The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 1

The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 1

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NESARA 278NESARA 278Introducing the Global Currency Reset and the Prosperity Programs

Following the entry of Gaia into Fifth Dimensionality on Dec. 21, 2012, her population began the march to full restoration of consciousness. Discussions began to be heard of one element in that march – the anticipated arrival of prosperity on the planet.

The advent of prosperity is an operation of global scope. The higher-dimensional beings who are directing it do not interfere with our free will so the precise conditions of prosperity are not something they can or will simply force upon us.

Granted that past certain divine deadlines for events that arise from the Mother’s Plan, the free will of those who oppose prosperity, Disclosure, Ascension and other similar events can be over-ruled, still the higher-dimensional beings don’t favor that approach and attempt to win concurrence wherever possible. So we should consider these factors when wondering why global changes take or have taken so long.

Since the subject is so complex, I intend to give a straight historical account in this part of the series. Even this will take two or three parts.

Almost immediately after 21/12/12, the Council of Angels through Goldenlight reminded us that:

“Everyone’s needs will be taken care of and all people in the new earth environment will live in prosperity peace and joy.

“‘NESARA’ and the Abundance Programs are simply the manifestation of the spiritual or 5th dimensional plans set up by higher dimensional beings and Saint Germaine, who is one of the overseers of the shift into the new Golden Age of Enlightenment.” (1)

For a wealth of articles on NESARA, the abundance program as described in the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, see the articles listed here: “NESARA or the Abundance Program” at

On Feb. 1, 2013, SaLuSa said that the galactics were aware of our desires to have the prosperity funds released, matters of which the general populace knew nothing.

“We are naturally aware of the ever growing demand for the Prosperity funds to be issued, the announcement of Disclosure and the bringing about of peace. Be assured they will be satisfied before long, and arrangements are well advanced. Your joy and happiness will abound in due course as deep down you know that you are already victorious.

“For you time has speeded up yet in some ways it also seems to be dragging its feet, and you start to become anxious or impatient. Please keep your eyes firmly on the future, and remember that most of you are in an advantaged position to know more certainly of what is taking place.” (2)

A month later, he said that complete debt forgiveness would be part of NESARA. However I’m under the impression that this applies only to debts that are usurious, corrupt, etc.

“With so much debt in the world it is clear that there is only one answer to your problems, and that is complete debt forgiveness. It is part of the plan you know as NESARA, and along with abundance will quickly establish a flourishing community.

“The real answers to your problems are relatively simple, but finding the right people to introduce them is not so easy.” (3)

When I asked Archangel Michael in a personal reading when the changes would occur, he said that they were already underway.

“The changes have already begun.  There is a great deal of what you think of as change, training, re-setting of systems that is taking place behind the scenes.  Those in power including certain financial institutions are very aware there is massive change on the horizon, and they are taking their steps and what is necessary for them not be caught completely off guard or ineffectual.

“So they have been given indicators from different governments and levels of power, what you think of as monetary power, that these changes are already in the works, and there is a great deal of shift – re-engineering, I guess you would call it – taking place behind the scenes, including training of staff.” (4)

He confided that what we were going to see “is redistribution of wealth.  I will say no more because it is going to come as a very pleasant surprise.  But look for massive redistribution of wealth.”  (5)

He related the revaluation of the dinar to efforts to end violence and war in our world.

“Violence in your society, whether it is a war, man against women (rape), has to cease. It cannot continue to exist.

“Now, the re-valuation of the dinar [and other currencies] is related to all of this. It is not just a financial decision. It is a world coming together to halt economic war, and it is a world coming together to re-value.

“And we have said to you that currency would continue to exist for some time after the shift, a few years perhaps, but we never said that it would exist in the same way that is currently available to you. So this re-valuation is already underway. And we do not mean soon, we mean this quite literally. So, it is rebalancing of abundance for many.”  (6)

In keeping with his agreement with Linda Dillon, he declined to give dates.

“You know that I do not and am not meant to give dates. But I tell you, it is already underway. And there are many above and below that are involved in this.”  (7)

And finally, by the end of May 2013, planetary logos Sanat Kumara said we were 70 percent along the way to the first milestone in the process of releasing abundance to the world, which we are expecting daily – namely, the global currency reset.

Sanat Kumara: [The abundance program] is proceeding on course. I am pleased to have this good news for you. It is proceeding exactly on course. And it is a very timely question. It is already underway.

Now, the reason that some of you do not know about this, and it is not generally known, is that there are some provisos of not what you would think of as secrecy, because secrecy in your language has come to take on a rather malevolent tone. So I do not mean it in that way. But there are some things that are taking place that are being done behind closed doors simply because it is part of our plan that it not be interfered with in any way until everything is in place.

SB: So how far are we along to everything being in place? What stage have we reached?

SK: As we say, it is already underway. You are about 70 percent there. (8)

Tomorrow we’ll continue the story from June 2013 to the present day.


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