Ellie Miser – Traffic Accident

Ellie Miser – Traffic Accident

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My favorite Pleiadian<img style=”margin: 10px;” alt=”My favorite Pleiadiansrc=”https://d3ojdig7p1k9j.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/IMG_1066.jpg” width=”262″ height=”196″ />We have a mercy call today.  I’m sure many readers know Ellie Miser, our Pleiaidian anthropologist, as I like to call her.

On Sept. 7, 2013, her son Jerry was rear-ended in a car accident a block from their home. A pickup truck hit him as he was turning into their road and totaled the car. It took more than an hour for the Jaws of Life to free Jerry.

Jerry was taken to the ER and has severe sprains in his lower lumbar region and shoulder area, which occurred when his face hit the steering wheel. He’s wearing a cervical collar.

Jerry has quite serious pre-existing injuries from an auto accident nine years ago.  Some of his bones pop out from time to time and cause him serious pain. Neither Ellie nor Jerry have medical insurance. Is that not a common theme today?

And the accident has ended his ability to work part-time. In his condition only part-time work is manageable.

How can I not draw attention to the countries that have universal medicare? If Jerry were in Canada at this moment, everything ailing him would be taken care of, at no cost to him. It just about makes me weep to think of how medicare has been made a political football when it’s such a universal blessing. The things we take for granted.

Ellie writes:

“I do not believe in coincidence and I DO believe all is for our Highest Good and only goodness can come of all that happens.  This incident should get Jerry the medical attention he needs to get those ‘floating’ bones [from his earlier accident] tended to before he is paralyzed – or worse!!!  This will mean we’ll need to start over as he will no longer have his little part time job but we know better things are just around the corner.  Life takes us through many unexpected twists and turns to get us to our final destination – it is so important to hold tight to our faith and hope at all times!”

Ellie and Jerry are in desperate need of financial assistance at this moment but unfortunately the Hope Chest is dry. I’ve helped Ellie out myself on other occasions but it’s the same story for me as well.

“The Hope Chest has been so generous, I cringe when I have to ask if there is anything left in the bottom that could help us through a couple more weeks.  I have 2 prescriptions to get filled for Jerry tomorrow – muscle relaxer and pain meds. I had already used my pension to pay bills and was $300 into what you sent last week – now we have an emergency to deal with and I don’t know what to do.  We could have made it if not for the accident as Jerry’s part time job (which he no longer has) gave us an extra $125/week (for 1 day’s work) to live on.”

If there’s an angel or angels out there who can assist Ellie and Jerry, that would be a blessing. After the reval, I can say that Ellie will be totally taken care of. I will see to that. But not before. Again this appeal is only to those who have surplus, not to those in want.

Her Paypal is elliemiser@aol.com.  Thank you to all.