Enjoy the New Wiring

Enjoy the New Wiring

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Aug 20 2013

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I sometimes try not to say things like this so if it doesn’t happen to you you won’t feel left out.  It will happen for all but at different times.  Your body will complete these changes in it’s perfect time schedule.  There are some who have or had this happening and for them it’s important to explain.

Have you noticed that some days you wake up and your fine motor skills are not what you remember?  You try to make a slight movement and your hand responds with a bigger than expected movement.  What is happening is you’ve recently had your wiring upgraded.  This is referring to your internal electrical pathways.  With the integration of these higher energies it is required to make your pathways larger.  It’s literally so you don’t burn out your pathways with the increasing energy now coming to Earth.  When they are made larger it takes a bit, a day, a few days maybe before it feels like normal again.

Please don’t try to question the medical experts about it.  They don’t know about it and if they do notice they won’t tell you they have.  But there are those who are similar to you that happen to have jobs in the medical fields as well.  We are counting on them to start getting this knowledge spread around in the medical community.  Yes it will be difficult for you all to get this integrated there but remember you planned this before you came here. :)

As with anything medical if you are worried and feel the urge to ask a doctor, please do so.

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