the Law of Intent, August 20, 2013, Part 1/2

Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Intent, August 20, 2013,  Part 1/2

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universal law 3universal law 3Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 20, 2013, Part 1/2

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Here in the second installment of our series exploring Universal Law we’ll be discussing the Law of Intent with Sanat Kumara. The alignment of our every thought, action and relationship with our sacred purpose is what the Law of Intent is all about.

I look forward to expanding my own understanding of what the power of our intent is, especially when we offer ourselves in service. I can’t imagine there are many at this point who haven’t purposely set their intention on a desired outcome, but doing so may only be the tip of the iceberg for us.

I’ve been looking forward to this topic seeing as how most of the work that we humans are engaged in right now is involving our intentions as a collective. Good morning, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi. Good to be here. I wanted to share this morning with our listeners and also to thank you, that  I received in the mail after a crazy weekend of teaching, the most wonderful gift of a cobalt blue, like a very unusual blue, whale tail. And it’s just magnificent. So, thank you, thank you so much. What an unexpected gift and it’s just a delight to have. I tell you guys, everybody out there listening, is that these – I don’t want to call it a piece of jewelry because it’s like a scared object, it carries so much energy. So, I strongly encourage you to have a look at Suzi’s site and see what talks to you.

SM: I’m glad that you brought it up because there are a couple of different fabulous people that actually went out of their way to find the website because they heard us mention it on the radio, so I’ll just mention it quickly. It’s So, go check them out. That’s awesome and thanks, Linda.

LD: You are welcome. And what was really interesting, I want to share a little bit about the weekend that I just had, which was phenomenal. It was a healing weekend, teaching thirteenth Octave La Ho Chi to a wonderful small group of people from all over – we even had one guest that came all the way from New Zealand, another from Colorado, California, different parts of Florida – so it was a really wonderful group.

Now the history of the Council of Love gatherings has been that we always receive a special gift. And that’s why we talk on Heavenly Blessings about the enormous array of gifts that have all come through, mostly through these various classes. So every single class the Council has ever taught has had a unique gift.

Well, the gift this weekend was a gift from the Divine Mother of this activation placement of a Tanzanite, which is purply-blue, a Tanzanite cabochon – which is the polished but not faceted gem – right at the hairline. So if you went from your third eye and you went right up to your hairline, that’s the gift. And I’ve posted this channeling on the Council of Love website because it’s such an incredible gift.

And the gift is, the ability to see with the eyes and the wisdom and the heart of the Mother. So to be able to look at things, each other, the planet, situations, ourselves, through her eyes – it was an amazing gift and we worked and played with it during the course of the weekend. But when I came home, and then had this great whale tail, Suzi, that was basically the same color, I thought okay, I need to mention this to all our friends.

Well, as I was saying to you just before the show got started, as I’m immersing myself, as I know we all are, in this new series even though this is just week two, I feel like we really dove deep into the lake or into the ocean and we’re diving into this world of Universal Law which is, well, it’s what human law, we would like to think, will be formulated on. But they’re all interrelated.

This isn’t just this one law; this is another law and another law; they are all so integrated. It’s a tapestry and so even though today we’re talking about the Universal Law of Intent, I was thinking how it just falls so naturally and is complimentary to what we talked about last week, which was the Law of Purpose. And how all the Laws you’re going to hear about week after week, for fourteen weeks, are really all about balance. And not just about balance within us, but balance throughout the universe.

This is unbelievable that all the realms are coming and saying to us “Okay, we really want you to understand how things work. These are the precepts, the truths that have been given to us by the Divine and we know that you’re ready not only just to study them, but to really integrate them and to understand them.” It’s such a gift.

SM: It really is a gift. Going back to the Divine Mother for a moment, there was a question about when we have trouble loving someone, and the suggestion was to allow, to ask the Divine Mother to love through us, to allow her energy in to do that. Then it sets the pathway and it becomes easier for us to do that in future.

LD: That’s so true. And it’s particularly true if we can see that person who irritates the heck out of us through her eyes.

SM: Exactly. And I’ve actually practiced that and it’s a beautiful, divine and wonderful thing that’s easy to do. It’s just opening ourselves up and allowing it, and being available to that possibility.

LD: It changes everything.

SM: In an instant. And that’s another thing that I want to think about, or mention, is that we humans have a tendency to think that we really have to concentrate hard and things take a long time and focus, focus, focus. Focus really is important but this spirit work takes place in an instant. We think more is better and sometimes we get it right away and then we can quit and go onto the next thing and just trust that it’s done.

LD: Yes, I think that’s very true. There are things that occur literally in the blink of an eye. And sometimes we jump up and down and say “hurray” and at other times we don’t believe it. We think “oh no, that’s too fast” and it comes back to an issue of self-worth. But we pick at it, and pick at it, until it drives us crazy.

So when we’re working with the Universal Law of Intent, it’s the very blink-of-an-eye intention and the fulfillment of that intention and it’s the very, very long view. Bringing you back to what is your intention for your life, for your assistance, for your soul, for your unfoldment.

And I know that when Sanat Kumara has taught us about creation, and many others join in, there are things that sometimes I very casually think “I’d really like that…” and then it just floats away like a little white puffy cloud that we let go of during meditation. And I just don’t think of it. And yet boom – it’s right there.

And then of course there are things that I personally have been working on for years. And I’m holding the intention and just knowing that in divine timing, not only in terms of the universe, but of Linda Dillon: it will come to pass. So it’s both.

SM: You set the intention; the instantaneous part is just that it’s out there now.  The unfolding, well we have to sometimes be a little more patient about that.

LD: And you’ve mentioned a really important part. You hold the intention and put it out there; one of the things that the Council of Love has taught us when we have these desires … because when we refer to intention we’re really talking about creating what our heart desires … it may be a new tennis racquet or maybe world peace. But we’re talking about holding the vision of what our heart desires.

And what they’ve told us is that within our being, within our heart, within our actual – especially expanded DNA –our physical DNA, our spiritual DNA, is that we would not have a desire if it was not part of our plan, our purpose, and our soul mission. That’s huge.

SM: And then it goes into trust. Can we trust that information?

LD: Because sometimes we think and we start to dream and Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Gabrielle is encouraging us to dream big. And then we think “Well, maybe I shouldn’t be asking for something that big. Maybe I know that’s not really part of my plan.” But to be given that green light and to be told that if you have that idea, if you have that dream, and it’s a dream of your heart, not just of your ego, then it’s part of who you are and it’s out there. It’s already out there.

SM: When I first heard that information I went as big as I could imagine and that’s pretty cosmic and huge. And I think the result is that my visions have become really huge and collective and global, and dare I say universal. I know that all the work that we do here has ripples that go out into all of creation. We just don’t realize the power that we have and the influence of what we’re doing right now, or how it goes out. We just have no idea.

LD: We don’t realize how big, and how much power we have, and how much we’re creating consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously. So what we’re doing is part of being a fifth-dimensional being. It’s bringing that consciousness into the here-and-now reality. And that’s how we’re creating Nova Earth. And that’s why we’re being given the tools, or the wherewithal, to create.

SM: To even tell us what’s possible is a really big first step. So I’m sure that’s one of the purposes of all the channelings of things that are going to be happening for humanity.  In terms of us being stuck in thinking of “time,” a concept which they don’t really have, we think all this takes a long time. But we’ve been shown and we’ve been told about what’s possible for us and those are seeds.

They’re the seeds being planted, just like the seeds we plant when we go around and talk to people in the world. They may not be receptive immediately, but that’s what they’ve been doing with us. It’s as above ,so below. We’re doing what’s been done for us and it’s beautiful and perfect.

LD: So one of the things that we’re going to be doing, that I am guided to do with Sanat Kumara/Raj, – and by the way it’s a very golden morning – I have to tell you as I sat down to meditate, and of course the energy of Sanat Kumara is a very bright, shiny gold. It’s quite phenomenal; but in with that stepped up Archangel Gabrielle who is also very gold, only her gold is very much the Florentine, the deep rich burnished gold, so we have a lot. Oh and Mother Mary has just made her presence known as well. So we have a lot of company this morning.

But one of the things that we’re going to be doing over the course of the weeks that we’re working on this together is we’re going to take a lot of trips back to the wall – that golden chamber of your heart – and we’re going to be digging deeper and becoming more perceptive about what is written there. So, because we did this exercise last week, doesn’t mean that you got the Full Monty. This is something that we will do probably several times over the course of this series. And so, shall we?

( Meditation starts at 19:00 – and ends at 34:12 )

Sanat Kumara/Raj: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Welcome to each and every one of you,. Yes, I am your dear friend Raj, brother, teacher, and holder of the Law of One and of All.

There is no creation that is meaningful, in the sense of the universe or yourself, without intention. Whether you choose to engage consciously and actively with the Law of Intent, or whether you simply choose to ignore it, does not mean that it is not in operation.

And it is important, my dear hearts, that you fully understand this. When I am speaking of the various thirteen Universal Laws that are particularly pertinent to the advancement of humanity and your experience within the twelve realms and twelve dimensions at this time, you did not come to this planet of Gaia during a time of shift and ascension to be unconscious. Quite the contrary.

So, prior to this time you could say to me, “Well Raj I was not aware” but now that disappears, does it not?  And it is time for you, for each of you in your divinity in your wholeness to actively engage with the Law in every aspect of the law and to do so in ways that are meaningful, not only to the collective but to you.

Because when you are operating in ways that are meaningful to you, when you are intending that which is the balance of love, of charity, or compassion for you, then of course it has the same reflection throughout all of your planet, all of humanity.

The Law of Intent is kind. It is generous, it is sharing, it is joyous. It is tender, it is considerate. It is never selfish or arrogant. It is never excluding of others’ well being and development. For that would not be in alignment with the Mother and with love.

When I speak to you of intention, I wish to speak to you of intention on every single level. Your feelings, yes your emotional body. How are you holding, projecting, anchoring intention within your emotional body, within your mental body; you cannot anchor what you intend to bring forth, what the intention of your life is, your service, your pleasure, your joy if you are holding contradictory thoughts.

So, the Law of Intent means that your mental body and your emotional body are coming into that alignment with Divine thought, mind, will, heart. There has to be consistency, congruence, and constancy. Yes, I am one, as your planetary logos and as keeper of Universal Law, who will speak in absolutes. Because the Law IS. It does not have variation. You cannot say, well, I will accept a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. It does not work this way.

And that is what humanity is working on and that is what you are creating and altering in the reality of the human experience. The human condition, the human experience, the creation work of humanity has been far too manipulated and convenient and it has been intent by ego rather than intent by love.

And you have learned and you have experienced and you have been broken-hearted because you see that that does not work. It does not even begin to work. It does not even begin to serve.

So now I speak to you and I ask you – you have just been given the vision of your sacred purpose. Is it in alignment with the totality of who you are?  Every thought, every action, every friendship, every collegial association – how do you behave? What are your relationships like? What does your action reflect? What does your behavior reflect? Is it in complete alignment with your intentions for what you wish to achieve, what you wish to experience, and what you have agreed to do?

If it is not in that alignment, then, dear heart, you’re out of balance. Now is this cause for alarm? No. It is cause for simple correction. Bring yourself back. Of course I will help you. That is my joy and that is my purpose. And yes, Gabrielle is helping as well. She is bringing you back to the place of centeredness.

Now let me share my understanding. There are many of you who have avoided being centered and balanced. And you have equated being centered and balanced and in alignment with being boring. That you want to be unique and different; perhaps a little quirky – that is ego.

How you express the beauty, the excitement and, yes, the uniqueness of who you really are, which is much grander than any ego thought, is by being in the center, by being in the core of your sacred self, of being the reflection of who you really are. Not some fantasy that changes week to week, year to year.

There is nothing more magnificent, more grand, than the expression of your truth. It is far greater than any costume or job or persona that you can adopt. And this centeredness begins to give you the insight to operate and create in ways that you desire. You cannot create when you are out of balance, when you are in fear, angst, anger, disappointment, despair, lack, or when you are thinking that you are in control. It’s not possible.

Now I am giving you an assignment. And yes, this will become a regular occurrence during this series. For I take my role as planetary logos and teacher of the Universal Law very seriously. I ask each of you over the next week to go back again and again and again to reflect, to listen, to hear, to read, and to expand your understanding of what your intent is. What is the intent that you had prior to coming and what is your intent right now in terms of your progression through ascension?

What is it you demand of you? What is the heartfelt request that your universal self is making of you? And from this, you begin to feel the alignment into your actions, your behaviors, your wishes, your dreams, your creations. If you do not know the truth of your intention, just as if you do not know your sacred purpose, how do you proceed? You are wandering around in the dark.

It is not for me to tell you. Oh, I will whisper in your ear during meditation, but I mean in this form. It is not my role to tell you what your sacred intent is, because it is also one of the most joyous discoveries of your life. And there are many layers and facets to this. So do not think it is just one line. Take that one line and build upon it, my sweet angels of light.

We are here to assist. We have always been here to assist. But now, it is time, as Archangel Michael has said:  We are upping the ante. Dear heart, where do you wish to begin?

(Continued in Part 2)