Sacred Cetacean Realm via Bella Capozzi: The Vortex of All Life

Sacred Cetacean Realm via Bella Capozzi:  The Vortex of All Life

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imageimageSacred Cetacean Realm: The Vortex of All Life, channeled By Bella Capozzi. August 23, 2013 at:

Be still. Be silent. Stop the constant movement of your body and put on hold the chatter of the mind. Allow yourself the luxury to let all of the toxic illusion fall away, spun into the abyss below. Below and not above. Never above. Below, as in meaning sent back to the vibratory level unto which belongs, a level or two beneath your own currently ascended one.

Listen. Hear the pulsing of your human heart – for this is such a miracle, that your heart beats and beats all on it’s own, without any expenditure of effort on your part, and without your being conscious of it’s workings or setting an intent that it be so. Do you not see the correlation, Sweet sisters and brothers, between the natural and easy functioning of your vessel and the smooth and unimpeded flow of the Universe?

Are the stars forced to sparkle in the nighttime sky? The moon to move the tides? The rain to fall, the wind to blow, to flowers to unfurl their petals to the glory of the morning light? Perchance, you think you’re of a need to set appointments with your Holy Family, for help and intervention; that you are unworthy of this help because you have somehow – erroneously – gotten the idea that you are something, anything less than perfect? Foolishness, this!

Go still and listen as we speak with you – we, the collective consciousness of the whole, of all life, of your true self, of your highest and greatest wisdom. Hear the dulcet tones of the angels, messengers of the divine, as highly pitched ringing in one ear, maybe two. It is highly pitched, yes, so it might be sure to get your attention. It is often uncomfortable and inconvenient, but as is the Human way, things often need to be uncomfortable to cause you to take notice.

Also, we say to go still and feel. Yes, simply sit and feel. Allow for the spin, and let the counter-clockwise movement of the vortex to carry you away – the vortex of all life, the vortex of divine change, the vortex of transfiguration, upward mobility and growth, this is. Every atom and every cell within the body, in each and every form of life, dances to the exact intricate choreography as every single other. Stars fall, suns burn, worlds collide and worlds are born anew. Galaxy after galaxy after galaxy, the story is forever the same. Creator loves and laughs and experiences it all, as you are life and you are all of it!

Change is happening, whether mankind wishes it to or not. And, alas, not all of mankind wishes it. Yet change is the very point of all existence, the very essence of life is to change and to experience. Never fear that it is all taking “too long”, or that you have been mislead and are skipping aimlessly along the garden path. For nothing could be further from the the Truth. Ah, the Truth! The Truth shall set you free. And quite literally, might we add! So therefore, gently be and listen to the soft and subtle tale, a triumphant, truthful tale, as it it unfurls within your heart. Read your story. Chapter by chapter, read your story, as it is illustrious beyond imagining. See us. Envision us. Call to us and we shall come. Grab hold of Us and allow the solidity and strength of Us to carry you up, up, up. Spin up, up, up.

We shall go to that Sacred Place of yours where you house your highest wisdom. Spend time there, read your story. Partake of your priceless knowings, and we shall stay there with you and help you choose all of that which you might need for your human experience. And we shall take you back, then, safely, to your earthly realm. Because we love you. Because we are here to serve. We are as you are. We are you.

And thus it is.

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