Good morning;  I just received this, see it as being the truth, see this happening, see it as the start of the new world we have envision, send light and love to those who would get this started. Peace    Love    Light     Tim

Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2013 12:10 PM
Subject: RUMOR / NEWS FLASH!! xoxo

10:55 [airam] BREAKING NEWS: INTEL/RUMOR-NOT CONFIRMED-BUT  INTERESTING Posted by EXOGEN on August 31, 2013 at 11:49am in Rum-Tel . BREAKING  NEWS !!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have  committed to a complete non violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops  fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own  respective countries,all warships in non territorial waters are to leave for  their home ports immediately..Next week in Switzerland there will be a round  table meeting the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from  every known country from around the globe.. Peace talks will commence and  failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an  option.. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence  on this historic and monumental meeting of world wide countries..Officials of  the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing  factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been  mentioned.

10:55 [airam]  It’s happening… This information was sent to me from a high level clearance  reporter in the white house..

10:55  [arizona49] O now will seek comments from “Congress who represent the American  people”

10:56  [teddybear] make us more broke o

10:57  [arizona49] airam thank you