Yes, Journalists, There is a God – Virginia

Yes, Journalists, There is a God – Virginia

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Eye of God 22<img style=”border: 10px solid white;” alt=”Eye of God 22″ src=”” width=”228″ height=”186″ />Poor Virginia Heffernan! When she acknowledged her belief in creationism, the “forward-thinking” media showed her the door, so to speak. (1)

But what’s true about creationism and evolution? Well, what’s true for me is that both of them are true.

It’s true (for me) that the body evolves. It used to be true for me that we evolve from mineral to plant to animal to human. But I’m not as sure of that being straight-line evolution as I once was.

Archangel Michael says that we can leapfrog over much of what we suppose is the evolution that lies ahead of us. And he’s said that many of us are angels that agreed to come down into third-dimensionality to live out this experiment. (2) This is not consistent with the usual view of evolution.

Creationism is also correct to an extent (it seems to me). I’m not one who accepts the Genesis account literally, but I hear new versions of it weekly. Some say it’s metaphorical. Others say it refers to ancient races like the nephilim. I don’t know the accuracy of any of that. But I’m convinced that God created the world and everything in it. And I believe he did that in his guise as the Divine Mother.

You know that for me the distinction between the Father and the Mother is the same as that between the Transcendent and the Phenomenal (or Material), the passive and the active, the soundless and the sonic.

When God moves upon the waters, he does so as the active, primal, universal creative vibration known as Aum/Amen, Prakriti/Procreatrix, Shakti (Energy), the Holy Spirit (spiritus = breath). (3)

When God is still and silent, sages distinguished that state as the Father.

Thus the Mother is the necessary, though not the sufficient, cause of the universe but the Father is the Source of that creative energy which we know as the Mother.

So yes, God created the heaven and the Earth in my version of things. But yes as well, evolution exists as a process intimately involved in the progress of souls on their learning journey from God to God. (4)

Creationism is by no means the sole preserve of fundamentalism. In my view, it’s the truth. But so is evolution.

The evolutionism of Darwin does not go far enough in one particular sense. It isn’t just the body that evolves; the spirit evolves in its knowledge of itself as well.  The spirit is a fragment of God and in its purest form knows its true identity.

But that fragment of itself that the Father sends out into the world, which we consider our everyday consciousness, our persona, our ordinary self, does not know itself. Hence the game that’s created in which a fragment of the divine journeys through life in a material form to learn who it is in reality.

It grows in knowledge of its own identity as a result of all its experiences, lifetime after lifetime, until it realizes itself as God, as having come from God, as heading back to God, etc.

Thus the individual spirit evolves and not only the body. Darwin remained within a paradigm known as empirical materialism, where only what could be seen and touched was considered real. But there’s more to the story of life than just what we can see and touch. Any realm higher than our own is invisible to us but nonetheless real.

I imagine we’ll have to wait a short time more before this world acknowledges God as its Source. But that doesn’t change the reality of things. God remains the Source nonetheless.

And poor Virginia, who simply acknowledged what she believes to be true, has been the latest casualty for saying so publicly. Undoubtedly it was her mission to make the declaration that she did. Not all of us condemn you for it, Virgina. Some of us applaud you mightily.


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