the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 09/10/2013

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the           Galactic Federation 09/10/2013
4 Akbal, 6           Zip, 10 Caban
Dratzo! We come bearing good news! Those working           diligently to bring change to this reality have finished their special           tasks, so that now a new epoch stands ready to manifest. A brilliant           and abundant world is about to be created for all humanity! There is           but a very brief time remaining before all this takes shape in front           of you. As you look around, you perceive a world that appears to be on           the brink of new levels of violence, with a monetary system that           continues to keep most of you toiling unremittingly in an effort to           escape the alternative: lives of hardscrabble poverty. All the while           you also perceive the arrogant few who enjoy lifestyles of prosperity,            glamor, and power. This dichotomy is now to           cease. The sphere of humanity’s basic well-being is to be leveled out           by a new financial system which will put an end to such inequality. A           state of worldwide prosperity will prepare the ground for a planet           whose societies will be redirected and revamped by the divine works of           your Ascended Masters, aided by the immense resources of Agartha (Inner Earth) and the magnificent           technology and sacred goals of Heaven. The times are changing!
The           coming segue to the new system was to a large extent facilitated by           the nature of the self-styled groups that run your world from behind           the scenes, in that their greed, hubris, and tunnel vision laid them           open to situations which were eventually to ‘hoist them on their own           petard.’ These groups largely brought the present predicaments on           themselves by making decisions that defy all logic. This left openings           for our allies to make inroads against their huge, dark control           structure and then take advantage of the inevitable fall of what has           become a house of cards. As is plain now to all, the world you grew up           in no longer works, and careful observers can only wonder why this           realm has not yet collapsed. For our part, we are doing what is           necessary to allow each of you to move into lives that you truly           deserve. This includes your return to full consciousness as your life           contracts all have provisions for this magnificent opportunity to be           afforded you in the time ahead. The Divine decreed for you a sacred           destiny in which you are to consolidate galactic peace and transform           former dark societies into ones of Light.
Our fleet is keeping a           close watch on Gaia and reports that she is most anxious to begin her           surface alterations. Likewise, your Ascended Masters are more than           ready to begin a global program that will teach you about the Light           and generally prepare you for full consciousness. We, also, dearly           wish to end the silly ‘UFO’ cover-up and start a series of special           broadcasts which, admittedly, may be shocking to those who cling to           the strange beliefs planted into your society a while ago by the Anunnaki’s minions. All is in readiness and this           interim period will be brief. While it lasts, be aware of the palpable           ‘something big in the air’ as the approaching wonders make themselves           increasingly felt. It is easy to see that the outgoing order is           slipping quickly into the ‘dustbin of the ages’ and that the center           barely holds. These facts are everywhere more and more obvious,           despite the determined protestations to the contrary of your           controlled news media. The debit-based economies of your globe are           engulfed in a gargantuan sea of debt created by the ever-expanding           networks of a now-blatantly rogue financial system.
You are           watching the death-throes of a system that is succumbing to the burden           of its mountainous debt and the over-reaching of its local and           national governance. In addition, the legalities which long held this           construct together is fraying, allowing our supporters, with our help,           to defeat the system at its own game. So, step by hard-won step, your           world has been brought to the brink that we have long forecast. Now           the secret societies of this world and the many ancient families of           great power and wealth have finally achieved a position which allows           them a complete victory over the cabal and which has taken decades to           bring about. The dark power is like an old toothless dog that wishes           to bark ferociously to guard its territory but can only whimper and           cough. Thus the end of this once-mighty creature is guaranteed, and           with it, a time to roll out a wide panorama of new knowledge and truth           for you to absorb. Value these last moments and realize that divine           grace is about to shower you with wonderful, transformative gifts.           Take them and rejoice! The age of miracles and heavenly wonder is upon           you!
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this           glorious day to inform you that a marvelous lineup of events is set to           happen. Our associates, with the help of our Spiritual and Space           families, are ready to transform the way your reality functions. Until           recently the dark cabal’s power was all but omnipotent, but now the           point has been reached where it can no longer deny you your sacred           destiny! A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your           various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event is           the clarion call which will expel the old governance from power and           influence. It will liberate you from your many illegal debt           obligations by instigating universal debt forgiveness and this           includes your release from any incurred indebtedness to this old           governance. You are about to inherit not only this divine gift of           freedom but also a never-ending supply of prosperity.
This is a           sacred process founded upon the divine decrees of Lord Surea. These proclaim your freedom and a return to           your innate sovereignty and right to full consciousness. The dark           repeatedly placed illegal blocks before you and even invented outright           lies to continue to deny you these sacred rights. Their unholy           obstacles are being removed, and you are once again to be on a path           which includes not only prosperity but also a return to full           consciousness. You are to have your state of amnesia removed and to be           given the sacred truths which will prepare you for what now lies           ahead. We have come to teach you; you will be afforded a new           discipleship which will wash away all the lies and misconceptions           administered by the dark to control and manipulate you. You will also           learn about the true nature of this solar system and the divine nature           of your grand guardianship role.
We, the Ascended Masters, are           honored to serve you selflessly and teach you about the nature of this           universe. We will guide you Lovingly and supervise you while you learn           about and use your new universal Truths. Each of you possesses a           special life contract which at the proper moment needs to be explained           to you. Moreover, as you gain access to your Akashic records you will learn how you, as a fully           conscious Being, can put this knowledge to use in a sagacious and           constructive way. In short, you are to be prepared to join a universal           community which includes every human that exists throughout this           universe. You will also discover how extensive and varied are the life           forms created in physicality by the Creator. You are to find joy in           interacting widely with this vast and wonderful parade of sentient           Beings. Can you begin to see what an incredible array of divine           experiences awaits you?
Today, we brought you another message. The           time we have so long wait for is upon us. We rejoice in our freedom           and celebrate the prosperity that this moment contains. You are           shortly to meet your various spiritual and space families and learn           Lovingly that you are not alone! Know, dear Ones, that the countless           Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be           It! Selamat Gajun!            Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary           Activation Organization