God via Heart Song Meditation: I Lift You to Heaven

God via Heart Song Meditation: I Lift You to Heaven

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I understand how difficult it is for you to keep going forward when things “go to hell” in your mind. The process of cleansing and purification of old patterns is not an easy one for any of My Children. The fear thoughts are compelling in their way, otherwise none would ever accept them as truth, and I know how difficult it can be to let them go.

Just because it looks like fear and doubt are an unbeatable enemy does not make it so. Do not trust appearances, especially in this case. The last few days have been particularly rough on you, but I promise that it is indeed a cleansing. The fear will fade and you will find yourself more aware, more calm and at peace once this cycle of purification is complete.

Already you are noticing greater sensitivity to the energies around you. Already you are “seeing” the energy that flows through your aura more clearly. The Light is responding to your thoughts. The Light is responding to your deep desire for Ascension.

Your thoughts do indeed matter, Child. And you will get the help you need to let go of the fear thoughts. You will get the help you need to continue your journey. I don’t simply mean spiritual guidance either, what you need in the physical will come to you. Have patience and faith.

You are able to control your thoughts. You are not at the mercy of old patterns of thinking. You are able to dismiss those thoughts. You can and will be freed from the curse of negative thinking.

Keep your thoughts on Me and the fear will fade. I know how hard it is for you to turn to Me when it seems that the energy of Ascension brings on the fear; but, that is not the case. That is an illusion. The Light of Ascension clears away fears that are already there. It does bring them to the surface, but the way that you banish them finally is to turn to Me.

Do not let fear convince you that it is justified. Fear arises from illusion. Fear is not your friend. Fear is not as wise as it seems.

Turn to heaven in your hour of need. Turn to Me when you are in distress. Turn to Me when you are not in distress and you will find greater peace. Turn to Me and don’t worry about the fear. Turn to Me and I will lift you up.

Child, you cannot raise yourself. You do not know how. You cannot free yourself from these thoughts and feelings. But, I can and I will. I can and do raise you. I show you the way so that there is no more stumbling in the dark. I light your way. I reveal the path. I lead you and I guide you. I lift you to heaven.

Heaven is your destiny, Child.

You have nothing to fear. I AM with you always.