here is similar to what I call the upset clearing process. See the papers under “On Processing Vasanas” at