Heavenletter #4671 The Seeming Each Other, September 8, 2013

postdateiconSunday, 08 September 2013 12:49 | postauthoriconPosted by Agus Judistira (Manager)

God said:

Come to Me now in your dreams. What do I mean by this? I mean, “Come to Me.” And if you think you can only come to Me in your dreams, then come to Me in your dreams. Have a dream about Me, a reverie, a daydream, and, when you awake, you will know it is true.   How do you come to Me? Consider you are a snowman, and the Sun comes out, and you start melting. This melting is joyful. Stiffness, tension, rigor are gone and forgotten. Freedom is known. All the old melts away, and you are left anew, your True Self alone. No longer do you think you need to brace yourself against you know not what.   Instead of bracing yourself, We embrace. O beloved, we melt into each other. There is no apart. We are One. There is no separation between Us. There is no thought of Us, or We, just I. And then, who is there to care about anything at all. When I am everything, what is there to care about or worry over or strain about? Everything melts into love, and love I AM. The supposed you and the supposed I are love, and in love, there is no separation. We enjoin in what may be called Togetherness as all there is is Oneness, and One Alone.

Yet One Alone is not at all another name for Aloneness or Loneliness or anything of the sort. I am the company you keep, and you are love, not holding on to love, but giving it and giving it happily and freely until the whole Universe is love, and All Is Love and nothing but Love, Love surrounded by Itself, Love on the Rise, Love filling all Hearts. There is only One Heart, and it beats to the tune of Love, and so Love is wrapped up in the seeming you Who art your Father in Heaven.   Where could I be but in Heaven? And where can that estranged one you have considered yourself to be — where else can you be but with Me in Heaven?   You had a strange dream from which you are awakening, and awake I AM and awake are you. The past you is waking up to the fact that I AM you, and you are I. We are not divided or sub-divided or added onto or subtracted from or multiplied, for Love is sufficient unto Itself, and I am Love incarnate and so are you as AM I.   We are not even one Strand of Love. I mean I. I AM Love. There are no threads of Me or strands of Me. I stand Wholly in My Light, and so I AM Holy. You are the Holiness that I AM. One heart beats, and there is One Holiness, and No One to say otherwise. No One to even count. No One to look. Only One to look within. And what is within? I AM within. How happy am I without all the fractured stuff around Me.   I AM. I AM Existence, and the imagined you is also My Existence. I exist in you, and yet I AM the Whole of Existence. You, the spitting image of Me, are the Holiness of MySelf. There is no other. All are reflections of the One Light in Universe.   The Sun and the Moon bounce off Me. The stars are My Light brightening the night, only seemingly hidden during the day.   We return to the seeming Each Other from which We came. That from which We came, rather from which I came and fathered you, well, here I am and here I am encapsulated as you. How happy I AM, and how happy AM I to be the seeming you looking at myself and adoring, adoring, adoring the Lighted Hearts and Souls Who sprouted from Me and Who now know Who I AM as they, you, once upon a time, you, experience the Height of Existence, and now, at last, know Truth, proclaim it, and live it. You – I keep saying you – remember Me in the full sense, in the full sense of knowing Me as I know Myself, and knowing the reminiscent you as Myself. One alone is. I AM. Say it too. Say, “I AM.”

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