Heavenletter #4655 God Knows Love , August 23, 2013

Heavenletter #4655 God Knows Love , August 23, 2013

postdateiconFriday, 23 August 2013 22:12 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

Your lineage is not in question. You are My Child. You are the Being I created who inhabits your body. I am your Mother or Father. I am rightfully yours. You do not have to earn Me.   Where do you come from? You come from Me. In Whose image are you made? You are made in My image. You are My beloved brought to Earth to bless it. You are integral to Creation. You are integral to all that appears to happen on Earth.   I created you from My breath. You are the breath of My breath.   You are a soul within the form you inhabit.

Doctor, lawyer, merchant, thief, you are Mine. Birthed on Earth, born from My heart, there is not one of you that I drop. You are Mine, and you are Mine forever.   I don’t make collections of My children. I do not put some on a high shelf and some on a lower. I do not gradate My children. I do not pin medals on some and close out others.   There is not one of My children on Earth who does not do the best he can do in a particular point in time and circumstance. Even when he knows better and does not act in accord with what he knows, he is doing the best he can do. What do you know, beloved? Who are you to decide who is worthy and who is not? For Me, there is no decision.   Whatever mistakes or deliberate acts someone commits or partakes in, he is My child, and I love him.   I make no excuses for My children. And I make no excuses for you who may hold yourself higher than another. I love you. I do not say I love you even so. I do not say I love you despite everything. I say I love all. As you are, I love you.   Every person on Earth, past, present, or future, thrives in My heart. I do not love some more than others. I love.   Each child of Mine is precious, and precious to Me. I do not lift some closer to Me, nor do I cast anyone aside.   I do not doom anyone.   I do not punish.   I do not withhold.   You don’t know what someone else’s task on Earth may be. You may well not know your own. You do not begin to know the good that another can do even though, from the worlds’ point of view, he has done the unforgivable. I do not apologize for My love that encompasses you and everyone else and holds you beautiful.   The world sees all of My children as imperfect, including you. So-called perfection is not My criterion. It is enough for Me that I breathed life into you. That makes you My own. I love the one who looks down on another, and I love the one looked down upon. Wherever I look, I see lighted souls. I see Truth. You will, too, and you will live Truth. No one knows the depth and breadth of My heart. You know only comparisons. Nothing affects My love for you who may compare yourself above others. Nothing challenges My love.   Some of My children bring themselves closer to Me. I am glad. Some of My children go far from Me. I do not hold that against them.   When someone has a limp and does not reach the goal line as fast as you do, you don’t discard him. To Me, it is like that. All will come to Me, soon or late. To Me, all My children are first, for My children are One, and, besides, time does not exist.

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