Supplementary Comments to “A Gifting Society”

Supplementary Comments to “A Gifting Society”

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<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Stewardship 22″ src=”” width=”275″ height=”183″ />Stewardship 22Well, that was a lively discussion about gifting and cocreatorship we had yesterday via the comments on “A Gifting Society.” But it does give rise to the need to make a few more comments.

You know, I only want you to be prosperous and so I take a chance here and there. And some of it can and will get me into trouble. As a financial wayshower (a person who has agreed to assume that role; I’m not saying I’m an expert because I’m not), I’m willing to risk that for the good it brings.

Let me share a story that may explain why I’m doing this.

The Hindu sage Ramanuja was given a mantram by his guru and told, “Do not tell anyone else your mantram because if you do, they will go to heaven but you will go to hell.” He immediately climbed the stairs of the tallest building in town and began shouting, singing and intoning his mantram for all and sundry to hear.

When he climbed down, his guru asked him whatever possessed him to do that? Now he would go to hell. And he replied, “If by my going to hell, one person is enabled to go to heaven, then I am happy.”

That’s about the situation here. I’m risking saddling myself with all manner of regrets by discussing this subject, but I so want to everyone to be happy. And so I risk the displeasure of others by raising this subject.

I’ll make only one or two comments that fall under the category of financial advice – and that’s all.  One comment is that I prefer the Vietnamese Dong to the Iraqi Dinar. Why? Well, if you do the math, although it doesn’t look like it at the outset, you’ll find the Vietnamese Dong is a better buy, when you factor in that you have to pay Fedex costs of $49 and wire-transfer costs of $30 for the Dinar right off the bat.

The Dong (yes, I know. I’ve heard all the jokes) can be bought immediately and locally at an airport, or a currency dealer, or a bullion shop.  It can be bought at your bank or credit union even if you have to wait a bit to pick it up. But the Dinar has to be ordered and shipped. And that takes time for the order to work its way through.

The Dinar is not a tradeable currency but the Dong is. If you’re not happy having bought Viet currency, take it back the next day and get 95% of your money back. What have you lost?

Twenty dollars worth of currency could see you out of debt. I know it sounds amazing but ….

The reval could happen any day, but it could also not happen for a month. And there is nothing any of us can do about that, I’m afraid.

So do not do anything hasty. Wait till the reval has occurred. Just because you bought an amount of currency does not mean you should quit your job. Behave responsibly and wisely please.

The Company of Heaven are managing global events. The wheels of the gods grind slowly. No one knows when the reval will hit. I once said that we were waiters at the banquet of Ascension but I never knew we’d be asked to wait and wait and wait. But we are ever waiting. So please know that the reval is expected soon but may not come soon. No one has any control over that.

Archangel Michael has said that no one is holding things up. Most reval gurus will tell you that someone – the PTB, the Americans, the President, Wells Fargo, etc. – is holding the reval up. AAM says “No.” The administrators of the reval just want to get it right and it’s a complicated operation.

Second point, almost everyone you speak to about this matter will (1) think you’re crazy, (2) think you’re scamming them, etc. If you don’t want to endure that obloquy, choose wisely whom you discuss it with. Your relatives also may think the same. Just be forewarned that not everyone will fall over with gratitude if you raise the matter of the reval with them.

OK, that’s the only financial advice I’ll give.  I’ll fall silent on the matter now. I’m definitely not here to give financial advice. That’s not my role. I’m here to demonstrate the divine qualities but that doesn’t include posing as a financial expert.

If what I’ve said backfires on me, I’ll need to take steps to see that I can carry on my main mission of writing. I just want us all to be prosperous and happy, at the earliest possible date. That is my only motivation for raising this subject.

Please do not sandbag me with email and don’t ask me questions as if I somehow have financial knowledge. I have no expertise in these matters. Don’t make me regret my concern for you. Let us all approach the matter with spiritual maturity, if you’d be so kind.

One of the potential difficulties in mentioning this subject is this:

Until the reval hits, the other members of the team are still hurting a great deal financially. (I have my half-pension so I’m doing better than most and my currency has been bought on credit.) Please do assist them during this last push to get through to the times in which none of us will need assistance. I personally do not need assistance but many others do.

Please help them get to the other shore, which we hope will be only days away but still could be weeks, by donating to the team through the Hope Chest. It’s so embarrassing to have to say this but it nonetheless is a fact that, before the reval, most of the team are still struggling.

After the reval, the shoe will be on the other foot and the Hope Chest will be able to really get down to its true task in earnest. But of that I should not pre-empt any discussions. I have no ability to speak for the Hope Chest. Although I work with them, they are their own organization.

I have to be so careful these days! How glad I will be when the need for such caution is over!