Wow! Thank You, Dominic Giamo!

Wow! Thank You, Dominic Giamo!

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Of dozens of people who passed an actor, attired like a Muslim, who had a flat tire that he “didn’t know” how to change,  without even looking at him, Dominic Giamo was the only one who stopped to assist. Thanks to Casey.

And the philosophy he offered at the end, well, it was heartwarming to say the least. (I’m aware that the video has been around for a while, but it bears watching again.)

Given that we’re headed for the twelfth remembrance of 9/11, it might be well to keep in mind that Muslims have been blamed for that false-flag operation from the beginning. And yet Muslims had next-to-nothing to do with it. The CIA had a lot to do with it. Military personnel did. Many companies did. And the President and Vice-President of the United States had a great deal to do with it and walk free to this day.

We owe a very large and sincere apology to Muslims everywhere, but especially in America, for the falase accusation that they caused 9/11 (they did not) and for the treatment we’ve meted out to them since.