God via Heart Song Meditation: Let Us Heal the World Together

God via Heart Song Meditation: Let Us Heal the World Together

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healtheworldhealtheworldGod: Let Us Heal the World Together, channeled by Heart Song Meditation, September 5, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com

Hear Me.

Hear Me, Child.

Hear My Voice.

Feel My Love.

I AM here for you.

My Love is here for you.

Avail yourself of it. Drink it in. Feel nourished. Feel replenished. Feel My Great Light shining from your heart. See the golden light of Our Love streaming from your beautiful heart to fill you, to nourish you and to strengthen you.

You are not alone, Child.

My Strength is your strength now. Feel the light as it flows through your veins. See the light as it condenses in each and every cell in your body. Feel the love that I AM, the Light that I AM flowing through you. Feel My Strength and know that it is yours.

Feel My Love and know that it is yours.

Our Light shines.

Our Light sparkles.

Our Light heals and invigorates.

Our Light blesses.

Be blessed now, Child. Know My Love. Know that it is for you. Know that it is yours to do with as you will. Know the joy of being One with Me in love.

Shine Our Light today, Child.

Shine Our Light upon a world that hungers for it.

Shine Our Light of Love upon a world in need of love.

Let Us heal the world together.