Expansion: Addressing and Mending the Current State of Affairs – Parts 2&3

Expansion: Addressing and Mending the Current State of Affairs – Parts 2&3

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Note: Parts 2 and 3 of this writing were both considerably short, and I’ve decided to post them both here.

<img alt=”” src=”http://www.eco-coach.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Change.jpg” width=”252″ height=”152″ />Concluded from Part 1

We should certainly celebrate the fact that so many conscious souls are stepping to the forefront of the collective perception and Creating change in real and solid ways, but personally, I’m ready to find some way to be a part of Creating such change myself.

But where to begin?

I’ll forever endorse the Company of Heaven and continue communicating with them, even when it’s face-to-face communication.

However, I could see myself publishing less channeled messages in a future when I’m working with various humanitarian organizations to bring food and water to countries experiencing mass famine; helping restore countries who experienced long-reining brutal dictatorships; helping repair our atmosphere after constant pollution and chemtrail damage; helping repair our ground and waterways for the same reason; helping weed-out all of the non-organic and GMO food from humanity’s food supply; seeing to it that we can all drink water that doesn’t have fluoride or anything else in it; as always, I could go on and on.

The very fact that the cabals don’t seem to have been uprooted from their positions of influence quite yet sparks in me, the desire to work with as much as myself as possible to help see that too come about. There’s just so much that needs done, and while I Love the role I play in our ascension, I’m ready to address everything that stands between a new paradigm and us.

I know that I’ll and we’ll enjoy every second of restoring this planet in every way it needs restored, and I’m ready to go beyond simply talking about the changes needing made and working with as much of myself as possible to bring them about.

Channeling and the work I’m doing in this moment will forever remain close to my heart, and even if an embrace of a more humanitarian/activist-related role heralds less time or energy for channeling, if I could help to change the world in real and solid ways because of it than I think the CoH would oblige.

I’ll never give up advocating communicating with the spiritual realms and the various evolved souls and collectives we have the full ability to open up to, and could even see myself potentially sacrificing channeling messages in the future over discussing and advocating them openly; again, among doing so, so many other things.

I recognize that there’s still work to be done for me to get to the point where I could fund any type of effort to genuinely help humanity, but I can honestly say right here and now that money won’t play a negative role in my experiences or my efforts to be a part of establishing a new paradigm. The personal abundance I can feel within is long being reflected in my Life, and I’ve felt increasingly that it’s just a matter of time before some type of dam breaks and multitudes of people experience and share widespread abundance and prosperity.

I don’t look toward that idea to bring the future about for me. I don’t wait for announcements or programs to be delivered like I did in the past, though I certainly understand why some do and never seek to judge another, especially over matters like this.

However, I do feel that a collective gaining and sharing of abundance is a solid and inevitable aspect of my and our future. With really no attachment to it, I can feel that the sharing of widespread abundance will help bring forth my/our ability to assist humanity in very big ways.

I don’t experience the outward wealth of a millionaire in this moment, and honestly feel that I don’t need to.

Recognizing that money can very easily be a positive factor in my desire to help humanity if I allow it to be by viewing it through the proper lens, I know that I can start constructing blueprints for a humanitarian effort right now if I want to.

There’s nothing stopping me from grabbing a pen and paper and sketching out ideas that I can then build upon. Doing just that is what sparked the complete re-write of one of my blogs, The Aquarius Paradigm, which I haven’t mentioned or announced until just now.

That will be coming soon, and it’ll be just one result of the immense drive I’m feeling to throw myself fully into uplifting this planet much more than I already have.

A multitude of songs I have and continue to publish, as well as a book I’ve outlined (which is still a far-off project should I choose to go ahead with it) are results of this continual spark of inspiration as well.

We can willingly and joyfully make plans and blueprints for direct and widespread projects or efforts bent on uplifting humanity in the ways mentioned above and plenty of others, and I can only be honest in stating that I’m ready to branch out in ways I never have before.

So far, I’ve done the things I’ve felt myself best able to do to assist humanity.  Those things have included channeling; blogging to spread the messages that resonate with me and the latest alternative or geopolitical news; writing a newsletter that includes an etheric Lightwork exercise and a discussion of weekly news stories; and writing music.

This article is a big part of exploring the unfolding of this latest incredible inspirational spark, and I have the good ol’ musician mentioned in part 1 to thank for it.  As I conclude this writing and ready myself to think on this “personal revolution” some more, I feel I should ask if you’re ready to actively involve yourself in uplifting the Earth.

As I see that our roles can expand and/or make room to include very direct efforts to uplift humanity, I encourage evaluating where you’re at in this moment and the level of service you choose to give to the Earth.

Wes Annac – Forever committed and ready to do so much more.



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