Journeying to the Heart of Darkness

Journeying to the Heart of Darkness

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AAM 22AAM 22Many times in readings Archangel Michael refers to journeys to the heart of darkness. Here he elaborates on those journeys.

From a personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Feb. 18, 2011.

Archangel Michael: Long ago, I have travelled to the heart of darkness, to that place where desperation had found root in my brothers and sisters; where arrogance had led to lack of clarity. And you have been with me and by my side at this time. We did not go there seeking to destroy, but rather to illuminate and to bring home those we loved. Did we seek to eliminate and destroy the arrogance and the desperation? Absolutely. But never those who were carrying it.

From a personal reading with Archangel Michael, Oct. 1, 2011.

Archangel Michael: You know we have travelled to the very heart of darkness, and we have done battle.

From a personal reading with Archangel Michael, Oct. 11, 2011.

Steve Beckow: Could you mention a little more about the journey into the heart of darkness. What are you referring to?  Is that some kind of galactic place, is it an illusion of some dark energy somewhere?

Archangel Michael: When we talk, when I talk — but you would hear the same from all the Mighty Ones [archangels], or from Yeshua or Sanat Kumara, or the Buddha. When we talk about going to the heart of darkness, and it has been inter-galactic,  but even in Earth terms, and in Omniverse terms, it is when we go to the place where there is always an energy or a being involved.

When we go to the heart of darkness it is usually on a form of what you would think of as a rescue mission. We go to the place where the density of illusion, whether it is that imbalanced or unbalanced desire for power or greed or lust, has become so strong that it has solidified.

SB: And we’re answering a call, are we?

AAM: Well, sometimes the energy is so dense that no call goes out. They are quite happy in their place of darkness. But you see we have long memories, and we remember that spark of light that was within, say, a person who has now travelled to that place. And we remember the love, and we know the love that we have for that being.

And so we go to that place, whether it is galaxies away, or part of an inner city, and we rescue, we break out, we break the shell, that very dense energy of darkness. And we basically lift the person out of that circumstance.

It accomplishes two things. And as we say, sometimes the reintegration back to one is very rapid, but sometimes it is staged because it depends on whether they are in form and wish to continue to be in form, living, or not. But what that extraction does also is that it breaks up that field of energy.

Because the field of the density is usually surrounding either an individual or a group of individuals. So as soon as you extract one component, then the density begins to fray. It breaks. It is like ice breaking. When you step on thin ice in the spring and the whole lake cracks, that is what it is like.

SB: In fact, you’ve done that with some of the top members of the Illuminati here, have you not?

AAM: Yes, we have. And we have had much help from human beings who are part of my legion, who think they are asleep and who are working diligently with me. And then they wake up and they wonder why they are so exhausted.

SB:  That rings a bell.

AAM: Does it not?

SB: It does. [laughs]

AAM: So I do not go alone. We do not go on these missions alone. You have the saying on Earth, safety in numbers. Well, it came from us.