Heavenletter #4658 The Keys to the Kingdom, August 26, 2013

Heavenletter #4658 The Keys to the Kingdom, August 26, 2013

postdateiconMonday, 26 August 2013 12:55 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

My children yearn to know why. Why did this happen? Why is the world the way it is? Why isn’t everyone already enlightened? Why did my loved one leave me?   There isn’t anything in world thought that you cannot ask why about.   Ask yourself why you keep asking why?   And when you receive an answer, then again you ask why? Why that answer and not another? Pretty much, for every answer to why that you may receive, another why is ready and waiting.   Beloveds, what is it you hope to gain by hearing answers to why?   Dear Ones, your mind wants to know all the why’s and wherefore’s. You want answers.

You know, the one who asks questions is very often the one in charge. And when you ask Me why, yes, of course, you really do want to know, and you really do want Me to come before you and account to you, the same way parents want an explanation from their children:   “Why did you get home so late? What do you mean by flunking your test? Why didn’t you tell me where you were going? What were you thinking?”   Let Me ask you, dear ones: Why do you want to know? What gain is there in it for you to receive an answer that leads to another question of why?   Why do you want to know, beloveds? Curiosity? Interest? What do you think an answer will do for you? What doors do you think it will open for you? What use will it be to you? Do you want to be sure I did not make a mistake? Possibly, do you want to check up on Me?   Perhaps you are asking Me if I made a mistake. Perhaps you want to make sure I’m running on all four burners.   Like a parent, I may have to say, in effect: “You are too young to understand. Ask again when you are older.”   When you reach a certain level of consciousness at which you can understand My answer, you may well not have to ask. You will simply know. You may no longer have the question: “Why is one and one two?”   Of course, you can ask Me anything you want, for I do not stand on ceremony. I am not a military general where you simply have to say, “Yes, Sir,” and are not allowed to question.   Of course, you want the keys to the Kingdom. You want to be in on the news. You want to enter the portal of My heart. Your entrance to My heart is through your heart. It is a journey you are on. You are on a journey of Self-awareness. You can reach your destination in a minute or an hour or in a year or twenty or in a lifetime as calculated on Earth.   It is like you wake up and rub your eyes, and you yawn and say: “Where am I?” Or you are asking: “Who am I?” And so you get closer to the question, when all is said and done, you really want to ask and become closer to the answer you really want to know. In a way, a Why question is a staller. There really is more you want to know than: “Why?”   Not to be contrary, I will say now that all questions lead to another question and another. And a question you ask as a child may well lead you to an answer you can accommodate.   The Key to the Kingdom is within you. All your questions may simply be a way to practice using the key.


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