Heavenletter #4664 Your Very Self , September 1, 2013

Heavenletter #4664 Your Very Self , September 1, 2013

postdateiconSunday, 01 September 2013 12:21 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

What you want of Me is what you want of yourself. What did I just say? What did I mean? I mean for you to be self-sufficient. All answers are within you. If the Kingdom of God is within, it is within. The worshipper and the worshipped are the same. That which you seek is within you. You are your own answers to your prayers. You are the solver and the solution. Find Me within you then. There is a tendency to think power lies outside you.   Greater than the individual you is the glory and power that shines in the hearts of all. Yes, I say all. Not just a chosen few.   Let’s look at it this way. All are chosen. I chose, and you chose. We could call it a team effort, yet it was no effort at all.   What do you think it means when I say We are One, and there is no We, there is only I and the Oneness of I AM? Who is talking, and Who is listening? Who is speaking, and Who is hearing? Who is writing, and Who is written? If I exist within one human being, I exist within all. The many is a fractured picture of One. Optical illusion, shall We say? Here is that word We again. Well, it is better than the words you and I as though separation were real.

Can there be Oneness and multitudes? I suppose there can be that concept, and you do have that concept. The all that you see is a pictograph of Oneness. A clear photo isn’t taken. It has so many pixels when only Oneness is. Another name for Oneness is Wholeness, only, in Truth, there are no separate parts to make whole. Wholeness is the same as Oneness. One and One and One and One add up to One.   Why is this important to realize? Because this is Our One Self I speak of. I speak to Whom? Why, to Myself, of course. My Self is none other than that which you refer to as your Self. This Self is not a selfish self nor is it propelled by ego. Ego does not flourish in Oneness. Naturally Oneness leaves the imagined ego behind. Ego cannot preside in Oneness. Ego is done in in Oneness. Ego stays out. It has no choice. Just as a hippopotamus cannot fit through a door, nor can ego enter the portal of Oneness. Ego wears a big hat and cannot walk in, sneak in, or even exist in Oneness. If ego tried to sneak in, ego would be neutralized. So say I.   When you hear Me, when you read between the lines, you and I are consistently the One that ever was. And, yet, despite your disavowal of life on Earth, you love it. You can grumble and shout, and yet you like it so much that you dwell in it, not only physically, but in every other way. You certainly think about world life a lot. You are immersed in it, as if world life is all there is.   The Earth is your dance floor. Let’s face it, you love the multiplicity of life. Where else is there so much to wonder at and be amazed at? Nevertheless, life on Earth is not the extent of your existence, My existence.   I am going to tell you that, despite all your complaints and shenanigans, there is more to life than what “Now you see and now you don’t.” There is a Presence, and that Presence is within you. The Presence is the Vastness of Oneness Itself. You are never without the God within the so-called you Who art your very Self, and, therefore, Mine.

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