: Allow Me to Awaken Your Gifts

God via Heart Song Meditation: Allow Me to Awaken Your Gifts

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siddhi<img style=”border: 10px none white; margin: 10px;” alt=”siddhi” src=”https://d3ojdig7p1k9j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/howtoattainsiddhi.jpg” width=”247″ height=”154″ />God: Allow Me to Awaken Your Gifts, channeled by Heart Song Meditation, September 7, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com

You have been concerned as to whether you could handle higher levels of spiritual awareness.

You can.

You have worried whether you could handle developing greater psychic perceptions.

You can.

You have wondered whether it is a mistake to go forward, whether integrating telepathy and the ability to see spirits may make it impossible for you to function in your daily life.

I tell you, Child, you can handle it.

Believe Me. Believe in yourself.

These abilities are natural to you. While you do not yet understand them that does not mean that they are any less a part of you. While they have been buried and ignored that does not mean that they are gone.

You have always been able to sense the flow of energy. You have always been sensitive to emotions. And I understand that there are some aspects of this that have been hard on you. I understand why there is some part of you that would rather run away from these things. I do not blame you for your fear. I do not condemn you for your fear.

But, Child, if you give in to the fear you cut yourself off from wonders that you do not yet understand.

Yes, there will be what you would consider down sides to greater sensitivity and perception. But, it will not be so overwhelming as you fear. The picture that fear paints is not a true picture. Fear would have you think that you are weak and incapable. This is not true. Fear would have you think that you will be swept up in something terrifying. This is not true. Fear would have you think that the negative is greater than the positive. This is not true. Fear would have you think that things are spiraling out of your control. This is not true.

Have I ever kept pushing when you said “too much?” While there is much in life that you cannot control, you are not weak and powerless. The gifts of the spirit are gifts of love and light. Your abilities will not hurt you. They will not confound you. You will not be lost and you will never be alone.

There will be things that are uncomfortable. It will not always be easy. But, that doesn’t mean it will be a nightmare. That doesn’t mean it’s too hard for you.

Child, do not deny who and what you are. You are My Child. You are an Angel. You are divine.

You do not need to fear your divinity. You do not need to fear your angelic nature.

You are more than just your body.

You have always been more than just your body.

You will always be more than just your body.

Allow Me to awaken your gifts.

If you accept repeat after Me: “I AM ready now. I AM ready to accept my destiny. I AM ready to accept the divine being which I truly am. I AM ready to see more than I have seen. I AM ready to go forward. I AM ready to embrace the spiritual gifts that I have been given.”

“Beloved Father in Heaven I accept your offer. I accept your offer to help me open up. I accept your offer to awaken my gifts of spiritual perception.”

“I know that You would not have given me these gifts if I could not handle them. I know that you would not give me any gift that was not in my best interests. I know that You know best and I want to do Your Will today. I want to shine Your Light on earth.”

Memorize that and repeat it several times a day and let Me handle the rest.