Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara Comment on the Truth of the Syrian Gas Attacks

Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara Comment on the Truth of the Syrian Gas Attacks

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Gas Attacks 33Part of what made matters so stressful for me two days ago was watching the videos of the alleged gassing of Syrian civilians.  I had been working on other issues and had not seen the videos until that day and had an extreme attack of vasanas such as sadness and belligerence.

Fortunately I had a pre-scheduled  reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on Aug. 27 and asked him to verify that the gas attacks were real and what the details of them were and here are his comments:

Steve Beckow: Could you confirm for us please whether the gas attacks were a false flag or whether Bashar al Assad actually did this?

Archangel Michael: There have been attacks that have been using not what you would think of as chemical weapons or chemical warfare or poison gas. But there have been substances that have been, can we say homemade, created, that are noxious fumes that make those who inhale them very sick and if they are impaired that they would be sick enough to die.

But it is not what you have thought of as “normal” weapons of poisonous gas or chemical weapons.

In many ways this information is falling under the same category as what occurred in Iraq [ie., Saddam bombing Kurdish villages with poison gas] with weapons of nuclear destruction.

SB: Is this an American thing that’s being done or a Syrian thing?

AAM: No, it is a Syrian thing that’s being done.

SB: So we’re talking about Bashar al Assad. OK, so now you’re referring to the Kurdish poisoning.

So Bashar al Assad has manufactured these weapons and used them but the scenes of all the dead, the hundreds of dead, are they true or is this a false flag.

AAM: That is not completely true. No.

SB: It would be very helpful if you could give us any details you can, like “not completely true.” Are they dead bodies or are they actors?

AAM: No, they are not actors. They are people who are unconscious.

SB: Unconscious. OK.

AAM: What we do not wish to do is to build on this drama.

SB: Right. But we as lightworkers need to know whether we should be calling for intervention in Syrira in Syria or not.

AAM: The intervention that we are asking the lightworkers to send to Syria is the energy that we have already sent which is energy of peace, healing, love and unity. It would create devastation, greater massacre, greater disharmony, more dissolution if other nations become involved. Let us put it that way.

SB: Is President Obama intending to become involved?

AAM: No.

SB: So the very stories that say, oh, he’s gonna do it are not correct, is that so?

AAM: He is being pressured to do it. But in many ways he is very aware … let us say that we would be very surprised. He is not being guided to take any action with regard to Syria. he has people on the ground investigating the truth, the veracity of the level of this poison gas, where and when it has been manufactured, the quantities and qualities of how it was manufactured. He does not want to put himself in the position where he is again engaging in a war that is in fact based on lies.

SB: OK. So there have been a few deaths by this homemade gas but there haven’t been the large number of deaths that is being represented. Who is making these videos?

AAM: It is a combination of the regime of those who would profit from the scare tactics and the mass media that is more than eager to have this drama represented. So it is not just one team.

SB: Alright. Thank you.

Suzi Maresca interviewed Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings that same day and asked him what the situation was in Syria and here is his response:

Suzi Maresca: I would like to ask a currents-events question. Primarily what I would like to know if there is any truth in the stories being fed us by the mass media or if the stories are in the category of false flags, specifically in terms of Syria at this time?

Sanat Kumara: You have some expressions that you use on Earth – slow news day? And when there is no news, they make up news. Now I am not suggesting that the violence and the conflict that rages in Syria is not true and real. It is a combination of things so let me explain and it works very well with our understanding and conversation today about above and below, within and without.

Why are the people in Syria – all factions – we do not favor factions – why are they not holding peace in their heart? Because when peace is in the heart, there cannot be outward aggression.

Are people fleeing? yes. Now let us also say that there are two categories of people fleeing and we do  not mean political categories. There are people who are fleeing because they are fearful. And I am not talking about the fear that freezes. For some of them it is fight or flight. For others it is nervous fear.

So there is that category. And then there are those who are fleeing who are saying this is a time of turmoil and upheaval and this is my chance to move elsewhere. And because the borders will be open and refugees will be accepted, it is a chance to start a new life. So that is part of it.

But the key to Syria is every person on the planet – yes, with Archangel Michael and with us –  to send the peace, the consideration and the love to Syria. There is a collective energy that is coming to surface, not just in Syria, but we are speaking of this, of inadequacy, a belief in the lack of self worth or in righteousness. But it is misplaced righteousness.

It is not righteousness that is in accordance and alignment with the divine, which is love. It is a manipulated understanding. So is it a power struggle? Absolutely. Is it violent? Absolutely.  Does it need to come to the surface to be eradicated rapidly, not by the invasion with more violence but with peace? Yes, it does.

Because – let us use this example and this is where a practical application of this law comes into form and I would ask all of you to do this with me –  there is no war above. Period. It is a place of harmony. It is not a place of turmoil. It is not a place of anger and frustration. That does not exist.

Therefore there is no room for it below. So what you see is the alignment, as if there is a cloud of Heaven above Syria, and the light is pouring down, and that light is filled with Michael’s blue flame of truth, of justice and of peace. And from each of your hearts, you have the capacity to send right to the heart of Eqypt, Iraq or Iran that sense of peace.

When you become outraged at atrocity – and you are correct it is outrageous – but when you join into that energy of drama then you are contributing to it. So you have need to align with the divine qualities and with divine law. And in that way do not underestimate your strength. Collectively you have the power to stop these factions fighting in this very moment. You send the energy of peace and you hold that vision and you do not tolerate and engage in any other vision.

SW: May I ask specifically if the news that’s being given to the world on what’s going on there is embellished, so to speak, in order to foment fear and negative reaction from people. I mean I understand our work is to hear the news and understand what’s going and send love and light to the area. At the same it feels like a possibility that the news coming out is enhanced, embellished, and made seem worse than it really is.

SK; Let me suggest to you two things. There are very few news organizations on your planet that do not embellish, that do not dramatize, that do not try to get the worst pictures and scenarios and go with that because that is what they think people want but it is also what lines their coffers and I mean their coffers as well.

So is it embellished? of course. You may take that as a given.

SW: Specifically gas attacks? Is that what’s going?

SK: There are some gas attacks. Now the second piece of what I say is the realization that any atrocity is horrendous. So we do not mean to minimize the atrocity. What we wish to be very clear about is that news organizations look for the worst and promote the worst.

SW: Right. I’m just wondering at what point the heavenly agenda becomes part and parcel of our news.

SK: We’re not interfering with the free will. But there was something that went unnoticed when Gabrielle told you that the new grid is in place. And that new grid,. dear heart, is part of the heavenly agenda and it is also going to influence the collective behaviors enormously. You cannot stand and be part of the new golden grid and be dirty.