Heavenletter #4663 The Message Everyone Wants , August 31, 2013

Heavenletter #4663 The Message Everyone Wants , August 31, 2013

postdateiconSaturday, 31 August 2013 15:49 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

What you want to hear is the same as what everyone on Earth wants to hear. What you want to have faith in is what everyone wants to have faith in.   You want to know that there is a God, and, yet, even when you don’t fully believe in Me, you want to hear that you are favored. You want to know you are blessed.   As it happens, you may not call Me God or any name of God, yet My Name is Love, and you want to believe in Love, and you want to believe in Goodness, and you want to believe that there is a Meaning to your Life’s Journey on Earth and that the Meaning is good and that you are good and Life is served and that you are more than a speck on Earth for a little while until your body falls away, and you are no longer housed in it. Your desire for Meaning may be so strong that you walk away from it.   You want to hear that there is Great Meaning. You want to know that there is more to you than dust to dust.   You want to know that you are much more than what the world thinks of you and that you, at present, think of yourself.

You want to know beauty, and you want to be here on the seeming wayward Earth for more than what you presently see. You want life on Earth for everyone to be more than the eye can see.   You may be the greatest cynic in the world, and still you want there to be more than what you presently attest to. You don’t want to just hear glad tidings — you want to see them. You don’t just want to seem happy when down deep you want to find that which may presently be vague and seemingly unavailable to you.   You have had glimpses of love and all that, yet what did it amount to? Something in life has been withheld from you, or you withheld it from yourself, and truth be known, you don’t really comprehend what it is or what it might be. You may know words for it, and yet you no longer believe in words and what they are supposed to convey and seem empty of. Full of promises not kept, you drag yourself around the Universe where beliefs are few and disbelief rampant. You are not elated to be wise to the ways of the world. You know that this vagueness you seek, whether or not you admit to it, is not even-seemingly within your reach, so you say it doesn’t exist.   You are like a disenchanted knight, riding your horse up a steep hill when you gave up on chivalry long ago.     You may think that the position you are in is not an enviable position – your ideals lost along the way.   Here’s the thing, beloveds, ideals live, and they live in you. They are like the water you thirst to drink. You come to the well or to a pure stream, and, then you may refuse to drink. You might rather be thirsty than fooled again. You would do anything rather than risk another disappointment so you decide ahead of time to be blind to the hint of water.   You cannot make yourself believe what you do not, yet you can dare to seek, not exactly believef, not exactly hope, but something within you that wants to be mistaken, that wants the sun to come out, something within you that believes in dreams and innocence regained.   The most disheartened will receive the brightest of light. The most disheartened are the most thirsty, and when they take a sip of water, they will know it has been worth waiting for, and yet they will wait no longer, and they will be strong in giving others water to drink.   It is smart to drink the water of ideals. It is smart to ask yourself to be that which you seek and not demand it from others. You no longer count the ills of the world, for I count on you to lift the spell of disbelief that the world has been under.

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