Be Compassion, Practice Kindness

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman: Be Compassion, Practice Kindness

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UrielUrielArchangel Uriel: Be Compassion, Practice Kindness. Channelled through Jennifer Hoffman – August 19, 2013.

This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for August 19, 2013

Compassion is a soul quality that manifests on the Earth through kindness. Soul qualities express themselves as emotions in the third dimension and with this expression comes the potential for misuse of these energies. When compassion is expressed in a lower vibration it becomes pity, which is not kindness or beneficial, it is your agreement with someone’s weakness and powerlessness.

As you maintain the energy of compassion you allow its frequency to express itself in your interactions with others and you become a Light of compassion, expressed on your path and within your frequency as kindness.

When you use kindness in your interactions with others you give them the gift of acceptance, Love, and compassion. Kindness is more than being nice to others, it is a state of spiritual mindfulness, where you allow your spiritual nature to shine and light the lives of those around you.

When you practice kindness your Light shines more brightly than any darkness around you. Being kind to others, in every situation, allows you to stay in your power and to choose how you will interact with everyone around you. When kindness arises from compassion, it creates a pathway for continuous, unconditional forgiveness and freedom from judgment, fear and limitation.

Being kind means being gentle with others, having consideration for them and being helpful to them, but not by feeling sorry for or pitying them. Sometimes an act of kindness involves walking away from situations and confrontations that you would normally engage in. You are kind to yourself when you choose what serves your highest path and the peace, Love, and joy you wish to have in your life.

When you choose to be kind you can avoid karma with others because you can exercise forgiveness. Acts of kindness involve being thoughtful and considerate of others including being mindful of their level of spiritual growth and understanding and how it affects their interactions with you.

When you are kind to others you create the energy that they must connect to when they interact with you. In this way, kindness becomes an energetic boundary that invites and attracts kindness to you. When you are kind to others you share your spiritual gifts with them. They can accept them, or not, according to their abilities. Whether or not they respond in a like manner does not matter, your gift of kindness opens the door to new ways of interacting that are free from conflict and fear.

When you choose kindness as the energetic vibration that you will share with others you create healing for yourself and offer them the gift of healing. You also create this vibration in the world around you and for the planet as each of your individual actions is magnified and manifested in the world. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was kind to each other.

It is something that you can create for yourselves and the world when you are kind to one another. Hold that vision and know that each act of kindness is important to the healing process that the Earth and humanity are currently experiencing. Learning to be kind to each other, as a way to express your soul quality of compassion, is a gift that you can give to yourself and to others every day.

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