Souls in the Spaces

Souls in the Spaces

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Rendering of "tree incarnation"

Steve: Welcome, Sage. I’m so glad you’ve dipped your pen in the inkwell and are commenting.

Please allow me to introduce myself as a new (ish) contributing writer for the Golden Age of Gaia.  I’ve covered some news stories in the past and now would like to expand with some editorials, “boots on the ground” intel if you’ll allow me, to convey my feelings and personal standpoint about Ascension in general and its many manifestations.

This is a preamble of sorts to a sharing of my new life in much the same transparent manner as Steve describes his emergence.

I don’t have the same intuitive feelings and visions that others seem to have. I may not be nearly as articulate as some.  All I can do is express what’s happening for me and have you interpret it as you will.  Maybe something will strike a chord and we won’t feel so alone in the process.  I’m hoping that’s so.

Warning:  I write as I talk so please bear with my unusual output.  My train of thought is derailed quite regularly; in fact, one of my favourite games to play is to notice the thought I have now and try to trace it back to its origin.  It can be quite a trip sometimes with many shunt lines going around the yard.  I will strive greatly for clarity here.

On a road trip a little while back I had long hours of opportunity as passenger to daydream and came upon an “aha” moment, a realization so powerful it kept me occupied for hours.  Let me explain.

There may be untold numbers of Galactic and Celestial beings present on and around Earth, as told to us by AAM and others and what totally floored me was that idea of just how many other ‘souls’ there really could be among us.  SaLuSa said:

“Life exists everywhere and there will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time.” (1)

As I thought about it: we, as in incarnate souls – I am using the word incarnate here very liberally, meaning only to take form – can incarnate on Gaia, not only as a human but also as an animal, plant, rock, drop of water, mountain, snowflake, fish …. oh, the list is almost endless.  Whatever is natural vs man-made, can be a soul incarnate.  We can inhabit any living form of first, second, or third dimension at any given time.  We do it just for the experience of being it, as Sanat Kumara (Raj) said,

“So let us use this example: you’re about to complete your mission here. And yes, some of you will decide to stay, not only for hundreds but for thousands of years. You want to see the rebirth of Gaia, the cities of light, you want to see the love blooming in every form.

“But say there are some of you who will say ‘No, I’m leaving; I’m going to be that ball of energy and I am going to spiral throughout deep space waving to the Mother, knowing that it’s not quite yet time to go home and I’m going to assume another form. Maybe I’m going to be Andromedan. Maybe I’m going to be a comet. Maybe I’m going to be a planet. Maybe I’m going to be a dolphin on Sirius, or a whale.’

“So yes, the option for renegotiation shall we say – without leaving your form in terms of dying – is right there.

“You know, this was part of the joy that in your original form, angelic or otherwise, that you could pop into Earth and try on a human form – male, female infant, adult, elder. There are some of you that have joyfully become a full mountain range, a drop of water in the ocean, or the entire ocean.

“So you have had those options and the ability to pop in and out, jump in and out, and try on these forms the same way children play dress-up. That was the intent.” (2)

To consider every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every drop of ocean water as an incarnate soul!  Well, it flabbergasted me.  Looked at from that perspective no, we are definitely not alone.

So this now raised the question of these souls coming into and leaving their plane of existence, not necessarily living and dying as we now know it.

The flora and fauna are pretty simple to understand – they are born, they live, they die (using 3D terms here just for clarification).  But what about a tree that is made into a telephone pole?  Is it dead and therefore the soul has moved on or can the soul remain so it too can have the experience of being a telephone pole?

Flowers are pretty easy to follow too: they are born and grow from seeds, mature and blossom, reproduce, then die leaving another generation to carry on.  All new souls coming in and leaving.rock souls<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”rock souls” src=”×200.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″ />

What about rocks?  These are inanimate objects to us, hard to imagine as having a soul but I believe they do.  A rock in a riverbed or deep inside the Earth never to be uncovered can “live” a long time so does the soul just leave when it’s tired of the experience and a new one enter?

The same thinking goes for a mountain or a drop of water in the ocean or, for that matter, a grain of sand at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  Do souls just enter and leave at will dropping by, so to speak, for a visit?  And I am keeping in mind that these visits can last millions of years.

Then I thought about a rock that’s dug up in a gravel pit and used as substance for a road.  Now that it has a new experience to live through, does the soul stay on? Does it have a choice to leave or does it just leave thinking it had “died” and a new soul arrive?

A drop of water in a stream would, one would think, have a shorter lifespan than one in the ocean.  Does its evaporation constitute its cycle of life?  Or, once it has evaporated (gone back to Source) can it come back as a raindrop to start all over again just for the experience of rebirth in a new form?

What happens when that drop freezes and becomes part of a glacier?  Does the soul stay on for the experience of being a glacier, maybe one day melting and returning to the ocean it had called home many millions of years ago?  Or does it have the choice to leave and another soul stop by to have a go?

So many questions with no answers but plenty of musing fodder.

That train of thought naturally (for me) led me toward a new shunt-line:  space.

Complementary to the age-old question of “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” is the idea of how many souls that are not incarnate that are hanging around Gaia in the spaces between.

Now I know that question taken from a philosophical standpoint means something quite different, but I’m taking it literally here.  Souls are light beings. They have no mass, so just how many would fit into a given space? SaLuSa explains it quite well:

fairies<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”fairies” src=”×200.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″ />“Believe us Dear Ones, there is life everywhere you look, and not just in the dimensions that are open to your physical eyes. There are dimensions beyond your reckoning, and still life is present in abundance. It would be difficult to explain such vastness as an accidental occurrence, when it is clear that a mighty intelligence must exist that embraces all that exists.” (3)

What about souls inhabiting spaces between blades of grass, leaves on trees?  How many fortunate beings are sunbathing in the soft bed of an orchid’s petals?  How many weary souls are taking a refuge from the sun under a desert dune’s overhang?

Personifying souls, whether they be incarnate or not, brings a whole new level of understanding to me of what it means to be surrounded by love.  It’s also quite fun.

On another road trip where I was the driver, I invited whoever wanted to to come along, as I usually do.  Instantly my car was jampacked with light beings ready for an outing, some of the more adventurous were on the roof enjoying the breeze.  Then I asked who wanted to ride shotgun and I just had to laugh at all the “faces” pressed up against the windows in the front seat.

I only see these things through my mind’s eye at the moment, hoping one day soon to see them physically.  But we’re told that our imagination is actually 5D and higher, that creates and manifests so I let mine run wild in order to bring that day closer.  As SaLuSa explains,

“There are intelligent life forms beyond your present imagination, and some are entirely different to what you have been used to so far. Outer appearances will not concern you, as in the future you will recognize all souls through their energy signature which will be similar to your own.” (4)

And it really is by the energy signature that I’m recognizing these souls that accompany me on my outings. I definitely do not “see” them so their outer appearance has no bearing on the fact that they’re there enjoying my adventures.

All of this is probably why I love solitude and never feel lonely when alone.  I’m surrounded by loving beings who want to be here just for the experience, as I am.


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