Benedict Responding to an Inner Voice: Plausible? – Part 1/2

Benedict Responding to an Inner Voice: Plausible? – Part 1/2

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Benedict 33

I would not think any reader of this blog could pass by Pope Benedict’s comment in yesterday’s article without a deep sense of knowing of what he may be referring to:

A “mystical experience” during a dialogue with God convinced Pope Emeritus Benedict to resign as head of the Roman Catholic Church earlier this year, he has said.

“God told me to do it,” the 86-year-old former pontiff told a friend, six months after his decision to step down shocked the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

God had implanted in his heart the “absolute desire” to resign and to devote himself to a life of prayer and reflection, Benedict told the anonymous confidante, according to Zenit, a Rome-based Catholic news agency. (1)

Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict, was not placed in containment. It would come as no surprise to me that he be asked to resign, given that he was considered not the man to weed the Illuminati out of the Vatican.

He made way for a man – Pope Francis – who was overlit by St. Francis. Of him Sanat Kumara said: “He has been overlighted directly, not only by the Divine Mother, because that has been in place for a long time, but also by what you think of as St. Francis. Hence his name.” (2) Francis was to begin the task that Benedict could not successfully undertake:  to cleanse the Vatican of its heavy roots in darkness.

Matthew Ward predicted a short and quiet reign for Pope Benedict in 2005.

“Joseph Ratzinger himself said that his reign as Pope will be short… As primary assistant to his predecessor, he knows what the Illuminati within the Vatican did to keep intact the persona of the beloved Pope John Paul (3) while derailing his intent to bring forth the truth of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

“So do not expect Pope Benedict to make waves until there is either sufficient light within the Illuminati members or they have been removed from their influential positions.” (4)

Matthew asked us not to prejudge Ratzinger, even though he belonged to the Nazi Youth as a young man.

“But also, please do not hold Ratzinger’s personal or religious history against him—the former was beyond his control as a youth in Nazi Germany and the latter also was life-preserving. He believes in an afterlife, but he isn’t aware of the light power Nirvana residents impart to Earth, so he feels that only by living on the planet can he effect change.” (5)

He praised Ratzinger when he became pope.

“He shares the vision of John Paul, which was to bring to light the lies through which their church has for many centuries controlled the lives of believers, and he has long looked forward to the time when true spirituality will replace all religious dogma. As a member of the international transition team that will be effecting the changes necessary for your world to emerge into the era of peace and harmony, he is protected within the Christed light and always physical light beings are nearby.” (6)

And he predicted the eventual fall of the Vatican’s iron-handed control over the faithful.

“The truth about ‘papal infallibility’ will emerge and be recognized as the ruthless manmade control that it always has been. Along with all the other outright lies and distortions currently being taught, it will be relegated to its rightfully shameful place in new history books.” (7)

But he doubted that Benedict was the man to do it. Benedict, he said, lacked the backing of the masses to effect real and lasting change in the Vatican.

“The new Pope hasn’t the charisma and the love of the masses as did his predecessor, and if he died tomorrow, the Illuminati within the Vatican very likely would be gleeful that this most logical successor to John Paul was quickly out of their way and they could get one of themselves into the papacy. They had insufficient support to manage this at the election where the prevailing choice was Ratzinger because of his closeness to John Paul.” (8)

A new pope was needed. Kryon predicted his advent in 2008.

“In the next years, there will be a new Pope who will attempt to revitalize his church by finally creating something that fits into what humanity is feeling. He has to, or he will lose [loose?] a 2,000-year-old dynasty.” (9)

Matthew praised Jorge Bergoglio when he was elected Pope Francis and said that he was the man to do the job that Benedict could not. Interestingly Matthew says “the universe paved the way” for Bergoglio to become Pope. Was this chat with the old Pope part of paving the way? It probably was.

“The spiritually evolved soul who embodied as Jorge Bergoglio did so by request of the highest universal council so that later he could fill the powerfully influential papal position. In keeping with the soul’s acceptance, the universe ‘paved the way’ for the opportunity that ‘fit.’ Thus Bergoglio became the pope and despite strong opposition in the Vatican, he is acting upon what he feels is his responsibility, to right the wrongs that body has perpetrated from its inception. (10)

The planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, also prasied Francis and called him “an individual who has been chosen – is chosen – and I’m not talking about chosen by a college of cardinals, I’m talking about chosen in a much larger sense.”  (11)

After charges immediately arose that Francis was involved in human-rights abuses, Sanat said: “This individual has not been responsible for human atrocities.”

“Has he been affiliated, and in a position where he has been holding the light and shifting the energies? Yes. Has he been in a position where he has been humiliated, where he has humbled himself to serve? Yes.” (12)

(Continued in Part 2.)