Archangel Gabrielle Breaks the Mould

Archangel Gabrielle Breaks the Mould

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AAG 22AAG 22What a wonderful prerecord with Archangel Gabrielle. It wasn’t at all what I planned and described in the promo. But it was much more rewarding.

Highlights: Archangel Gabrielle went into great detail on how to move from our false grids or vasanas to our total, integrated Self. We discussed concepts of how one “embraces” what one cannot see, avoids the automatic behavior of a vasana, trusts, etc.

She described our journey of expansion as similar to a child’s who becomes aware of itself and even becomes aware that it can put its toe in its mouth (loved that image!). I posed a second case of a person being in a dark room and being asked to embrace. Embrace what?

At one point she described us embracing ourselves and trusting ourselves and I noticed how much more that resonated with me than trusting an unseen force.

We discussed the problem of trusting after having been manipulated so much by the leaders we trusted.

And we rounded the discussion out by going over the movement towards global abundance, the culture of sharing, and so on.

She, for the first time I can recall, identified the divine masculine as stillness and the divine feminine as movement. Usually people, when they discuss the topic, select psychological qualities associated with the Third-Dimensional masculine and feminine and project those onto the divine.

But that doesn’t at all match what the terms actually do refer to. And Archangel Gabrielle confirmed that in this program.

A very solid and nutritious discussion.