Higher-Dimensional Insights

Higher-Dimensional Insights

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Autumn_EquinoxAutumn_EquinoxIn working with the First Contact database (1) since May of this year, I’ve had the opportunity to take a close look daily at the channeled messages on this site.

As we approach the September equinox, which it is said will be a transformative period, I thought it’d be a good time to look back over the past month’s channeled material and present some of the major themes.  It felt like a significant month to me, energetically, and the channelings have reflected that.  I can feel that we’re definitely building towards…something!

The Hathors through Wes Annac referred to their scribe’s description of  “thousands of tiny personal revolutions,” and this sums up perfectly what I’ve been feeling lately.  I imagine many of us have experienced this.

To me, it’s felt like a succession of small clearings of density.  It almost seems as if the apparent smallness of them is a result of our having streamlined the clearing process so that it’s now happening more quickly and efficiently.  It also seems that our experience of time is speeding up, and so too is the clearing process.

All the challenges in our lives are opportunities for us to allow the light of love to shine onto these dense areas.  That is why it’s more constructive to allow, and really feel, what comes up rather than pushing it away.

The equinox period has been mentioned a number of times by various sources, and it feels to me like it can be likened to a birth, or perhaps a graduation.  As has been pointed out, this isn’t Ascension per se (though this too is said to be coming); but it sounds and feels like another milestone along the path towards it.

Word is that the period should bring a new sense of flow and ease to our process, as well as a resolution of many large- and small-scale conflicts.  It sounds like we could be approaching a collective sigh of relief.

It’s been said many times (and I think it’s just a given at this point) that we’re the creators of our realities and so it would serve us now to come powerfully into our intentions for this period, rather than waiting passively to “see what happens. ” My sense is that it could take many different forms for different people.  What is the essence of the world we want to live in?  Don’t hesitate to dream big — there are no third-dimensional limitations in fifth-dimensional reality.

Another point that I found important was to not get attached to any one image of how change should look, as this is a third-dimensional lens.  I take this to mean that it would serve us better to find the essence of our ideal world(s) in our hearts rather than constructing it with our minds.

On the subject of fifth-dimensional reality, we’ve been told that it’s already fully online and available to us in every moment.  We can connect to it in many different ways.  Meditation is the most common method mentioned, but I also think we can love or appreciate our way into it.  Love and appreciation seem like two of the surest pathways to the fifth dimension, along with deep breathing, relaxing, and meditative activities.  When I’m in that space, it becomes so clear how all the little things I’ve worried about are nothing — literally nothing — and that love really is all that’s real.

The Arcturian Group offered a great quote the other day that shows how there really is no separation between third-dimensional existence and that of the fifth.  It’s all a matter of how we choose to perceive it.

“Every issue of normal daily life is spiritual activity overlaid with third dimensional concepts. This is why there is no need to separate your spiritual life from your every day life as so many do – it is all spiritual. The work is to see the underlying reality of all things. (2)”

There is a subheading in one section of the database that I feel sums up well how one could approach Ascension: “Ascension is a matter of choice and perception.”  The more we choose to step into the fifth dimension, the more open that pathway will become, and I think it’ll just take over as the dominant experience, at some point leaving illusions of the old third behind.

Speaking of those illusions, there are a lot of those making an appearance on this planet these days in various forms of violence.  We’ve been told that these are simply part of the clearing process, and that the same is true of fires, earthquakes, and other so-called disasters.  Just as we may feel our personal upheavals as we go about our clearing processes, the same is happening outside.  As within, so without.

I found it very interesting to note that the increasing cabal exposure can be thought of as an aspect of our collective clearing.  Everything we see “out there” is a reflection of what’s in here, and that includes what we call the cabal.  The increasing exposure of such activities can be likened to our own processes of clearing our own illusory beliefs, stories, and traumas.

As mentioned earlier, each of these that come up present an opportunity to shine our loving light and transmute.  I think sending loving intention to the cabal is just as important in the collective Ascension process as is sending it to those we find easier to love.

Abundance and prosperity are also major themes of recent channelings.  It’s been said on several occasions that these are to be among the first examples of tangible (external) evidence of change we can expect to see and that it will serve to raise the collective vibration significantly. These will allow further revelations such as Disclosure and make first contact finally possible.  Archangel Michael has said that these events are already underway.

My feeling is that the more we focus on our internal knowing of abundance as a given component of our restoration, and who we are as spiritual beings, the faster the external manifestation will occur.

Although it’s certainly natural to want to see it manifest on the outside, I truly believe that the stance of worried waiting will only serve to slow it down (because it contains the vibration of its absence).  Worry may slow down the process, but abundance cannot be stopped.

As Archangel Michael confirmed, abundance is simply part of the divine plan.  So, to the extent possible, let’s relax and enjoy the journey, and also keep in mind to not get too attached to the form it takes.

These are what have stood out for me as some of the key points of recent channelings, though many more could have been included.  Until next time, let’s have a fun ride through this upcoming equinox portal, and see you on the other side!


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